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The Nostalgic Appeal of Vintage Beauty Products

By Felicia Yap

Vintage Beauty

The modern beauty industry may have directed our eyes to Instagram, but if one were to look up from their mobile screens, there is another beauty industry that still surrounds us. Remnants of a glamorous bygone old-world era linger on in local stores.

Palmer's Compact Blusher

A rose compact powder blush and a furry sponge in a white ceramic case with gold trimmings, likely from the '50s and '60s. Available at S$90 from The Heritage Shop, 93 Jalan Sultan.

Sam Fong Hoi Tong Powder

From left: White compact powder; pink compact blusher, both from Sam Fong Hoi Tong. Available at S$1.20 from Redhill Food Centre Flea Market and various local supermarkets.

Safety Razor Set

Copper mirror box with safety razor blade and handle. Available at S$4 from Redhill Food Centre Flea Market, or local flea markets.

Two Girls Florida Water Bar Soap

A neon green bar soap iteration of the famed glass-bottled Florida perfume water.  Available at S$60 per 85 grams at The Heritage Shop, 93 Jalan Sultan, or S$3.80 (HKD 22) from www.twogirls.hk.

Wooden & Plastic Combs

These wooden and plastic combs were reportedly used to comb out hair lice and fleas, hence the high density of narrow teeth. Available at S$2 from local flea markets.

Props by Mobler, Hai Seng and 2 Peas in a Pot.