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Object of Desire: Harry Winston's Coloured Loop Collection

By Celine Le Trieu

If there was one thing that the late Harry Winston was renowned for, it was his impeccable eye for precious stones. Word has it that when he was merely 12, he picked out a two-carat emerald amongst secondhand, unwanted jewellery pieces, and promptly resold it for US$800. Throughout his lifetime, he was in hot pursuit of the world's most precious and rare precious stones. With his raw stones in hand, he commonly turned them into pear-shapped, tear drop designs — a cut that demands symmetry, precise mathematical proportions, and graceful curves and arches. Some of Winston's notable pear-shaped stones include the 1969 Cornflower Blue pendant, a pair of white diamond earrings christened Indore Pears which Winston purchased in 1946, and the 241-carat Taylor-Burton diamond discovered in 1966 and generously cut into a smaller 69.42-carat pear shape by Winston. 

The latter two pieces inspired the brand to come up with contemporary, quotidian line of white diamond pendants, rings, earrings, bracelets, and necklaces — altogether called the Loop collection. While for years, these Loop pieces came in white diamonds, this August, it was for the first time, rehashed in coloured gemstones, namely pink and yellow sapphires, aquamarine and black spinels — all set in platinum. 

Harry Winston's Coloured Loop collection is set to arrive in stores late this year.