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Art & Design15 March 2018
The Artist Testing the Limits of Ceramics

Francesca DiMattio creates dazzling porcelain works and paintings at her studio in Hillsdale, New York.

Art & Design8 March 2018
A Cultural Object — the Japanese Silver Teapot

The history, social hierarchy and values of a country, all in one exquisite silver teapot.

Gourmet6 March 2018
A Nutritionist's Restorative Coffee Brews

Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, brain health and more.

Art & Design27 February 2018
Portrait Painting's Timely Comeback

For years, portrait painting was considered irrelevant. So why is it making a comeback now?

Gourmet22 February 2018
What To Do With Beetroot

The superfood, paired with an age-old cooking method–salt baking.

Entertainment & Culture15 February 2018
Procrastination Might Be Good Afterall

Procrastination has always been touted as harmful. But maybe procrastination can do us good.

Gourmet14 February 2018
What To Do With Mandarin Oranges

A simple water kefir fermentation recipe that boasts natural gut detox and healing benefits.

Travel13 February 2018
An Idyllic Vietnamese Island With a Grim History

The southern island of Con Dao may be home to luxurious resorts but a dark history looms large.

Art & Design / 9 February 2018

Who Can Be Considered a Professional Photographer?

One writer investigates in conversation with an industry front liner and a rising artist.

Travel9 February 2018
In Tibet, A Sustainable Camp by Local Nomads

What to do at the Norden Camp and where to go.

Entertainment & Culture6 February 2018
It's Time For Men to Take On Pink Collar Jobs

Is the changing contemporary landscape encouraging men to embrace pink collar jobs?

Art & Design5 February 2018
What is Wrong With Public Art in Singapore?

Silent artworks are as good as mere decoration.

Art & Design5 February 2018
The Best of Art Stage Singapore 2018

A look at the four artists who took centre stage.

Art & Design2 February 2018
A Sculptor Making Hyper-Real Humans—and Playing God

Hyperrealist sculptor Edgar Askelovic has famously made life-like sculptures of Andy Warhol, Kate Moss, and most recently, Rihanna.

Entertainment & Culture / 31 January 2018

The New Generation of Character Actors

Once strictly supporting names, these performers have now emerged as key players in a changing Hollywood.

Entertainment & Culture29 January 2018
Macau's Second Generation of Filmmakers

What is Macau? Is a city defined by its history or the virtual future? Two generations of filmmakers debate the identity of the ever-changing city.

Travel24 January 2018
In Myanmar, An Off-Grid Cruise Stuck In Time

Sail into territories untouched by tourism and witness the lives of people who live amongst it.

Gourmet23 January 2018
What to do with Apples – Chef Petrina Loh Tells

Fermented apples offers incredible depth of flavour to savoury dishes.

Art & Design19 January 2018
Does Impressionism Matter to Singaporeans?

Some of the French art movement's notable works are now in the National Gallery. Yet, does the century-old Impressionism matter to us?

Gourmet19 January 2018
Three Asian-American Chefs Share Recipes for Meaningful Dishes

T asked three chefs to reflect on meals that speak to their experience growing up with two cultures.

Art & Design / 17 January 2018

Unfinished & Abandoned Art – in Singaporean Artists' Studios

Six local artists unearthed their artworks that didn't make the cut.

Art & Design15 January 2018
The Small Beginnings of Pop Art in Singapore

An artist on the small beginnings of pop art in Singapore, and how it will ease locals into art appreciation.

Entertainment & Culture15 January 2018
Is Singapore Encouraging a Culture of Mediocrity?

Despite its notoriety as a strict, unyielding country, could Singapore be grooming a generation of mediocre individuals?

Travel11 January 2018
12 Far-Flung, Beautiful Destinations That T Travelled To

The caves of Matera, Italy, the lost mansions of India, Washington State’s Hoh Rain Forest, and more.

Art & Design10 January 2018
Person to Know: A Man Making Imaginary Architectural Spaces

Alexis Christodoulou creates imaginary architectural images on Instagram, signalling at an impending creative commons on social media platforms.

Art & Design9 January 2018
Can a Camera Lift Someone Out of Poverty?

Born into the lowest rungs of Vietnamese society, a bicycle taxi driver was gifted a camera.

Entertainment & Culture4 January 2018
A Tarot Card Reading of the Year Ahead

A Tarot card reader on what 2018 holds.

Entertainment & Culture4 January 2018
Keeping a Subculture Alive

Eight years after giving up the fashion, one former lolita returns to the frilly fold.

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