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Object of Desire: Chaumet Promenades Impériales Brooch

By Caroline Suganda


The brooch started life as a functional, utilitarian item that was used to secure pieces of clothing together. But as time passed, it became more ornamental, and when it was later used as a fastener for a scarf or shawl, its form and design evolved into more elaborate pieces. Today, it is to some, a piece of well-loved jewellery. Perhaps it is the luxury concept of it that charms — donning a piece of ornate jewellery with no particular purpose aside from its aesthetic appeal, and on outerwear, demonstrates a level of wealth and a sense of style. Or perhaps, it is the sight of Queen Elizabeth II, who is always seen wearing one, that the brooch reminds us of an heirloom-worthy jewellery that is both regal and classy. As a jeweller for the royals and dignitaries, Chaumet reinterprets a brooch that recalls an antique hair pin. And as the recent fashion runways prove the versatility of the brooch, our favourite is to pin it on a casual denim jacket, on the knot of a wrap dress, or even worn as a hairpiece.

Chaumet Promenades Impériales white gold brooch with sapphire and diamonds, price on request.