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Runway18 August 2017
Diane von Furstenberg FW17: What Is On-Bias?

Jonathan Saunders brought an invisible touch to Diane von Furstenberg – the bias-cut.

Trending18 August 2017
How To Wear A Giant Pussy-Bow Shirt

Take a leaf from Tory Burch. It's not difficult, after all.

Trending17 August 2017
Shoe of the Season: Slippers

A season brimming with beautiful, versatile and practical shoes.

Runway16 August 2017
The Story Behind Prada’s Fall/Winter 2017 Set

Like walking into a quintessential childhood bedroom — in an unspecific time period, and an unspecific place.

Beauty15 August 2017
A Classic Parisian Beauty Look – For Brown Skin Tones

An antithesis to the harsh, heavily contoured Kardashian beauty trend.

Trending14 August 2017
Brand to Know: Coats for Women, Inspired by Men’s Tailoring

Margherita Cardelli saw an opportunity to create something new for women: an edited collection of outerwear based on quintessential men’s cuts.

Beauty10 August 2017
Try Desk: Five Beauty Products From Top to Toe

This week, we test out a two-step at-home luxury facial, an oil-free oil cleanser, and a hair-raising style primer, amongst other things.

Trending10 August 2017
Stefano Ricci, Clothier to the 0.001 Percent

Over four decades, Stefano Ricci’s label has come to occupy a unique place in the fashion firmament, outfitting everyone from Kremlin power brokers and Middle Eastern oil scions to celebrities and western leaders.

Wellness / 4 August 2017

A Clean Burn – With Soy Wax Candles

Most of our favourite candles are made of paraffin wax. But here's a healthier, non-toxic option – soybean wax.

Trending9 August 2017
A Seasonal Guide: Animals in Fashion

Some insects and animals creeping into your wardrobe this season.

Trending8 August 2017
Own Your Journey With BOSS

From stylist to creative director, 28-year-old Jack Wang charted a fashion trajectory of his own.

Trending7 August 2017
The Wonder Woman Effect

The British fashion brand behind the superhero’s leather armour is having a major moment.

Trending4 August 2017
The Rise of Hip-Hop in Fashion

From the confines of the South Bronx to a frontrunner in the fashion realm – we chart the rise of hip-hop.

Trending3 August 2017
The Cult of the Line: It’s Not About the Merch

Though so-called “drops” of limited releases are the ostensible lure, the wares aren’t the only draw — it’s the camaraderie of waiting in line with like-minded aficionados.

Beauty / 26 July 2017

Restorative Homemade Remedies For Post-Holiday Skin

More often than not, we return from a summer getaway with a face full of troubles. Here, one-step all-natural skin care tips for holiday goers.

Trending1 August 2017
A Film for Planned Parenthood by Proenza Schouler

Proenza Schouler releases a film in support of Planned Parenthood of New York City featuring a diverse cast from models to activists, artists and educators contemplating the idea of "femininity".

Wellness31 July 2017
How to Cleanse & Recharge Your Crystals

Stretch the longevity of your crystals with a few simple steps.

Trending31 July 2017
Fashion’s Ultimate Fantasist, Kansai Yamamoto, Makes a Comeback

The Japanese designer Kansai Yamamoto helped shape the aesthetic of glam with his signatures of saturated colour, vibrant decoration and dramatic silhouettes. Now 73, Kansai is still creating, and his aesthetic has circled right back into style for 2017.

Trending28 July 2017
A Look At Dover Street Market Singapore

President of the retailer, Adrian Joffe considers the creative identity of Dover Street Market Singapore. Also, some new brands and collaborations you can expect.

Trending26 July 2017
6 Simple Men’s Sneakers for Summer

Rubber-soled plimsolls get upgraded for the season.

Wellness / 21 July 2017

What Exactly Is Shiatsu Massage?

You've heard of it, but what is it? A glance at the history of this ancient Japanese therapy, a session, and what it has in store for your health.

Trending26 July 2017
Person To Know: A Designer With An Unchanging Eye For Beauty

Liu Min, founder of Xiamen-based fashion label Ms Min considers her childhood and inherited eye for beauty.

Trending25 July 2017
Brand to Know: The Vibrant Line Inspired by 600-Year-Old Pyjamas

Vibrant sleeping gowns (for day and night), airy tops and oversized shirt-dresses in patterned silks and crisp Egyptian cottons are bedrocks of the brand, which stemmed from a simple style conundrum.

Trending24 July 2017
Pirelli Tackles the Issue of Race in Its 2018 Calendar

The Italian company’s latest offering is a reimagining of “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” with an all-black cast.

Runway24 July 2017
Best Moments From Dolce & Gabbana Fall Winter 17 Runway

The designer duo held a coronation for the influentials of all ethnicities, shapes and ages.

Runway20 July 2017
Six Utilitarian Tote Bags to Carry Anything

Lightweight carryalls that are as durable as they are versatile.

Trending20 July 2017
Brand to Know: A Minimalist Shoe Line, Inspired by Orchids

The two-year-old label draws inspiration from rare orchids for its simple, minimal designs.

Trending19 July 2017
A Google Engineer Learns the Fashion Code

Amit Sood considered fashion “a slightly elitist area” before he helped create a giant online archive dedicated to the subject.

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