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A New Trend of Pastel, Brass & Symmetry – In The Interior Industry

By Guan Tan



Launched in November 2015 by Chef Julien Royer, Odette is backed by Singaporean The Lo & Behold Group and designed by Sacha Leong from London-based Universal Design Studio in collaboration with the former's creative director, Dawn Ng

The Lo & Behold Group
The Lo & Behold Group

Leong wanted to pay homage to Chef Royer's delicate and refined dishes, "through the use of natural, raw elements presented in a soft colour palette of natural timber, pink terrazzo marble, with nickel and brass accents," Tammi Lin, The Lo & Behold group's marketing manager explains. She also highlighted that Leong wanted to stray away from the conventional dark and sombre colour palettes of traditional fine-dining establishments.

An aerial installation (pictured above) was designed by Dawn Ng and Chef Royer – hand cut from oak, polyfoam, brass and paper, a call to the abstract shapes and forms in Royer's cuisine.


Looksee Looksee

A 25-pax reading room and tea salon off Haji Lane, Looksee Looksee was founded by The Lo & Behold Group in August last year. The space was meant to serve creative and art publications for the public's browsing, alongside a selection of beverages.

The Lo & Behold Group
The Lo & Behold Group

"At Looksee, the idea was to convey a sense of softness with rounded forms and gentle curves, and no hard edges. We also tried to foster warmth with a colour palette of pastel tones and natural materials like compressed marble, terrazzo, wood, rattan and leather," notes John Lim who designed the space in hand with OWMF Architecture

Symmetry – found in grid wallpaper, curved seating arrangement – draws to the school-like motivations behind the reading room. 

When probed if there is an official term to this new style of interior design, John Lim considers, "It's quite loosely postmodern, perhaps a little softer and less graphic...I love that designers are revisiting post-war Italian design, alongside contemporary interpretations of Scandinavian design." He adds that the genre might not be named just yet. 


White Grass

Designed by Singapore-based Takenouchi Webb, a studio headed by husband-and-wife, Marc Webb and Naoko Takenouchi. White Grass is helmed by Australian Chef Sam Aisbett.


White Grass
White Grass

The 70-seat restaurant launched in 2016, and is housed at the Caldwell House in CHIJMES. Takenouchi Webb's portfolio states that their spatial design reaches back to the national monument building's classicism, "together with the contemporary nature of the cuisine". 

Designer Marc Webb notes that he wanted to interpret traditional materials in contemporary ways, "In this particular project [I made use of] marquetry in a geometric pattern, ceiling mouldings, strong marble in contrasting tones and geometric configurations, pastel wall colour tones with gold trim, [and] contrast of colours and textures" 

Webb couldn't confirm if the style has been named, "Not sure I can clearly say what style this falls under." But he considers his creative intention, "For this particular project the strong classical architecture, history of the space and nature of the cuisine all played a part in the design. If pushed we would probably say 'Contemporary Classic' as we tried to balance these elements together in the space."


Odette is located at 1 St. Andrew's Road, Looksee Looksee at 267 Beach Road, and White Grass at 30 Victoria Street.