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Object of Desire: The Samsonite Polygon Luggage

By Guan Tan


The thing about luggages is this — you cannot judge how functional it is until you get your hands on it and use it for a few hectic trips. What looks good and stylish on the outside may end up with the most scratches. The ones that look roomy and big may surprise you with its weight and limited storage space. Then there are those with awkward crooks and crannies on the inside that don't seem to fit any of the smallest objects. 

Then came 108-year-old American luggage makers, Samsonite's Polygon luggage. It comes in three sizes — 55 cm, 69 cm, and a massive 75 cm. All three iterations come in black, navy or a dusty pink. It is a luggage designed for travellers who pack heavy. It all starts with design — the luggage doesn't open up equally in the middle, leaving you to hoist open the heavy top compartment and plonking it on the floor. Instead, it opens up to what the brand calls a "20/80 split structure" — literally, a slim top compartment and a giant and deeper lower compartment. You are forced to put lesser things in this small "20" lid and, in turn, find yourself with an easier time opening up the luggage while unpacking. Owing to the depth of the storage, one can practically throw everything into a single compartment and not fuss over how to split and organise the clothes, shoes, and amenities. Finally, when in hotels, opening up and closing the luggage on the luggage rack is a breeze — lift the "20" lid and leave it there. The luggage doesn't forcibly close itself due to the weigh on the upper lid. 

As with heavy luggages, they are difficult to navigate and tend to roll off on their own on slopes and slippery surfaces. Built into the Polygon is a Japanese brake system which the brand calls "Easy Brake". The levers are located by the side of the luggage in easy reach. It's as if this was a luggage designed by someone who knows the struggles of packing heavy. 

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