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Fashion's Diversity Conversation Continues — With Moncler's "Beyond" Campaign

By Guan Tan

Moncler's Beyond Campaign

 The Italian apparel brand, Moncler unveiled their latest "Beyond" campaign today.

1. Bebe Vio

21-year-old Italian wheelchair champion fencer

2. Carmen Jorda

30-year-old Spanish race car driver

3. Conie Vallese

Argentina-born artist based in Brooklyn

4. Crystal Zhang

27-year-old Chinese actress

5. Danny Bowien

36-year-old South Korean-born, San Francisco-based chef and restaurateur

6. David De Rothschild

39-year-old British adventurer and environmentalist

7. Eiza Gonzalez

28-year-old Mexican actress

8. Guillaume Nery

36-year-old French champion freediver

 9. Gus Kenworthy

26-year-old British-born, American freeskier and LGBTQ activist

 10. John Boyega

 26-year-old British actor

11.  Lexie Alford

20-year-old travel blogger who aims to traverse 196 countries before 2019

 12. Liya Kebede

40-year-old Ethiopian-born model and maternal health activist

13.  Maye Musk

70-year-old Canadian-South African model and dietitian, and mother of Elon Musk and his siblings

14. Millie Bobby Brown

14-year-old British actress who played the Netflix series, Stranger Things' character named Eleven

15. Miyavi

36-year-old Japanese musician and actor

16. Olga Karput

32-year-old Russian street-style trendsetter

17. Sheck Wes

19-year-old Harlem-based rapper

18. Walter Villadei

Italian cosmonaut and educator

19. Xiuhtezcatl Martinez

18-year-old musician and environmental activist


If you could recall, in the 2000s, the fashion industry flooded global cities and streets with homogenous images of skinny, fair-skinned, Caucasian models, defining a strict and myopic ideal of beauty. In November 2013, models Naomi Campbell, Zara Mohamed Abdulmajid or Iman and Bethann Hardison launched "Diversity Coalition" in response. "The absence of people of colour on the runways and photography reinforces to our young girls that they are not beautiful enough, that they are not acceptable enough," Iman told CNN in an interview. "The diversity that we live in, the world that we live in, is not what is shown on the runway. That to me is the concern. It's a bigger issue at large than just about runway and models."

That marked the beginning of the recent call for increased diversity in the fashion industry — one which continues to urgently reverberate through the industry today. The industry has seen the conversation notably pronounced in the image-making arms — model casting, runway representation, and seasonal campaigns.

The latest is perhaps the 66-year-old Italian apparel brand, Moncler's Beyond campaign which launched today. Shot by the 54-year-old British photographer Craig McDean, the monochromatic campaign features 19 individuals from different nations and professions. They include actresses, actors, artists, musicians, cosmonauts, race car drivers, chefs, and freedivers amongst many others. 

On the message behind this campaign, the brand expressed, "When it comes to human beings, identity is a matter of individuality... diversity is strength." By their choice of title, "Beyond," the brand is referring to the tenacity of the featured individuals and the brand's propensity for "freedom and goodwill" in their works. "Moncler goes beyond fashion, straight into life, and counts on nineteen voices to send out its message." Now, instead of gangly models, actual people who wear the brand's clothes wholly front the brands' campaigns — quite unlike what image-making used to be a decade ago in the fashion industry.