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The Eye Creams That Actually Work

By Renée Batchelor

Katherine Ang. Styled by Michelle KokClockwise from top: La Mer The Eye Concentrate, S$355; Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid, SS$175; La Prairie White Caviar Regard Extraordinaire, S$860; Clarins Total Eye Lift, S$130.

The eyes always been a subject of fascination. Painter Margaret Keane has made a living out of her big eye paintings, some of which skip the rest of the subject altogether and zoom in solely on the eyes — focussing on the expressiveness in the pupils, irises and the lashes that fringe it. It is also no surprise that so much of a modern-day beauty routine is focussed on the eyes — with significant amounts being shelled out for grooming services like eyelash extensions and eyebrow embroidery. In our current climate where masks are de rigueur, the eyes are the only parts of our faces that are visible to those around us.

The eyes have 22 muscles and perform 10,000 movements a day. So while they may be our most expressive feature, they are also our most fragile. Many of the latest eye products come not just in cream, balm or gel forms, but also with specific applicators that have been designed to stimulate and massage the delicate eye area, so that these formulas penetrate well. The research and technology behind eye creams and serums are constantly being upgraded to cope with the growing appetite for fast-working and effective formulas that give similar results to cosmetic procedures and laser treatments.

Clarins Total Eye Lift

Clarins Total Eye Lift, S$130, is a smart balance between science and nature. The brand has focussed on creating a product with a 94 per cent plant-based origin — ingredients include albizia extract, horse chestnut ecrin, guarana and shea butter. The formula is an advanced one that is designed to work on puffiness, dark circles and fine lines, while firming and lifting the eye area so that eyes appear more open after consistent use. The balm-like texture absorbs quickly, making it easy to apply makeup shortly after use.

La Prairie White Caviar Regard Extraordinaire

La Prairie’s White Caviar Regard Extraordinaire, S$860, is a design marvel with impressive high-tech packaging. With a press of the inverted button, the ideal, pearl-sized dose of the smooth eye cream is released. The product also comes with a ceramic pearl applicator — a rotating sphere that improves lymphatic drainage and stimulates microcirculation in the eye area, helping to reduce the look of dark circles and early morning eye bags. The formula contains a molecule called lumidose, a potent tyrosinase inhibitor. It helps to prevent the formation of melanin while also targetting chromatic disturbances that can dull the skin’s natural light, helping the eye area to appear brighter and more luminous.

La Mer The Eye Concentrate

La Mer’s The Eye Concentrate, S$355, is a cult favourite eye cream that has recently been upgraded. The texture is still a luxurious whipped cream that melts into the skin, but the new formula also contains kelp from the waters of Jeju Island as well brightening molasses, to help improve dark circles and smoothen lines. The cooling, metal-tipped applicator that comes with The Eye Concentrate is still weighty and effective. Massaging the product in with the applicator not only improves microcirculation and helps it to absorb better, it also refreshes tired or puffy eyes

Sisley Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid

Sisley’s Black Rose Eye Contour Fluid, S$175, contains three smoothing ingredients, an aqueous black rose extract, an algae called Padina pavonica and a vitamin C acetate. Together, they synergistically help smoothen the eye area, hydrate its contours and protect the skin. Other ingredients in the formula include caffeine to address puffiness, and red vine extract to counteract and brighten dark circles. The details of the packaging are also clever and hygienic — a pump dispenses a small amount onto the lightly curved, pen-like applicator — and the cool ceramic tip provides an instant decongesting effect to the skin when the fluid is massaged in.

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