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Dogs To Know: Pretty Poodles At a Poodle Gathering in Singapore

By Guan Tan

Precious and Pepper at the recent Pets Jingle 2017 fair, the Poodle Club Singapore held a mini gathering for its furry members.
Felicia Yap
Precious and Pepper at the recent Pets Jingle 2017 fair, the Poodle Club Singapore held a mini gathering for its furry members.

It was three years ago that Singapore saw its largest poodle gathering. The 265-strong poodle assembly was organised by the Poodle Club Singapore. They haven't had a mass gathering since then, but do occasional mini gatherings at pet fairs and events, like the Pets Jingle 2017 that took place over the weekend. 

Walking into the crowded event at the Singapore Turf Club in the Kranji district, we found the poodles running around, looking all fritzy and dapper. They were groomed and dressed up for this special day of show and socialising. There was a photograph-taking session and later, a fashion show where a 60-strong human audience watched and clapped them on.

Off the catwalk, we got to know some of them: 


The Brown Poodles

Felicia Yap


He is one year and six months old. He's all dressed up today with his bandanna – a giveaway to his identity. When he's not in his bandanna, his groomer keeps the ears long. It's a common cut for poodles, but Cooper has a distinct white patch on his underbelly that his owners recognise him from. 


He turned one this month. He has a semi-oval cut, otherwise what his owner dubs the 'mushroom' head. The groomer keeps the fur on the ears shorter, and longer on his crown. His fur is considerably straighter and creates a "fluff" ball. 

From left: Unidentified miniature poodle, Cooper and Zero.
Felicia Yap


A sibling to Bacon by adoption, both are inseparable. Fluffy turned five this year, and has a tall built. You can't see his eyes, but he can see you. 


Bacon is a quintessential brown poodle – small-built and curly fur. Yet, the one-year-old has a white patch around its nose that sets it apart. 

From left: Fluffy and Bacon.

The Black Poodles

Felicia Yap


She's two this year and has a considerably smaller physique. She's had two pups, one of which has outgrown her and is pictured in this picture as well. She is composed, has an assertive gaze and personality. 


He is nine-months-old and has the same cut as his mother. Out of convenience, the groomer and owners decided on the same cut for the family of four. Yet, the parents have no trouble differentiating them. Camper has a playful personality but is at times unsure of himself. 


He is turning three in the coming year. His fur is quite common and characteristic of miniature poodles and his small physique also means he blends into the crowd easily. His owners identify him from a small, patch of white on his chest. 


She is five this year and is a toy poodle. When she was younger, Clicquot had curly, black luscious fur. Yet, over the years her fur grew finer and straighter, which made it possible for her groomer to give her a Teddy Bear cut. 

From left: Clicquot, Ola, Camper and Shadow.

The White Poodles

Felicia Yap


She's one year and nine months old. Her fur is considerably straight, and she doesn't lick. Instead, her owners shower her every day to keep her fur pristine and white. Nami is very tall for her age and breed. From afar, her owners can recognise her in an instant – the tallest white poodle jumping around restlessly. "I think she is a bit hyperactive," her owners laugh. 


He is a crossbreed, but his owner is unsure, "[The vet] and I suspect he is a poodle and Maltese." Lion was picked up a year ago by a pet shop owner. He was abandoned. He is likely three and a half years old. He never barks, is very calm, and doesn't seem to interact much with his fellow furry friends. 

From left: Unidentified poodle, Nami, unidentified poodle, Lion.