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Art & Design18 April 2018
Exhibiting Art in Singaporean Homes

Exhibiting art in homes may not be a new concept, but it offers a fertile context for the public to take in art.

Art & Design12 April 2018
Art Through Adversity

Working against the tide, three artists take the curveballs that they were handed to in life along in their strides.

Art & Design6 April 2018
Three Venerated Design Companies Look Back to Move Forward

Beginning again with the textile giant Maharam, the fabric line Fermoie and the furniture designer and interior architect Christian Liaigre.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture5 April 2018
The Emerging Photographer Inspired by Classical Portraiture

Michael Bailey-Gates references early motion-study photographs — but applies a very current perspective, without the gender norms traditional to classical portraiture.

Art & Design4 April 2018
The History of Vietnam, Reimagined

A Vietnamese artist puts her spin on her country’s storied past on a global stage.

Art & Design3 April 2018
In Art, Digital Projection Mapping Finds Its Place

Will new media art in the likes of digital projection mapping soon find its place in the art institution — or not?

Art & Design2 April 2018
Lessons in the Humble Art of Broom-Making

There are some traditions that are universal. Here, we highlight a single craft — and how it’s being adapted, rethought and remade for the 21st century.

Art & Design27 March 2018
6 Spherical, Sculptural Objects

A vase, case, decanter and container. Here, a list of decorative objects that are borderline functional.

Art & Design27 March 2018
How Should Furniture Respond to the World Around It?

Artists have long been interested in the domestic space, but as the distinction between art and design becomes ever more blurred, more artists are making objects that function, and more designers are making sculpture.

Art & Design20 March 2018
A Low-Key Swedish Island’s Shockingly Modern Architecture

On the tourist mecca of Gotland, tradition is upheld and showiness is frowned upon. What, then, explains its recent crop of contemporary residences?

Art & Design15 March 2018
The Artist Testing the Limits of Ceramics

Francesca DiMattio creates dazzling porcelain works and paintings at her studio in Hillsdale, New York.

Art & Design8 March 2018
A Cultural Object — the Japanese Silver Teapot

The history, social hierarchy and values of a country, all in one exquisite silver teapot.

Art & Design27 February 2018
Portrait Painting's Timely Comeback

For years, portrait painting was considered irrelevant. So why is it making a comeback now?

Art & Design9 February 2018
Who Can Be Considered a Professional Photographer?

One writer investigates in conversation with an industry front liner and a rising artist.

Art & Design5 February 2018
What is Wrong With Public Art in Singapore?

Silent artworks are as good as mere decoration.

Art & Design5 February 2018
The Best of Art Stage Singapore 2018

A look at the four artists who took centre stage.

Art & Design2 February 2018
A Sculptor Making Hyper-Real Humans—and Playing God

Hyperrealist sculptor Edgar Askelovic has famously made life-like sculptures of Andy Warhol, Kate Moss, and most recently, Rihanna.

Art & Design19 January 2018
Does Impressionism Matter to Singaporeans?

Some of the French art movement's notable works are now in the National Gallery. Yet, does the century-old Impressionism matter to us?

Art & Design17 January 2018
Unfinished & Abandoned Art – in Singaporean Artists' Studios

Six local artists unearthed their artworks that didn't make the cut.

Art & Design15 January 2018
The Small Beginnings of Pop Art in Singapore

An artist on the small beginnings of pop art in Singapore, and how it will ease locals into art appreciation.

Art & Design10 January 2018
Person to Know: A Man Making Imaginary Architectural Spaces

Alexis Christodoulou creates imaginary architectural images on Instagram, signalling at an impending creative commons on social media platforms.

Art & Design9 January 2018
Can a Camera Lift Someone Out of Poverty?

Born into the lowest rungs of Vietnamese society, a bicycle taxi driver was gifted a camera.

Art & Design3 January 2018
A Tour of the Most Expensive House in America

One man is building a house so enormous, and so absurdly lavish, that it may be the ultimate symbol of our age of thirst, excess and inequality. Asking price? US$500 million.

Art & Design, Jewellery21 December 2017
A Prized Porcelain Bowl from Cartier

A bowl is no longer mere tableware for dining.

Art & Design15 December 2017
On Wutong Mountain Sits an Isolated Fashion Studio

A glimpse inside the five-storey village house and the fashion team that lives within.

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