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Jewellery11 October 2017
Brand to Know: Jewellery – Borrowed from Architecture

Architect turned jewellery designer, Stephanie Choo on building dainty jewellery pieces like they were buildings.

Jewellery2 October 2017
A Tale of Jewellery and Dance – at Van Cleef & Arpels

The founders of Van Cleef & Arpels draw deep from their passion for dance, which has sparked some of the maison’s most remarkable pieces as well as inspired the creation of ballet performances.

Jewellery6 September 2017
Colours of the Sea – In Jewellery

From the sapphire waters of Santorini to the pale bays of the Bahamas, these gems echo the colours of the oceans.

Jewellery17 August 2017
Meet the Creator of Beyoncé’s Crown From the ‘7/11’ Video

Though Wass also sells less ostentatious jewellery, she sees futuristic designs like this as the soul of her company.

Jewellery11 August 2017
A Delicate Rose des Vents From Dior

Allow Monsieur Dior's lucky star to sit quietly on your wrist.

Jewellery3 August 2017
A Refreshing Solution To The Wedding Band Hunt

Soon-to-wed couples are increasingly jaded of the few cliché jewellery outlets. Here's a meaningful and simple solution – make it yourself.

Jewellery19 July 2017
Chanel's Tumultuous Love Life At Sea – In Jewellery

Coco Chanel's relationship with the Duke of Westminister was fraught with affairs and fights. This exciting chapter of Chanel's life is now captured in a high jewellery collection.

Jewellery18 July 2017
Jewellery of The Moment: Thin, Wearable Cuffs

Give in to these unchanging, simple cuffs speckled with diamonds and gemstones.

Jewellery7 June 2017
9 Spherical Jewellery Pieces, With a Sculptural Touch

Classic necklaces, earrings, cuffs, and rings are increasingly abstract and poetic.

Jewellery30 May 2017
In a Time of Stress, Jewellery Becomes Armour

Jewellery, that peculiarly intimate accessory, has long been associated with protection, whether spiritual, emotional or even physical.

Jewellery29 May 2017
Brand To Know: A Jeweller Blurring Boundaries Between Art & Jewellery

Pieces of jewellery can be cerebral commentaries, they can invoke emotions. They're made in the likeness of art but denied entry into the art community.

Jewellery4 May 2017
Brand To Know: A Jewellery Designer Making Memories Last

Little trinkets of moonstone, amethyst, and pearl set in gold and silver are unexpectedly potent couriers of memory – founder of By Invite Only tells us all.

Jewellery26 April 2017
Designer To Know: An Architect Turned Jewellery Designer

Jaime Lim, a practising architect takes T through her infatuation with gemstones, and her side jewellery label [in]trigue.

Jewellery21 April 2017
Crushing on Chanel

The latest fine jewellery collection from the maison puts the spotlight on its signature quilted design.

Jewellery20 April 2017
Margaret Zhang and Vanessa Hong Create Photo Stories for Swarovski

The crystal accessories brand has teamed up with style bloggers to showcase the new additions to its Iconic Swan collection.

Jewellery10 April 2017
Brand To Know: A Minimalist Jewellery Label – Championing Women's Ambition

Singaporean label Lucy & Mui's minimalistic jewellery is looking to refresh ambition in stay-home mothers.

Jewellery29 March 2017
Introducing Tiffany & Co's Paloma’s Melody

Making twinkling, melodious soundtracks, beating harmoniously to one’s movement.

Jewellery24 March 2017
Pandora's Small Trinklets – Has Lofty Ideas

Quite the grande dame of the accessory world, delicate little trinklets might be small in size, but huge on possibilities as a subtle accent for day or an arm party by night.

Jewellery21 March 2017
Brand To Know: A Line Reinvigorating Traditional Jade Jewellery

Cemented in Asian cultures, jadeites are often heirlooms passed down generations. But jade is back and jeweller Choo Yilin is breathing new life into them.

Jewellery9 March 2017
Plaiting Threads of Gold and Platinum Into Contemporary Jewellery

Kazumi Nagano draws from the 1,400-year-old technique of Origami to weave art-like jewellery pieces.

Jewellery6 March 2017
Parisian Pursuit

A cultural compendium of this and that.

Jewellery3 March 2017
New Classics

Indispensable icons redesigned with a modern-day appeal.

Jewellery28 February 2017
An Artfully Bold Bracelet

Designed by Aldo Cipullo in 1971, Cartier’s Juste un Clou is, literally, just a nail.

Jewellery20 February 2017
Brand To Know: A Compelling Case of Pared Down Jewellery

Former head of design at Carolina Herrera Jewellery revisits the role of jewellery.

Jewellery19 February 2017
Subverting Social Messages

Crumpling social bodies under the weight of gold.

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