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Eight New Age Crystals and What They Do

By Guan Tan


Perched on the topmost floor of Far East Shopping Centre is Full Circle, a holistic wellness clinic fully stocked with all kinds of crystals, meteorites and stones. Founder Tarra Tae also holds Akashic readings, Singing Bowl healing, and meditation classes here. Here, she recommends eight potent stones for a stressed-out millennial. From left: Shungite, Green Amethyst, Sunstone, Aquamarine, and Citrine.

Fire Agate

This stone deflects negative energy for personal protection. "It works well if you have colleagues who like to gossip about you," Tae laughs as she notes that for a period, the Fire Agate was very popular. "This is a fiery energy – good for people who are sluggish, or [even] lazy." With that in mind, if you're thinking of someone who might need it, Tae adds, "Crystals are very powerful when given as a gift – with good intentions, and the person has to receive." A good way is to wear it on your body in the form of accessories, otherwise keep the stone in a pouch and carry it around. Otherwise, "place it where you spend most time – work desk, or in bed." With darker stones like this, Tae stresses that it's important to sun it, "they need to recharge". This stone coincides with the first Chakra – the base of one's spine. "When balanced you feel that you enjoy life," she says, as one is grounded and connected to the earth.


"It's a happy stone – happiness lifts people of out depression," Tarra Tae quips. "One lady, she was always unhappy. She lost her baby at eight months [pregnancy], got a Sunstone and wore it as a bracelet, and felt so much better." Tae explains that the Sunstone also coincides with the second (out of seven) Chakra of our body, the centre of creativity at the womb. The colour of creativity when seen through the inner eye, is orange.


 A warming stone that's good for health – old folks who are recovering from an illness will apparently receive a boost from the positive energies. Likewise, it “[helps] transform negative thoughts into positive one”, especially when coupled with a Sunstone, according to Tae. She emphasises that Citrine has traditionally been used for its abundance: “It’s so popular for attracting money!” The stone coincides with the third Chakra, which sits under the rib.


"For health and vitality – people who are feeling very lethargic, always very busy running around. Like mums who have to ferry their kids, they feel tired all the time," says Tae. But there's a catch: while Emerald might make one feel better and energetic, individuals shouldn't rely on it. "Customers [tend to] say, 'I can work even harder!'. I always tell them, 'You take your rest and don't rely on the stone.'" Emerald coincides with the fourth Chakra – the heart.

Green Amethyst

“In ancient times, crystals were first-aid. There was a crystal for every ailment – toothache, everything. The Prasiolite, otherwise known as Green Amethyst helps with digestion issues,” says Tae, recommending that users place a smooth Green Amethyst on the belly. Bloating, constipation, and diarrhoea could all be caused by unbalanced energies.


"Put the stone here," Tae gestures to her throat, also the fifth Chakra. "You will be able to speak your truth and be more of your authentic self. You won't be telling so many lies, and you will be able to keep secrets." She giggles as she suggests gifting this to friends and colleagues who tend to gossip, but on a serious note considers, "their energy [here] is clearly too large." Aquamarine imparts clarity of speech, "good for sales persons, teachers, writers."

Auralite 23

"It contains 23 different minerals, including amethyst, cacoxenite, and lepidocrocite which soothes and calms, especially the mind," says Tae, noting that people tend to place a small piece of Auralite 23 by the bed or under their pillows, for both adults and babies alike. "[When] they seem scared for no reason, parents use this, or other crystals – howlite, rose quartz – with loving, soft energies." Tae recommends this for individuals prone to anxiety, chronic stress, and especially insomnia, as "people don't realise that they're internalising stress. Most people [consequentially] don't sleep through the night." For that, Auralite 23 coincides with the seventh Chakra – at the crown of one's head. It points to divine consciousness and connects one to the spiritual, "When this part is well-developed people also stop being materialistic. They trust in the flow of life. Enough will be provided for me."


"There have been books written and dedicated to Shungite – it's found in Russia, only one place in the world. It's not easy to mine this stone. They have to take a boat and row out to this island (Karelia), and mine [for it]. The Russian government use this to clean out water," Tae explains ecstatically. "Their aura, energy body is much bigger, rounder and fuller," which cues to a bubble of protection around the wearer, deflecting negative energies and radiation from gadgets and the environment ("Shungite", by Regina Martino). What is most striking about the Shungite, is how it doesn't alter just one Chakra, but all seven Chakras of the human body. "It can start to align all your Chakras – gives your protection, [while] your energies balance and repairs itself."

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