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Art & Design9 February 2018
Who Can Be Considered a Professional Photographer?

One writer investigates in conversation with an industry front liner and a rising artist.

Art & Design5 February 2018
What is Wrong With Public Art in Singapore?

Silent artworks are as good as mere decoration.

Art & Design5 February 2018
The Best of Art Stage Singapore 2018

A look at the four artists who took centre stage.

Art & Design2 February 2018
A Sculptor Making Hyper-Real Humans—and Playing God

Hyperrealist sculptor Edgar Askelovic has famously made life-like sculptures of Andy Warhol, Kate Moss, and most recently, Rihanna.

Art & Design19 January 2018
Does Impressionism Matter to Singaporeans?

Some of the French art movement's notable works are now in the National Gallery. Yet, does the century-old Impressionism matter to us?

Art & Design17 January 2018
Unfinished & Abandoned Art – in Singaporean Artists' Studios

Six local artists unearthed their artworks that didn't make the cut.

Art & Design15 January 2018
The Small Beginnings of Pop Art in Singapore

An artist on the small beginnings of pop art in Singapore, and how it will ease locals into art appreciation.

Art & Design10 January 2018
Person to Know: A Man Making Imaginary Architectural Spaces

Alexis Christodoulou creates imaginary architectural images on Instagram, signalling at an impending creative commons on social media platforms.

Art & Design9 January 2018
Can a Camera Lift Someone Out of Poverty?

Born into the lowest rungs of Vietnamese society, a bicycle taxi driver was gifted a camera.

Art & Design3 January 2018
A Tour of the Most Expensive House in America

One man is building a house so enormous, and so absurdly lavish, that it may be the ultimate symbol of our age of thirst, excess and inequality. Asking price? US$500 million.

Art & Design, Jewellery21 December 2017
A Prized Porcelain Bowl from Cartier

A bowl is no longer mere tableware for dining.

Art & Design15 December 2017
On Wutong Mountain Sits an Isolated Fashion Studio

A glimpse inside the five-storey village house and the fashion team that lives within.

Art & Design12 December 2017
Person to Know: A Hong Kong-based Graphic Designer, Ruth Chao

When graphic and product design meets psychology.

Art & Design7 December 2017
When A Child's Doodle Becomes Art

A mother on how her child's doodles have artistic qualities. She then makes the doodles permanent in embroidery hoops.

Art & Design16 November 2017
5 Vibrant Umbrellas for Rainy Days

A graphic designer takes her pick on the most illustrative and expressive umbrellas.

Art & Design9 November 2017
Inside the Silent World – of a Young, Deaf Photographer

Isabelle Lim's life is like a silent movie, which she extracts still shots out of the reel.

Art & Design6 November 2017
Is Singapore's Architectural Landscape Built Upon Feng Shui?

The answer, sought out from local geomancers, is split between confirmations of several theories and a declination to comment on others.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 November 2017
What Does It Mean When An Artist Retires?

Is retirement simply a way of announcing one’s desire for solitude? Will the work cease, or will it be conducted under other terms?

Art & Design1 November 2017
Keeping Kiasu Alive

Singapore's favourite penny-pinching comic character is back after 18 years, but does he still hold relevance for today's minimalist-embracing millennials?

Art & Design27 October 2017
A Street Photographer's Poignant, Beautiful Realisation

Anton Lim always thought photography could change the world – until he realised photography changed his world.

Art & Design27 October 2017
In Singapore, Buildings Made To Die

When buildings are demolished, residents lose a chapter of their lives. Yet, architects are designing buildings with destruction in mind.

Art & Design20 October 2017
In Central Japan, the 1,300-Year-Old Art of Carpentry

The Japanese call it 'Hida no Takumi', an honourable title for the humblest craft.

Art & Design, Travel16 October 2017
The Headhunters of the Konyak Tribe

Singaporean photographer Justin Ong embarked on a journey to Nagaland, India in search of the Konyak headhunters.

Art & Design16 October 2017
A Photographer Documents Art-Fair Archetypes — and Their Accessories

At art fairs like Frieze London, attendees can easily be categorised – gallerist, artist, curator, collector, critic – according to what they wear.

Art & Design27 September 2017
Why Is the Art World Obsessed With Ugly Painting?

The art world is obsessed with unpretty pictures. But why?

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