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A Samurai Armour-Like Cape That Obscures the Body

By Terence Poh

Katherine Ang. Styled by Michelle Kok

Moncler Genius 2020 was unveiled in its entirety at Milan Fashion Week in February this year, with each of the 12 designers involved given a dedicated show space or installation. The project, now in its third edition, is masterminded by the Italian brand Moncler and showcases the fashion industry’s biggest creatives. This year, in his fourth Genius collaboration, the British designer Craig Green offers pieces thematically familiar as they continue to run sculptural by nature, a concept in line with his unabashed, form-challenging aesthetic.

“For me, Moncler is ultimately about protection and functionality,” he says. If, in terms of functionality, his intention is to guard against the elements, he covers nearly every base. The 5 Moncler Craig Green nylon cape (and every other piece in the capsule) obscures most traces of the body and is made entirely from micro rip-stop nylon, a lightweight yet durable fabric typically used for parachutes and sails. “The process of down filling [is used] almost like a print,” says Green, of his monochromatic creation that resembles samurai armour, but of a padded kind. A human silhouette rendered on the cape, alongside zipper openings for the hands, legs and chin, is a reminder of the wearer within, who otherwise remains faceless and anonymous — essential elements for this designer’s range of unorthodox creations.

5 Moncler Craig Green nylon cape, nylon mittens and sneakers, price on request.
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