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A Hidden Contemporary Art Hotel in London's Notting Hill

By Kames Narayanan

The Laslett


From SG$253.62 (including 20 percent tax)

The Basics

Nestled discreetly in the affluent Notting Hill neighbourhood of West London, The Laslett is a nondescript 51-room boutique hotel that spans across five British townhouses. Taking its name after Rhaune Laslett, the founder of the Notting Hill Carnival, the establishment holds the values of community spirit and creativity at its heart. Stepping beyond its pristine white Victorian facade, guests are greeted by a modern eclecticism at the lobby: a velvet sofa flanked by two glass cabinets of curiosities, separated by a vinyl record player perched atop a gold framed high table. Collectibles, framed photographs and works of art from English artistes, some available for purchase, decorate the hotel’s premises. No one room furnished to replicate another, behind every door lies a wall of art unique to the space. The city’s vibrant art scene and quirk is further perpetuated within the premise’s bar and restaurant space.

The Laslett


A 10-minute walk from the Portobello Road Market, The Laslett is a stone’s throw away from the world’s largest antique market. On Fridays and the weekends, the streets are lined by throngs of vintage vendors with their finds from across the globe. Expect to spend an entire afternoon sieving through furniture, silver, clothes and everything in between. To ease the cumbersome process of navigating the stores alone, one can book a tour of the best local vintage stores with Sidestory.

Conveniently located about a two-minute walk from the Nottinghill tube station, venturing further out into the city is as convenient an option as strolling in the vicinity.

The Room

No one room the same as the other, each room is decorated with unique pieces of art curated from British artists and vintage books. All rooms, spare double, double, master double or master suite, feature a work desk, snack bar, a bath and shower combination or a walk-in rain shower. The bigger rooms, fitted with floor to ceiling windows, allow light to spill into the room, brightening and opening up the space.

The Laslett
The Laslett


Located on the first floor of the hotel, The Henderson Bar and Coffee Shop – that takes its name after Russell ‘Russ’ Henderson, the co-founder of the Notting Hill Carnival – offers a selection for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The modest space serves up affordable English fare that envelopes the soul. From a hearty bowl of Macaroni and Cheese to wholesome bowl of salad, the menu is tailored to satiate an array of palates.

At night, guests can lounge in the hotel’s restaurant space or a library on the other end of the hallway to end of their night with a selection of cocktails from the bar. In true English fashion, The Laslett sets the mood to end the day with a nightcap in hand.

The Laslett
The Laslett

Bottom Line

The Laslett is a hidden enclave at the heart of the city. Disguised along a stretch of British homes, it affords its visitors due privacy while maintaining its accessibility from and to other parts of London. 

Visit The Laslett at 8 Pembridge Gardens, London W2 4DU.