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Gourmet23 January 2018
What to do with Apples – Chef Petrina Loh Tells

Fermented apples offers incredible depth of flavour to savoury dishes.

Art & Design19 January 2018
Does Impressionism Matter to Singaporeans?

Some of the French art movement's notable works are now in the National Gallery. Yet, does the century-old Impressionism matter to us?

Art & Design17 January 2018
Unfinished & Abandoned Art – in Singaporean Artists' Studios

Six local artists unearthed their artworks that didn't make the cut.

Art & Design15 January 2018
The Small Beginnings of Pop Art in Singapore

An artist on the small beginnings of pop art in Singapore, and how it will ease locals into art appreciation.

Entertainment & Culture15 January 2018
Is Singapore Encouraging a Culture of Mediocrity?

Despite its notoriety as a strict, unyielding country, could Singapore be grooming a generation of mediocre individuals?

Travel11 January 2018
12 Far-Flung, Beautiful Destinations That T Travelled To

The caves of Matera, Italy, the lost mansions of India, Washington State’s Hoh Rain Forest, and more.

Art & Design10 January 2018
Person to Know: A Man Making Imaginary Architectural Spaces

Alexis Christodoulou creates imaginary architectural images on Instagram, signalling at an impending creative commons on social media platforms.

Art & Design9 January 2018
Can a Camera Lift Someone Out of Poverty?

Born into the lowest rungs of Vietnamese society, a bicycle taxi driver was gifted a camera.

Entertainment & Culture / 4 January 2018

A Tarot Card Reading of the Year Ahead

A Tarot card reader on what 2018 holds.

Entertainment & Culture4 January 2018
Keeping a Subculture Alive

Eight years after giving up the fashion, one former lolita returns to the frilly fold.

Travel3 January 2018
The Man Who Scuba Dives In the Arctic For Science

In the years ahead, the Canadian Arctic anticipates an influx of tourists and extreme diving expeditions. Prior to that, a man dives in its pristine icy waters to collect scientific data.

Art & Design3 January 2018
A Tour of the Most Expensive House in America

One man is building a house so enormous, and so absurdly lavish, that it may be the ultimate symbol of our age of thirst, excess and inequality. Asking price? US$500 million.

Entertainment & Culture2 January 2018
9 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2018

Here’s what we’ve learned about living your best life in 2018, using lessons from some of our most-read Styles stories of 2017.

Entertainment & Culture28 December 2017
Lauren Tsai Gets Real About Her Identity

Model, artist, social media darling and reality TV star. But will the real Lauren Tsai please stand up?

Gourmet / 27 December 2017

A New Act for Singapore's Dining & Nightlife Culture

It's about time for a new formula with the launch of Lavo at Marina Bay Sands.

Entertainment & Culture26 December 2017
The Best Wedding-Proposal Stories of 2017

Marriage proposals are made in a variety of ways.

Entertainment & Culture22 December 2017
In Singapore, a Migrant Worker Band that Jams

Come every Sunday, a group of fifteen Bangladeshi construction workers – also seasoned musicians – get together with their musical instruments.

Travel22 December 2017
A Lonely Mind in Northern India's Busy Cities

As the year draws to a close, a photographer finds quiet moments of solitude and solace in crowded and hectic cities.

Art & Design, Jewellery21 December 2017
A Prized Porcelain Bowl from Cartier

A bowl is no longer mere tableware for dining.

Travel20 December 2017
An Indian Hotel Built From Ruins

The past is never entirely left behind with the rebirth of the Alila Fort Bishangarh hotel in northern India.

Entertainment & Culture / 18 December 2017

Seoul’s Bumping B-Boy Scene

You've heard about K-pop. But did you know South Korea loves hip-hop, too?

Art & Design15 December 2017
On Wutong Mountain Sits an Isolated Fashion Studio

A glimpse inside the five-storey village house and the fashion team that lives within.

Trending, Travel15 December 2017
Brands To Know: Homegrown Brands Inspired By Travel

For three homegrown brands, their travels were the catalyst that inspired their collections.

Entertainment & Culture14 December 2017
Will Robots Take Our Children’s Jobs?

When it comes to kids and careers, what's a parent to do when the robots are coming for all the jobs, anyway?

Entertainment & Culture13 December 2017
Dogs To Know: Pretty Poodles At a Poodle Gathering in Singapore

To our photographer's delight, the furry ones were all groomed and dressed up for the day's activities – photographs, catwalk (ironically), and socialising.

Art & Design12 December 2017
Person to Know: A Hong Kong-based Graphic Designer, Ruth Chao

When graphic and product design meets psychology.

Travel11 December 2017
In Lucerne, Beauty Lies Within

Old architecture set against the Swiss Alps is nothing short of spectacular. But an inside-looking-out perspective of Lucerne reveals a different side to the city that is even more magnificent.

Art & Design7 December 2017
When A Child's Doodle Becomes Art

A mother on how her child's doodles have artistic qualities. She then makes the doodles permanent in embroidery hoops.

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