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Immortalising History – In a Montblanc Pen

By Kames Narayanan

Mont Blanc

Since 2009, Montblanc’s Great Characters collection has paid homage to some of the world’s most acclaimed individuals who have helped shape a cultural moment in history. In previous years, Montblanc has immortalised icons like British film director Alfred Hitchcock, American artist Andy Warhol, and the 35th president of the United States, John F. Kennedy. The latest to join the lineup of history-makers celebrates the illustrious cultural legacy of The Beatles, who are undeniably one of most popular bands of all time. The three latest pens released each riff off a momentous point in their career.

The Beatles Special Edition

The multi-coloured striped cap and barrel of The Beatles Special Edition is an adaptation of the uniform donned by the band members on the cover of one of their earliest concept albums, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band.

The Beatles Limited Edition 1969

The Beatles Limited Edition 1969 features the peace symbol associated with their iconic album Abbey Road, alongside the silhouette of the band members crossing Abbey Road.

The Beatles Limited Edition 88

A mélange of pop culture references from the Union Jack symbol to The Beatles’ signatures and portraits play decorum to The Beatles Limited Edition 88.

The clip on every pen also features four moustaches, reminiscent of the band’s signature facial hair that they each wore on some of their most recognisable portraits. A full-fledged tribute, the pens also come with a special psychedelic purple ink inspired by the groundbreaking music that they pioneered.