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T | On Set17 February 2018
On Set | Jurong Fishery Port

A night before Chinese New Year, Singapore's Jurong Fishery Port is bustling with action.

T | On Set16 February 2018
On Set | Ellen Page & Emma Portner

Portner's original choreography is set to Page's acoustic version of "I'm Like a Bird" by Nelly Furtado in this exclusive performance for T at L.A. Dance Project.

T | On Set16 February 2018
On Set | The Yoga Studio Romance with Kenzoki Episode 2

In this four-part series produced in collaboration with Kenzoki, Fiona Xie plays a role that just about every woman has found themselves in at one point–smitten and in love.

T | How To15 February 2018
How To | Appreciate Koi as Art

These Japanese carps are often valued like fine art.

T | Perfect Strangers9 February 2018
Perfect Strangers | Tay Kay Chin & Eugene Soh

When two photographers from different generations come together to debate a critical question, "Who can be considered a professional photographer?"

T | On Set9 February 2018
On Set | The Yoga Studio Romance with Kenzoki Episode 1

In this four-part series produced in collaboration with Kenzoki, Fiona Xie plays a role that just about every woman has found themselves in at one point–smitten and in love.

T | How To2 February 2018
How To | Make a Good Tempura

Good tempura is notoriously difficult to pull off. Masaru Seki, a fifth-generation tempura chef takes us through his family's 160-year-old recipe and method.

T | Illustrated Interview29 January 2018
Illustrated Interview | Virgil Abloh

The founder and designer behind Off-White sketched his way through an interview.

T | On Set / 7 February 2018

On Set | Nicholas Kirkwood

The British shoe designer explains his Spring Summer 2018 collection–a response to the overload of information in our time.

T | On Set26 January 2018
On Set | Ben Gorham, Founder of Byredo

The founder of Byredo on the elasticity of creativity and his transition from perfumes to leather bags.

T | On Set24 January 2018
On Set | Jean-Georges Vongerichten

The French chef on his first trip to Bangkok in 1980 that prompted his Asian-fusion repertoire.

T | On Set12 January 2018
On Set | An Artist's Meditation

For some artists like the Singaporean ceramist Jason Lim, the process of art-making may prove to be meditative.

T | Illustrated Interview9 January 2018
Illustrated Interview | Pann Lim

Singaporean designer Pann Lim sketched his way through an interview with T Singapore.

T | On Set5 January 2018
On Set | Yoyo Cao with Max Mara

What is a good coat to invest in? Local fashion personality Yoyo Cao weighs up Max Mara's famed coats in a wintry Seoul.

T | On Set / 8 January 2018

On Set | Fanny Moizant of Vestiaire Collective

Co-founder of Vestiaire Collective discusses the rise of peer-to-peer shopping and the importance of having a middleman.

T | On Set3 January 2018
On Set | Lauren Tsai

How Netflix's reality show, Terrace House: Aloha State changed her life.

T | How To2 January 2018
How To | Design Stilettos with Giuseppe Zanotti

The Italian shoe designer on how stiletto design is synonymous with engineering.

T | On Set23 December 2017
On Set | Migrant Workers' Band

We joined Migrants Band Singapore – a group of migrant workers from Bangladesh who came together through their love of music – on one of their weekly jam sessions.

Jewellery, T | On Set8 December 2017
On Set | A Winter Wonderland

The 237-year-old house of Chaumet reinvented their jewellery case, a symbol of the Maison's identity and illustrious history of nonpareil craftsmanship.

T | On Set7 December 2017
On Set | Pierre Hardy

The creative director of Hermès's shoes and fine jewellery weighs the role of accessories on a woman's body.

T | House Tour / 8 December 2017

House Tour | Jenna Lyons

Fifteen things from Jenna Lyons's apartment in New York, including her open-concept wardrobe.

T | On Set5 December 2017
On Set | Catherine McNeil

Catherine McNeil's lesson on layering: piling on light, contrasting texture, adds an interesting finish, not bulk, to an ensemble.

T | On Set30 November 2017
On Set | Jay-Z and Dean Baquet, In Conversation

The rapper and music mogul discusses therapy, marriage, and politics with The New York Times's executive editor.

T | How To25 November 2017
How To | Embrace the Chinese Language

In Singapore where children are increasingly uninterested in Chinese, a family offers a fresh take on learning the language – immersion.

T | On Set21 November 2017
On Set | Tristan Eaton

Los Angeles-based graffiti artist and street art muralist Tristan Eaton has scaled down his art to design the straps of the Fitbit Ionic watch and Fitbit Charge 2 tracker for United Overseas Bank.

T | How To20 November 2017
How To | Be Fashionably Late

Fashion personality Sitala Wonkrachang and Chanel team up to bring to life the daily struggle of fashionable women everywhere.

T | How To15 November 2017
How To | Make Everything Limited Edition

Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White, made some quintessentially Singaporean objects limited edition – including a Tingkat, or tiffin carrier and red wooden clogs.

T | On Set14 November 2017
On Set | Carol Lim & Humberto Leon

The creative directors of Kenzo on drawing from the founder, Kenzo Takada's archives and Swiss fashion photographer, Hans Feurer's images.

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