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Entertainment & Culture15 February 2018
Procrastination Might Be Good Afterall

Procrastination has always been touted as harmful. But maybe procrastination can do us good.

Entertainment & Culture6 February 2018
It's Time For Men to Take On Pink Collar Jobs

Is the changing contemporary landscape encouraging men to embrace pink collar jobs?

Entertainment & Culture31 January 2018
The New Generation of Character Actors

Once strictly supporting names, these performers have now emerged as key players in a changing Hollywood.

Entertainment & Culture29 January 2018
Macau's Second Generation of Filmmakers

What is Macau? Is a city defined by its history or the virtual future? Two generations of filmmakers debate the identity of the ever-changing city.

Entertainment & Culture15 January 2018
Is Singapore Encouraging a Culture of Mediocrity?

Despite its notoriety as a strict, unyielding country, could Singapore be grooming a generation of mediocre individuals?

Entertainment & Culture4 January 2018
A Tarot Card Reading of the Year Ahead

A Tarot card reader on what 2018 holds.

Entertainment & Culture4 January 2018
Keeping a Subculture Alive

Eight years after giving up the fashion, one former lolita returns to the frilly fold.

Entertainment & Culture2 January 2018
9 Ways to Be a Better Person in 2018

Here’s what we’ve learned about living your best life in 2018, using lessons from some of our most-read Styles stories of 2017.

Entertainment & Culture28 December 2017
Lauren Tsai Gets Real About Her Identity

Model, artist, social media darling and reality TV star. But will the real Lauren Tsai please stand up?

Entertainment & Culture26 December 2017
The Best Wedding-Proposal Stories of 2017

Marriage proposals are made in a variety of ways.

Entertainment & Culture22 December 2017
In Singapore, a Migrant Worker Band that Jams

Come every Sunday, a group of fifteen Bangladeshi construction workers – also seasoned musicians – get together with their musical instruments.

Entertainment & Culture18 December 2017
Seoul’s Bumping B-Boy Scene

You've heard about K-pop. But did you know South Korea loves hip-hop, too?

Entertainment & Culture14 December 2017
Will Robots Take Our Children’s Jobs?

When it comes to kids and careers, what's a parent to do when the robots are coming for all the jobs, anyway?

Entertainment & Culture13 December 2017
Dogs To Know: Pretty Poodles At a Poodle Gathering in Singapore

To our photographer's delight, the furry ones were all groomed and dressed up for the day's activities – photographs, catwalk (ironically), and socialising.

Entertainment & Culture6 December 2017
Holiday Windows: A (Sort of) Love Story

Why are we all so bedazzled by the store vitrines of the season?

Entertainment & Culture, Magazine16 November 2017
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, A Humanist On And Off The Page

She is the rare novelist to become a public intellectual — as well as a defining voice on race and gender for the digital age.

Entertainment & Culture14 November 2017
A Foreigner Observes – Singapore's Love for Queues

How queueing cues at the nation's culture of competitiveness.

Entertainment & Culture8 November 2017
In Singapore, An Increasing Appetite for Indoor Air Plants

Fuss-free South American air plants find themselves in Singaporean homes.

Entertainment & Culture3 November 2017
The Resilient and Versatile Amy Adams

Role by powerful, unexpected role, the actress has convinced Hollywood – and herself – that she's never to be underestimated.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 November 2017
What Does It Mean When An Artist Retires?

Is retirement simply a way of announcing one’s desire for solitude? Will the work cease, or will it be conducted under other terms?

Entertainment & Culture31 October 2017
Virtual Reality Gets Naughty

Virtual reality uses many camera lenses to record the same scene from hundreds of angles. When strung together, the viewer gets a 180- or 240-degree view of the room.

Entertainment & Culture23 October 2017
Wild Horses and the Inmates Who ‘Gentle’ Them

On a ranch in the high desert of Nevada, the men and the mustangs help one another.

Entertainment & Culture13 October 2017
Careers for Women in Technology Companies Are a Global Challenge

Gender bias in technology is a problem for women.

Entertainment & Culture13 October 2017
Hollywood’s Most Decent Fella on Harvey, Trump and History

The actor on writing – prior to his upcoming book launch, a collection of short stories titled “Uncommon Type”.

Entertainment & Culture11 October 2017
The Indian Prince Who Supports Gay Rights and the Arts

When Kanwar Amarjit Singh was quoted as a supporter of gay rights, he endured such intense blowback that he fled the country.

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