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T | On Set20 October 2017
On Set | Lisa Aiken

The fashion director of Net-a-Porter shares the key trends of the Fall/Winter '17 season.

T | On Set13 October 2017
On Set | Photographer Anton Lim with Diesel

Instagram-famous photographer Anton Lim – or mellowedhigh – on his struggles and his craft.

T | On Set12 October 2017
On Set | Secret Dialogues Between Shoes And Bags

When Marni speaks to Stella McCartney and Proenza Schouler sneakers and sandals.

T | On Set26 September 2017
On Set | Kim Kardashian West

Go behind the scenes at a fashion photoshoot with Kim Kardashian West.

T | On Set22 September 2017
On Set | Mae Tan with Kenzo

Mae Tan of local multi-label fashion store, Surrender, on catching the contagious skater-boy bug.

T | On Set11 September 2017
On Set | A History Lesson in Indian Jewellery

Rings to conceal Kama Sutra, store poison — and other clever designs from the past.

T | On Set29 August 2017
On Set | Liu Wen

Behind the scenes of our cover shoot with Chinese supermodel, Liu Wen.

T | On Set25 August 2017
On Set | Singapore Night Festival 2017

Interviews with light display artists and producers at the Singapore Night Festival 2017.

T | On Set23 August 2017
On Set | The Man Who Builds Hell Houses

For the past 48 years, Toh has been making paper houses for a living. To him, splashing thousands of dollars on a paper house is not a luxury. It’s sacred, and a hallmark of filial piety.

T | On Set15 August 2017
On Set | Danica Zheng

Singapore to the U.S., and the West Coast to East, fashion designer Danica Zheng draws upon her wealth of personal experience to conceptualise a label that’s uniquely hers.

T | On Set11 August 2017
On Set | Modern Sensibility

The quiet allure of elegance takes shape in beautifully constructed numbers that champion muted fabric, not loud prints.

T | On Set9 August 2017
On Set | Shirwin Eu, Private-Hire Driver & Presidential Applicant

For two years now, Shirwin Eu, a Grab and Uber driver has been turning up at constituency and presidential elections. He doesn't shy away from the media, and is well-known amongst Singaporeans.

T | On Set4 August 2017
On Set | Alessandro Sartori

T sits down with Italian fashion designer and Artistic Director of Ermenegildo Zegna, Alessandro Sartori, to speak about his design process, his decision to return to the house, and the task of unifying the house's different lines.

T | On Set1 August 2017
On Set | Cesar Millan

Dog whisperer Cesar Millan on training a dog's heart, mind, and body.

T | On Set28 July 2017
On Set | Dover Street Market Singapore

A walkthrough the new Dover Street Market Singapore, opening Saturday, 29th July 2017.

T | On Set14 July 2017
On Set | Downton Abbey: The Exhibition

The stars of the British drama series took us on a tour of the grand home of Downton Abbey to showcase all the sets, props, and costumes.

T | On Set12 July 2017
On Set | The Sounds of Massimo Bottura's Lasagna

In a soundproof room filled with microphones, the chef prepares a perfect dish — and serves it to a robot. This is what it sounds like.

T | On Set10 July 2017
On Set | Karin Rehn-Kaufmann

Art Director and Curator of Leica Galerie International speaks to T about the evolution of photography and its place in art and culture at the opening of the new Leica Galerie in Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

T | On Set3 July 2017
On Set | When Three Siblings Squabble Over A House

You think it matters but it doesn't. Sibling rivalry is commonplace. Two boys and a girl fight over a dollhouse.

T | On Set28 June 2017
On Set | Taeyang

An exclusive behind the scenes look at T Singapore's cover shoot with Korean singer-songwriter and dancer, Taeyang.

T | On Set12 June 2017
On Set | Jane Austen Circle

There's a group of Jane Austen enthusiasts – Janeites they're called – in Singapore. They gather a couple of times a year for dramatised readings, Regency-style dancing, and teas in honour of the acclaimed English novelist.

T | On Set5 June 2017
On Set | Minjung Kim

South-Korean artist Minjung Kim on becoming one with nature through paintings.

T | On Set29 May 2017
On Set | Dance With Hilary Rhoda

A discerning mix of graceful, fluid numbers capturing the raw and free spirit of Pina Bausch, the late German dancer and choreographer who redefined dance theatre.

T | On Set23 May 2017
On Set | Robin Hood Forest Kindergarten

The Berlin-based preschool is one of 1,500 so-called waldkitas in Germany, most of which have opened in the last 15 years.

T | On Set6 May 2017
On Set | With Jourdan Dunn

Behind the scenes at our cover shoot with model-turned-actress, Jourdan Dunn.

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