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Entertainment & Culture, Magazine16 November 2017
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, A Humanist On And Off The Page

She is the rare novelist to become a public intellectual — as well as a defining voice on race and gender for the digital age.

Art & Design16 November 2017
5 Vibrant Umbrellas for Rainy Days

A graphic designer takes her pick on the most illustrative and expressive umbrellas.

Gourmet13 November 2017
In Japan's Sweets Industry, a 400-Year-Old Jelly

Few know that confectionery is one of the oldest traditional delicacies in Japan – older than sushi. And the industry is strictly helmed by men.

Art & Design9 November 2017
Inside the Silent World – of a Young, Deaf Photographer

Isabelle Lim's life is like a silent movie, which she extracts still shots out of the reel.

Entertainment & Culture8 November 2017
In Singapore, An Increasing Appetite for Indoor Air Plants

Fuss-free South American air plants find themselves in Singaporean homes.

Art & Design6 November 2017
Is Singapore's Architectural Landscape Built Upon Feng Shui?

The answer, sought out from local geomancers, is split between confirmations of several theories and a declination to comment on others.

Entertainment & Culture3 November 2017
The Resilient and Versatile Amy Adams

Role by powerful, unexpected role, the actress has convinced Hollywood – and herself – that she's never to be underestimated.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 November 2017
What Does It Mean When An Artist Retires?

Is retirement simply a way of announcing one’s desire for solitude? Will the work cease, or will it be conducted under other terms?

Art & Design / 1 November 2017

Keeping Kiasu Alive

Singapore's favourite penny-pinching comic character is back after 18 years, but does he still hold relevance for today's minimalist-embracing millennials?

Entertainment & Culture31 October 2017
Virtual Reality Gets Naughty

Virtual reality uses many camera lenses to record the same scene from hundreds of angles. When strung together, the viewer gets a 180- or 240-degree view of the room.

Art & Design27 October 2017
A Street Photographer's Poignant, Beautiful Realisation

Anton Lim always thought photography could change the world – until he realised photography changed his world.

Art & Design27 October 2017
In Singapore, Buildings Made To Die

When buildings are demolished, residents lose a chapter of their lives. Yet, architects are designing buildings with destruction in mind.

Travel25 October 2017
In Our Own World – at Black Rock City, Burning Man

The journey to Black Rock City in Nevada, to participate in the annual Burning Man festival, is only the beginning of this multi-sensorial adventure.

Gourmet24 October 2017
Lost in Appreciation – the Japanese Sake

Many Asians grasp European wines and spirits much better than one far closer to home — Japanese sake. A sake sommelier sets the record straight.

Art & Design / 20 October 2017

In Central Japan, the 1,300-Year-Old Art of Carpentry

The Japanese call it 'Hida no Takumi', an honourable title for the humblest craft.

Entertainment & Culture23 October 2017
Wild Horses and the Inmates Who ‘Gentle’ Them

On a ranch in the high desert of Nevada, the men and the mustangs help one another.

Art & Design, Travel16 October 2017
The Headhunters of the Konyak Tribe

Singaporean photographer Justin Ong embarked on a journey to Nagaland, India in search of the Konyak headhunters.

Art & Design16 October 2017
A Photographer Documents Art-Fair Archetypes — and Their Accessories

At art fairs like Frieze London, attendees can easily be categorised – gallerist, artist, curator, collector, critic – according to what they wear.

Entertainment & Culture13 October 2017
Careers for Women in Technology Companies Are a Global Challenge

Gender bias in technology is a problem for women.

Entertainment & Culture13 October 2017
Hollywood’s Most Decent Fella on Harvey, Trump and History

The actor on writing – prior to his upcoming book launch, a collection of short stories titled “Uncommon Type”.

Travel / 11 October 2017

One Road, Two Cultures – In Ladakh, North India

In the shadow of the Himalayas, two cultures and religions live side by side.

Entertainment & Culture11 October 2017
The Indian Prince Who Supports Gay Rights and the Arts

When Kanwar Amarjit Singh was quoted as a supporter of gay rights, he endured such intense blowback that he fled the country.

Entertainment & Culture10 October 2017
A Third-World Funeral Industry – In Singapore

In a country where death is taboo, the funeral industry remains stuck in time – until a determined female undertaker came along.

Travel5 October 2017
In Jeju Island: Female Haenyeo Divers

A glimpse into the extraordinary South-Korean matriarchal tradition. 

Gourmet5 October 2017
What Does a Sommelier Drink – At Home

To maintain a clean palate or not, that is the question.

Entertainment & Culture3 October 2017
The Faces of Burning Man – Black Rock City

To judge Burning Man solely through a filtered lens — as a sprawling, raucous Mad Max-esque rave with elaborately-costumed (or totally naked people) — is a reductive view of an intricately faceted event. There is more to be discovered beneath the cosmetic surface of the festival-goers.

Entertainment & Culture29 September 2017
In a Digital Era, Film is Not Dead

At a time where the advent of technology governs the way of life, analogue photography finds an unlikely appeal.

Travel28 September 2017
A Peaceful Enclave in the Heart of Bustling Bangkok

Nestled at the heart of the Thailand’s bustling capital, the 137 Pillars hotel is a temporary respite from the hustle and bustle of the city.

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