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Object of Desire: Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen Diamonds

By Caroline Suganda

Tung Pham

Jewellers often look to Mother Nature for inspiration, and thereafter attempt to translate its organic beauty into a hyperreal and refined object. For Danish jeweller, and founder of eponymous label Ole Lynggaard Copenhagen, however, it is about imbuing a sense of a real touch and curves into the fluidity of the object being created. Take for example the Wild Rose collection, which was designed by Charlotte Olynggaard, co-creative designer and the founder’s daughter. Inspired by the sweet-scented, English rose growing in her home, these handcrafted pieces look like they been picked from her own garden, dried and dipped in gold, and then adorned with white diamonds. But the reality is, it’s the magic hands of a team of 40 goldsmiths at the label’s atelier in Copenhagen who are hard at work, painstakingly mimicking the softly cupped petals with incredible detail, capturing the natural curves of a simple rose into a precious object. The result: An elegant and sensual piece with a tinge of the edgy.

Clockwise from top left: Ole Lynggaard Leaves yellow gold pendant (medium), $2,550, Wild Rose yellow gold ear clips with diamonds, $4,450 (for a pair), Wild Rose yellow and rose gold brooch with diamonds, $14,200, Sweet Drops yellow gold charm with diamonds, $12,600, Leaves yellow gold pendant (large) $4,150 and Leaves round yellow gold pendant, $2,750.