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With over 30 years in the perfumery business, it is no wonder Roja Dove and his remarkable nose can identify over 800 different scents. Dove utilises an extensive set of vocabulary to describe smells, something that doesn't come naturally to most because, as Dove explains, smells and the ways in which to describe them are subjective. 

It is a challenge Dove faces every day as he goes about creating scents that is the essence of people. "When you really smell, you smell with yur brain," Dove said in another interview. "You smell with the primitive parts of your brain where all emotion and memory is processed. If most people are trying to find a scent for their ego, I'm trying to make a scent for your id."

Dove has brought his knowledge and experience to the world of whisky, collaborating with The Macallan's master whisky maker Bob Dalgarno to unveil a new limited edition expression — Edition No. 3. "On the surface  it would seem that Bob and I came from disparate worlds," he says. It was the coming together of two sensory experts, which saw Dove isolating distinct aromas from various American and European oak casks, which Dalgarno used to shape the character and flavour profile of the whisky. 

The resulting whisky is a sensory journey of flavour and aroma with fruity and floral notes and hints of vanilla. 

The Macallan Edition No. 3 is available at a recommended retail price of $190. 

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