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Max Mara’s Teddy Takes On a New Form

By Terence Poh

Photograph by Katherine Ang, styled by Michelle KokMax Mara Teddy bag with water bottle holder.

Introduced on the runway in 2013, the Max Mara Teddy coat, with its blend of alpaca and mohair, replicates the soothing touch of teddy bear fur. Like a Snuggie with buttons or an embrace from a furry creature, the outerwear has become a sartorial juggernaut for the brand, seen on the biggest names in pop culture while sparking numerous fast fashion copycats. Its popularity has had the designer Ian Griffiths make numerous iterations of it in the years since, but always in an outerwear form.

This year, his latest addition to the Teddy family takes the form of a bag, one that boasts ample room, designed with the intention to hold all that’s needed for what he deems an “imaginary adventure.” Its foundational structure — a tubular leather rib — is like the keel of a ship, says Griffiths, whose Fall/Winter ’20 designs draw on seafaring influences, as he imagines the Max Mara woman as “the captain of her own ship.” Offering add-ons such as a water bottle holder and modular micro bags, the added functionality is coupled with huggability of a familiar kind: With a furry covering reminiscent of a teddy bear, the bag doubles up as something to hold on to especially in these uncertain times.

Max Mara Teddy bag with water bottle holder, price on request.