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How to Nail Last-Minute Packing — Chris Pratt Advises

By Bianca Husodo

Chris Pratt is the face of Tumi’s new Apha 3 and Alpha Bravo campaign series for Asia Pacific and Middle East region.
Chris Pratt is the face of Tumi’s new Apha 3 and Alpha Bravo campaign series for Asia Pacific and Middle East region.

Riding on the euphoric worldwide “Avengers: Endgame” wave, suitcase vanguard Tumi recently announced one of the Marvel Universe’s cast of superheroes, Chris Pratt, as the face of their Alpha 3 and Alpha Bravo luggage campaign. And last Tuesday (30 April), the seasoned actor was in Hong Kong for the launch of Tumi Loft, an immersive pop-up housed at Pacific Place. In a stage interview with Canadian-born actress Linda Chung, Pratt revealed his travelling tics. For one, the actor is a self-professed last-minute packer.

“I’m a classic: If it wasn’t the last minute, I wouldn’t get anything done,” he confessed — but it also means that the actor has mastered the art of packing zippily. Then again, putting aside his Star-Lord ship-captaining role, Pratt is one of the world’s most frequent flyers.

Below, Pratt’s nifty travelling tips for those who don’t find joy in packing nor jet lags:

Compartmentalise with packing cubes

Pratt admits that he’s not the best packer out there. So he gets all the help he can get. “My fiancée is really great with packing because she helps me pack,” the newly engaged actor referred to his partner, Katherine Schwarzenegger. “One thing she’s really excited about, and if you don’t know about it, you should: They’re these Tumi packing cubes.” Available in three different sizes, these zip-up cubic pouches are made of sturdy yet lightweight coated canvas that’s designed to organise and separate delicates from heavier items.

Roll your clothes

“I’m a roller of clothes, I don’t fold,” Pratt declared before hastily adding, “well, I mean Katherine rolls up my clothes.” Rolling leaves close-to-none crease and folding marks. The actor suggested rolling them in groups, which saves time rather than attempting to individually fold them into neat little squares, before organising them into said packing cubes. “You can have one cube just for pants, one just for workout clothes, one for socks and underwear, and one for dirty laundry. You can stack all these stuff up in your baggage. It’s really organised, really sleek.” According to Pratt, this technique saves space, too: “I can fit an entire week worth of clothes in 2 carry-on bags.” Win-win.

Invest in durability

“Let’s be honest, our luggage [in the airport] is probably going to get thrown forty feet through the air, fall off the back of a truck, get run over. Other people don’t treat our luggage with the same love and respect as we do to our own luggage,” Pratt half-jested, explaining why durability would always be on top of his checklist when purchasing his luggage. “I don’t like having to replace something every year. I think if you buy something, it should last you a lifetime,” he continued. The actor, of course, suggested Tumi. “Drop it off a building and I think it’ll still be safe and stuff.”

Multipurpose bags are “dope”

“Right now, I’m using the Alpha 3 brief pack. It’s a sleek backpack and you can actually charge your phone off it,” Pratt said. “My phone is always dying and you have to sit somewhere and plug it into the wall, but now you can just plug it into the bag and keep walking around. It’s so dope.”

Sweat out your jet lag

Jet lags are the bane of the frequent flyer’s existence. Pratt, who has gotten used to continually jumping from timezone to timezone for work — “I live out of my suitcase.” —  said the “foggy-brained and loopy” sensation can be effectively counteracted by getting a good workout in. “Sweat really hard, and try to stay up until it’s bedtime,” he suggested. “Don’t take a nap.”