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Art & Design13 September 2017
Designing the Floors – All Over the World

The man and woman behind the carpets you tread on.

Art & Design8 September 2017
Why Are So Many Artists Making Work on the Ground?

The sculptures tend to appear at moments of political turmoil and social upheaval. But they don't exactly symbolise defeat.

Art & Design7 September 2017
What is Art? Young Artists Consider

The underlying belly of art is storytelling, three local art graduates tell.

Art & Design7 September 2017
Frank Gehry and Cai Guo-Qiang Walk Into a Barn

On a former horse farm in New Jersey, the architect builds the artist’s dream home.

Art & Design4 September 2017
New Things on T’s Radar

From miniature art to Elizabeth Taylor-inspired jewellery.

Art & Design31 August 2017
The Wonderful, Rarely Seen World of William Wegman

Never-before-seen Polaroids of William Wegman humanising his Weimaraners.

Gourmet, Art & Design28 August 2017
Meet the Cats who Modelled Japanese Sweets for T

The sweet story of Cherie, Crystal, Sabrina, Tyrone, and one foster kitten.

Travel, Art & Design15 August 2017
Kite Festivals Around the World, From an Artist’s Perspective

Part performance, part social gathering, the festivals draw thousands of kites, which are choreographed into dances, fights and competitions.

Art & Design8 August 2017
Meet The Few Graffiti Artists In Singapore

In a city where graffiti carries a serious vandalism charge and most urban art is, ironically, state-sanctioned, five Singapore street artists are changing the scene with a surreal, pop-infused aesthetic.

Art & Design, Magazine3 August 2017
Otherworldly Architecture in Karuizawa

In Japan's leafy hamlet of Karuizawa, you'll find otherwordly architecture – an expression of the uninhibited self.

Art & Design2 August 2017
What The Fashion Industry Can Learn From Their Furniture Neighbours

CEO of Italian furniture company, Roberto Moroso considered cross-disciplinary collaborations, and the due recognition young designers receive.

Art & Design1 August 2017
Decoding Singaporean Artist Ruben Pang’s Paintings

A paradoxical effusion of rebellion drenched in an unexpectedly vibrant colour palette.

Art & Design27 July 2017
Digital Artist Yung Jake Scores With Emoji Portraits

Darling of YouTube and the art world circuit, he hits his stride with pointillist celebrity portraits made from emoji.

Art & Design11 July 2017
6 Beautiful, Well-Designed Chairs

Unassuming chairs with strong personalities, designed by the most renowned names, available here in Singapore.

Art & Design28 June 2017
Contesting Perspectives With David Hockney – In Lithographs

It's a significant year for the English painter David Hockney, with four major global retrospectives ongoing. Come July, Singapore will participate in this global art dialogue with an exhibition of Hockney's works.

Art & Design23 June 2017
A Disappearing Singapore – in Photographs

Two Singaporean places chronicle the always disappearing landscapes of Singapore.

Art & Design22 June 2017
In One Fabric Designer’s Home, a Lesson on Layering Prints

At home, and in her line of hand-printed linens, the designer Lisa Fine is not afraid to layer patterns on patterns.

Art & Design20 June 2017
Meet the Young Designer Making Very Interesting Furniture

24-year-old Dozie Kanu's pieces embody a mix of high and low materials – relatability juxtaposed with luxury.

Art & Design7 June 2017
Through Her Eyes: Yayoi Kusama Takes Over National Gallery Singapore

More than just an exhibition and showcase of artworks, YAYOI KUSAMA: Life is the Heart of a Rainbow is a complete immersion into the artist’s world that lets you view the world as she does.

Art & Design1 June 2017
Fondation Cartier Presents an Exhibition at the Seoul Museum of Art

“Highlights” is on display from 30 May to 15 August 2017.

Art & Design26 May 2017
Person to Know: Industrial Designer Olivia Lee

The multitalented Singaporean designer runs a co-working facility, collaborates with a variety of businesses, and exhibits her projects at international fairs.

Art & Design24 May 2017
Growing Up in a Concrete Masterpiece

From the late 1950s to the early ‘70s, poured concrete became the preferred material for libraries, universities and courts, in a style that has now come to be known as Brutalism; in the years since, many have been demolished.

Art & Design23 May 2017
The Hunt For Nguan

The Instagram-famous Singaporean photographer didn't mean to be elusive. Anonymity just took a life of its own.

Art & Design23 May 2017
10 Classic Photographs — Reinterpreted Entirely in Play-Doh

Artist Eleanor Macnair combed through Magnum Photos' archive to produce a series of photographs rendered in Play-Doh that include images like Elliott Erwitt’s 1955 shot of a solitary figure gazing at the Empire State Building, and Newsha Tavakolian’s 2011 photograph of an Iranian woman emerging from the sea.

Art & Design22 May 2017
How to Value Art – An Expert Explains

A specialist from auction house Christie’s takes us through the process of art valuation.

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