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A Perfect Pairing

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

Photographs by Darrell Neo, styling by Alison Lim

Photographer Hosanna Swee and her fiancé, watch collector Tom Chng, embody the quiet luxury of Brunello Cucinelli's luxurious fabrics and exquisite tailoring, created with the finest Italian craftsmanship.



On Hosanna: Brunello Cucinelli blazer, $5,670, shirt, $1,860, trousers, $1,620 and earrings.

On Tom: Brunello Cucinelli jacket, $4,960, knit cardigan, $1,640, shirt, $990, trousers, $1,260 and tie, $430.

All prices on request unless otherwise stated.


Left to right

On Hosanna: Brunello Cucinelli top, $4,760, skirt, $1,920 and hat.

On Tom: Brunello Cucinelli jacket, $3,950, shirt, $990, jeans, $1,500, tie, $320 and shoes, $1,720.

On Tom: Brunello Cucinelli jacket, $5,690, vest, $1,190, shirt, $990, trousers, $1,520 and shoes, $1,800.