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A Prized Porcelain Bowl from Cartier

By Kames Narayanan

The Cartier bisque porcelain bowl with enamel pictured alongside a circle sculpture from BoConcept. Credits: Photograph by Pham Quang Tung; Styling by Gregory Woo; Stylist Assisted by Michelle Kok.

In an age where even the most minute of moments in life ends up on social media platforms like Instagram, the objects that surround us transcend their functionalities into objects of decorum. A bowl is no longer mere tableware for dining, it is now a pivotal part of the all-important flat lay. Under the artful craftsmanship of French jewellers Cartier, the rudimentary objects of the everyday have risen in the ranks as exquisite acquisitions that add the finishing touches to an interior. In its latest foray into homeware, Cartier Home Objects, the jewellers transform a repertoire of ordinary objects like bowls, candle holders and photo frames into camera-ready acquisitions with geometric Art Deco motifs alongside the brand's motifs. The collection marks Cartier's evolution into a full-fledged lifestyle brand, applying the same expertise and craftsmanship to homeware as they do to their jewellery.

Cartier bisque porcelain bowl with enamel, S$305.