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Decisions With Yoyo Cao: Bags & Straps

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There are many routes to building a wardrobe. Shopping is one of them. Yet, the extensive browsing process prompts decision fatigue. The onset of modular fashion exacerbates this lethargy. Modular fashion was birthed with the best intentions, offering consumers the possibility to bring home a product truest to their personalities and lifestyles. Yet, in the uncanny draw to customisable products, shoppers find themselves lost in the wealth of possibilities. Here, to set the record straight, decision-making advice from founder-designer of local fashion label Exhibit, Yoyo Cao. 

Cao picked the Silver Roman leather mini handbag with stitchings. On a day out for fashion week, she opted for the logo-printed Mini Strap You. "On days you crave functionality but still want that pop of detail, go for the longer Strap You in a quirky print," she adds whilst unclasping the exchangeable shoulder strap.



For a fashion personality like Cao, this is perhaps a luggage-saver. The Fendi Roman bag is small enough to house all her essentials, subdued enough to camouflage into her outfits, and versatile in the straps. On the beauty of an ever-changing object, Cao adds, "It doesn't stay the way it is."

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