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A Tarot Card Reading of the Year Ahead

By Canti Widyadhari

From left: Ten of Wands, Son of Wands, The High Priestess, Mother of Wands, Four of Pentacles.

Before you scroll on to read what the cards have in store for you career this year, pick a card that calls out to you. 

Card One: Ten of Wands

The past year may have been disappointing, and therefore you're not excited about 2018. Yet, you shouldn’t give up. It’s time to face your fears and dance the troubles away.

With the Ten of Wands on your side, you have the upper hand and are in full control of your career. Whatever you wish for the year ahead can manifest in reality – if you believe. Likewise, if you continue to believe that something bad will happen to you, it might just come true.

Maybe you were too preoccupied with the consequences of your mistakes in the past year. This year, do everything that you’ve held off. Maybe it’ll be best for you to clear up your to-do list, pay the taxes, or confess to your colleagues the mishaps in your projects. By clearing up these things that weigh you down, you’ll have more confidence to bring new, positive things into the future.

Card Two: Son of Wands

Despite the challenging nature of your career in 2017, you’ve risen to the occasion and showed your colleagues and partners what you’re capable of. You weren’t scared to move forward, even though it means you had to pack a hefty punch wherever you go.

In 2018, the waves of your career won’t slow down anytime soon. The Son of Wands suggests you gear up, roll up your sleeves because your role will grow even more challenging. You might have to stand up to office politics or drop the useless and unproductive habits stemming from the office's culture. You’re meant to lead and break status quos, even if it means you’ll need to devote more time to work.

The trick is to stay cool and don’t let your emotions rule your decision. Stay clear-headed and focus on what’s best for you and everyone in your team.

Card Three: The High Priestess

The demands of your career in 2017 left you exhausted, making you unsure whether you should stay on the same path or venture beyond this unstable career cycle.

If you’re thinking of quitting in search of a career with a more stable pace, you’re on the right track. The High Priestess recommends you to focus on your health and your work-life balance. She wants to remind you, that you're a nurturing and intuitive individual. Money isn’t supposed to be your main priority. Focus on who you are, what you want and need instead.

You’ve had a taste of hard work. Now it’s time to pat yourself on the back and move on to calmer seas. Don’t worry, as long as you choose a job that allows you to focus on yourself, everything will work out in the end.

Card Four: Mother of Wands

The year 2017 made you feel cautious about your future career moves. Yet, do not go into hiding nor entertain thoughts about quitting the career you have built.

The Mother of Wands wants you to stop overthinking and start trusting yourself again. There may have been an oversight in your career last year, but that shouldn’t stop you from aiming higher. What has passed, has passed. Now, do something to change your situation for the better. If you need help in overcoming these fears, talk to someone you trust. For instance, the HR department or your direct supervisor. Open your heart and be honest about your insecurities. Be brave enough to own your mistakes.

But most importantly, think of it as a lesson to be more careful in your steps. Know when to stop pushing harder, but know when to bounce back from your mistakes as well.

Card Five: Four of Pentacles

If there’s one thing that you shouldn’t do in 2018, it’s underestimating people that you know very little about. What if they are good at something that you need help with?

2018 is the year for you to focus on teamwork. Instead of doing everything alone, you can start pulling together a team of advocates. Notice your colleagues' strengths and weaknesses, and work around it. You can also add headcount to the team and hire someone else to help you fulfil deadlines. Every decision you make for your career is going to turn out well if you include your team in the plans.

On the side note, don’t forget to appreciate the littlest things that people do to make your life easier. It's in the smallest acts of appreciation – reply their email with a thoughtful “thank you” or “really appreciate your help” can go a long way.


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