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Gourmet19 May 2017
What To Do With Tomatoes – By Chef Victor Loy

Every Friday, T challenges a chef to reinvent a household ingredient. This week we drop in on tomatoes.

Gourmet18 May 2017
One Morning, Two Ways with Su-Lyn Tan

Co-founder and CEO of The Ate Group, Su-Lyn Tan shares her breakfast moments.

Gourmet18 May 2017
The Rise of Third-Wave Coffee Culture in Singapore

Singapore's third-wave speciality coffee scene is a decade old now. T maps out the steep growth and future of coffee here.

Entertainment & Culture18 May 2017
Embracing the Unibrow

Put down the tweezers. Why have two eyebrows when one will do?

Entertainment & Culture17 May 2017
Fashion’s Best Kept Secret – Books

A non-exhaustive list of not coffee table books, but classic books penned by illustrious fashion figures.

Entertainment & Culture16 May 2017
The Rise and (Maybe) Fall of Influencers

From Selena Gomez, who has been criticized for being the face of too many brands, to the Fyre Festival, the famously failed music festival in the Bahamas, the risks of being a tastemaker now include as being perceived as having a personal — not merely professional — relationship with the thing they are selling.

Art & Design16 May 2017
Design Books to Inspire Springtime Renewal, Indoors and Out

It’s spring cleaning season, when direct sunlight on our possessions often produces the desire to renovate, rip up the garden and recover the wicker cushions. Some of the season’s new design books are especially inspiring.

Gourmet12 May 2017
What To Do With Rice – By Pastry Chef Lauren Sung

Each week, T visits the most inventive chefs in Singapore, reinventing household ingredients. Today we tackle the greatest staple of all – rice.

Art & Design / 14 May 2017

Artful Flower Arrangement – Made Easy

T Singapore experiments with flowers and vases of different varieties in order to create unconventional, resplendent arrangements for the home or office.

Art & Design11 May 2017
Singapore’s Forgotten History on Display at the Venice Biennale

Artist Zai Kuning speaks about the inspiration behind his work that will be representing Singapore at the 57th Venice Biennale.

Gourmet11 May 2017
Life After Netflix With Buddhist Chef – Jeong Kwan

On Vesak Day, T caught up with Buddhist monk Jeong Kwan of Chef's Table, on her life after Netflix.

Art & Design, Travel10 May 2017
California’s Marrakesh: A Country Club That’s Chic Again

For decades the main draw of this residential community was its 18-hole executive golf course, but these days it’s also attracting lovers design, and of architect John Woolf's Hollywood Regency style.

Entertainment & Culture9 May 2017
Three Former Skater Boys Confront Fatherhood

Finding out what it means to be a father after growing up without one.

Entertainment & Culture8 May 2017
The Photographer Who Captured People Driving in Los Angeles

In the 1970s in Los Angeles, the photographer Mike Mandel took a camera to an intersection half a block from his house, and began to take candid photos of drivers.

Gourmet / 8 May 2017

Four Prettiest Plates of the Week

The most picturesque dishes from the city's finest restaurants.

Entertainment & Culture6 May 2017
Cash Is King No More

When there are so many forms of money that, simply through use, claim to earn us more money, paying cash seems like a sucker’s deal.

Gourmet5 May 2017
What to Do With: Onions by Park Bench Deli's Chef Andrei Soen

Onions have a place in almost every cuisine in the world, so T challenged Chef Soen of Park Bench Deli to whip up an onion dish.

Gourmet4 May 2017
Inside The World of Tea Appreciation

A private tea collector explains the exclusive trade, and how to select top-grade Chinese tea leaves – sometimes fetching up to $8000 for just 500 grams.

Travel2 May 2017
Into the Wildest Indigenous Tribes

Dedicating his life to documenting the lives of the indigenous in far-flung corners of the world, one British photographer tells his truth from a seemingly controversial viewpoint.

Entertainment & Culture28 April 2017
Sleep Is the New Status Symbol

Once we would brag of not needing very much of it. Now deep slumber is a coveted state achieved with gadgets, apps, gizmos and classes.

Entertainment & Culture / 1 May 2017

First Comes Tinder. Then Comes Marriage?

A new study reveals that Tinder’s users are more likely than offline daters to be looking for committed relationships. And they say “I love you” more often.

Entertainment & Culture27 April 2017
Andy Warhol, in the Context of His Time

“Fink on Warhol: New York Photographs of the 1960s” shuffles portraits of the Pop artist and company with other snapshots from the same time period — of ordinary life and political happenings, like Malcolm X speaking outside Hotel Theresa or the expanse of speck-sized faces at the 1969 Moratorium to End the War in Vietnam.

Entertainment & Culture26 April 2017
A Business With Legs (and Abs): Boom Times for Male Striptease Revues

Thanks to the “Magic Mike” movie franchise, male stripping is hot again. So what if the mostly female audience finds it more funny than titillating?

Art & Design25 April 2017
The 16 Best Things We Saw at Milan’s Design Fair

At this year’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile fair in Milan, we endured five semi-sleepless days, 33 miles of walking and more than a hundred presentations and fair booths. Here, a short list of the most important new collections and talents in contemporary design we saw there.

Gourmet25 April 2017
Four Prettiest Plates of the Week

Four chefs making the most picturesque dishes for the city's finest restaurants.

Art & Design24 April 2017
Singapore's Skyline Made Abstract – by a Berlin Photographer

Architecture photographer Sabine Wild's new exhibition pares down Singapore's dense cityscape into abstract lines.

Entertainment & Culture24 April 2017
10 Artful Black & White Images from NASA's New Archive

NASA unveiled a new image archive this Tuesday – consolidating pictures from 1958 till date.

Gourmet21 April 2017
First Glance at Chef Kirk Westaway’s Rabbit Canapé

English traditions of rabbit stews, pies, and chops aside, Michelin-starred restaurant JAAN rolled out a new rabbit canapé to pique local tastebuds.

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