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Beauty18 January 2018
10 Questions with Felicity Jones – The New Face of Cle de Peau Beaute

After having tackled being a rebel space heroine, an academic wife and a Supreme Court Justice, the award-winning actress opens up to her latest role: being herself as the new global ambassador for Cle de Peau Beaute.

Runway18 January 2018
8 Male Models to Watch This Season

As the men’s wear shows continue in Milan, Paris and New York, T and the casting director Arianna Pradarelli round up the runway’s most intriguing fresh faces.

Runway17 January 2018
Fendi Menswear Fall Winter 2018: The Runway Is Everywhere

The fashion runway has diffused – it's now on the streets, red carpets, event launches and the airport.

Trending16 January 2018
Brand to Know: A Hong Kong Label Making Bags From Art History

Matter Matters draws from the enduring lives of art movements past.

Trending12 January 2018
A Collaboration: When COS and Snarkitecture Meet

In this third collaboration with New York-based design firm Snarkitecture, Swedish fashion brand COS continues its creative streak of conceiving collaborations that speak to its design ethos.

Beauty8 January 2018
In Pursuit of Perfection

Does beauty really lie in the eye of the beholder?

Runway8 January 2018
The Red Carpet Is Its Own Economy

It's hard to pinpoint when the red carpet became an economy unto itself but it has been a carefully cultivated marketing tool for generations now.

Trending5 January 2018
The Hospital Gown Gets a Modest Makeover

In partnership with design students, a healthwear company has created a new kimono-inspired hospital gown.

Street Style / 5 January 2018

Sharing Secrets to Scoring the Hottest Sneakers

Sneaker experts on identifying counterfeit shoes, how to choose investment sneakers and what to pay for the right kicks – $30,000.

Trending25 December 2017
Brand to Know: A Jakarta Label Making Minimalism Last

Minimalism was a trend that waxed and waned. Here, a brand that's quietly sustaining it.

Street Style22 December 2017
Virgil Abloh On the Grey Area Between Luxury & Streetwear

Meet Virgil Abloh, the man with a Midas touch who stands at the centre of today's fashion zeitgeist of streetwear.

Trending21 December 2017
Objects of Desire: Boys' Toys

A curious list of things and devices.

Trending20 December 2017
An Alternative Dreamscape – With Fiona Xie

A mélange of colours set against one another paints a universe of ethereal irreverence.

Trending19 December 2017
Are High Heels Headed for a Tumble?

There was a time when a pair of pumps was a marker of female adulthood. But our preferences have shifted dramatically toward athletic and comfort shoes in recent years.

Trending / 21 December 2017

The Meaning of Sustainable Fashion

It's not about telling the world of all the bad things you'll be doing less of.

Trending, Travel15 December 2017
Brands To Know: Homegrown Brands Inspired By Travel

For three homegrown brands, their travels were the catalyst that inspired their collections.

Trending15 December 2017
How to Dress Like Audrey Hepburn

Timeless style endures in the face of decadent Christmas outfits.

Runway12 December 2017
Why Is Fashion Having an Astral Moment?

The notion of space travel appears to be exerting a new hold on people’s imaginations.

Beauty11 December 2017
In the Mood for Christmas – 8 Festive Candles

From the festive to the ecclesiastical, there's a scent for every holiday mood.

Trending7 December 2017
Hermès's Pierre Hardy: In Freedom He Trusts

Pierre Hardy, creative director of Hermès’s shoes and fine jewellery, is full of praise for the world around him and takes it upon himself to make it just that little bit better.

Trending / 8 December 2017

3 Designers Creating Clothes for Life — Not the Runway

A trio of sought-after labels specialise in the sort of thoughtful, well-made garments categorised as slow fashion.

Beauty6 December 2017
The Soap Conspiracy: Good Soaps Gone Bad

Once upon a time, soaps were made to be moisturising and nutritious for the body. Later, it became drying and harmful so consumers would buy lotions and moisturisers.

Trending1 December 2017
Dior Takes the ‘Lady’ Out of the Lady Bag

Jack Pierson is among the latest celebrity artists to team up with a luxury label, such partnerships affirming art’s rising stature as fashion’s most compelling new muse.

Beauty30 November 2017
Inside the Royal Appointed French Candle Makers – Cire Trudon

A glimpse inside the manufacturing facility of the illustrious candle makers, Cire Trudon.

Trending28 November 2017
The Man Collecting & Donating Singapore's Used Clothes

Redistributing used clothes abroad is a complex export process. Yet, in Sir John's hands, throwaway clothes destined for the junkyard find new lives.

Beauty23 November 2017
Why Should We Cut Our Hair Differently?

It's time that hairstylists should take a backseat, be invisible, and let the guest's personality come through.

Trending21 November 2017
Brand To Know: A French Heritage Luggage Maker

After more than three decades of laying dormant, Moynat has opened its doors again.

Trending20 November 2017
A New Fashion Hub? Eastern Europe

Many young designers in countries like Poland, Hungary and Romania, who are finding success at home.

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