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Entertainment & Culture18 December 2017
Seoul’s Bumping B-Boy Scene

You've heard about K-pop. But did you know South Korea loves hip-hop, too?

Entertainment & Culture14 December 2017
Will Robots Take Our Children’s Jobs?

When it comes to kids and careers, what's a parent to do when the robots are coming for all the jobs, anyway?

Entertainment & Culture13 December 2017
Dogs To Know: Pretty Poodles At a Poodle Gathering in Singapore

To our photographer's delight, the furry ones were all groomed and dressed up for the day's activities – photographs, catwalk (ironically), and socialising.

Entertainment & Culture6 December 2017
Holiday Windows: A (Sort of) Love Story

Why are we all so bedazzled by the store vitrines of the season?

Entertainment & Culture, Magazine16 November 2017
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie, A Humanist On And Off The Page

She is the rare novelist to become a public intellectual — as well as a defining voice on race and gender for the digital age.

Entertainment & Culture14 November 2017
A Foreigner Observes – Singapore's Love for Queues

How queueing cues at the nation's culture of competitiveness.

Entertainment & Culture8 November 2017
In Singapore, An Increasing Appetite for Indoor Air Plants

Fuss-free South American air plants find themselves in Singaporean homes.

Entertainment & Culture3 November 2017
The Resilient and Versatile Amy Adams

Role by powerful, unexpected role, the actress has convinced Hollywood – and herself – that she's never to be underestimated.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 November 2017
What Does It Mean When An Artist Retires?

Is retirement simply a way of announcing one’s desire for solitude? Will the work cease, or will it be conducted under other terms?

Entertainment & Culture31 October 2017
Virtual Reality Gets Naughty

Virtual reality uses many camera lenses to record the same scene from hundreds of angles. When strung together, the viewer gets a 180- or 240-degree view of the room.

Entertainment & Culture23 October 2017
Wild Horses and the Inmates Who ‘Gentle’ Them

On a ranch in the high desert of Nevada, the men and the mustangs help one another.

Entertainment & Culture13 October 2017
Careers for Women in Technology Companies Are a Global Challenge

Gender bias in technology is a problem for women.

Entertainment & Culture13 October 2017
Hollywood’s Most Decent Fella on Harvey, Trump and History

The actor on writing – prior to his upcoming book launch, a collection of short stories titled “Uncommon Type”.

Entertainment & Culture11 October 2017
The Indian Prince Who Supports Gay Rights and the Arts

When Kanwar Amarjit Singh was quoted as a supporter of gay rights, he endured such intense blowback that he fled the country.

Entertainment & Culture10 October 2017
A Third-World Funeral Industry – In Singapore

In a country where death is taboo, the funeral industry remains stuck in time – until a determined female undertaker came along.

Entertainment & Culture3 October 2017
The Faces of Burning Man – Black Rock City

To judge Burning Man solely through a filtered lens — as a sprawling, raucous Mad Max-esque rave with elaborately-costumed (or totally naked people) — is a reductive view of an intricately faceted event. There is more to be discovered beneath the cosmetic surface of the festival-goers.

Entertainment & Culture29 September 2017
In a Digital Era, Film is Not Dead

At a time where the advent of technology governs the way of life, analogue photography finds an unlikely appeal.

Entertainment & Culture20 September 2017
The Guardians of Singapore's Lost Mail

A team of six manages the nation's undelivered mail. Here, a glimpse at what they do.

Entertainment & Culture12 September 2017
Literary Heroes of Singapore

Despite their successes, from winning prestigious international awards to selling film rights to Hollywood, the faces leading the new renaissance in Singaporean literature are remaining humble — but they don’t have to.

Entertainment & Culture8 September 2017
A Cultural Signpost – Drag Queens

As drag bubbles up into mainstream culture, its larger-than-life personalities, values and lingo are taking centrestage.

Entertainment & Culture5 September 2017
The New Authority in Great Books to Read: Who You Follow on Instagram

Increasingly, book publicists are working to get new hardcovers into celebrities’ hands — not in hopes of a film option but a simple tweet, Instagram photo or Facebook post.

Entertainment & Culture4 September 2017
Local Music Makers

Four locals forging their space in the Singaporean soundscape and beyond.

Entertainment & Culture25 August 2017
The Rebirth of School Uniform Companies

One company seeks to jolt the unchanging trade awake. But some things will never change.

Entertainment & Culture23 August 2017
Philosophy and Logic: A Woman's Descent Into and Ascent Out of Schizophrenia

In her pursuit to make sense of the world through logic, philosopher Lishan Chan spiralled into schizophrenia.

Entertainment & Culture21 August 2017
20 Years After Diana’s Death, a Happier Ending Imagined

In a new novel called “Imagining Diana,” Diana survived the car accident in Paris that killed her on Aug. 31, 1997. The princess then rebuilds her life.

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