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Krystal Jung and Her Concept of Time

By Caroline Suganda

Chanel's Code Coco Fermee
Chanel's Code Coco Fermee

Meandering my way with champagne in one hand around Chanel’s Code Coco launch party in Cheongdam, Seoul, time stopped when I bumped into Krystal Jung, member of Korean girl group, f(x). In the spirit of the new timepiece launch, we caught up with the 23-year old with her concept of time.


If you have the ability to stop time, how would you use your power?  
When I am on a vacation so I can have more fun!

Where is your favourite vacation spot?
I was in Ibiza, Spain late last year. Earlier last year I was in Hawaii. Everywhere with beach, water sports… it is my heaven.

What do you like to do on the beach?
I like to swim, surfing and I’ve done skydiving too. I haven’t done scuba diving but I definitely want to try that.

What do you do in your free time?
Well, I spend time with my family and friends. I’ll go to watch the movies, shopping or awesome restaurant for good foods.

Would you buy time?
I don’t really want to buy time. I never thought about it because it is impossible, you know? And I like the way time just passes because, I think, time heals everything.


What do you use to tell time?
My watch! If I’m not wearing, I will look at my phone. I have my trusty Boyfriend watch from Chanel, it’s the large model in yellow gold.

Are you wearing one today?
Yeah, but I’m wearing the Code Coco today. It’s a bracelet that has a watch on it and it unbuckles like this (Jung rotates the metal clasp on the dial and unbuckle the watch-bracelet). I think it’s very cool and unique — it has three codes from Chanel: the quilting, princess-cut diamond (Gabrielle Chane’s favourite cut) and the Mademoiselle clasp. It goes with all styles. I can pair it with what I’m wearing today, but also a pantsuit.