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Object of Desire: Sulwhasoo's Shine Classic Multi-Powder Compact

By Renée Batchelor

Tung Pham/ Felicia Yap

Art comes in many forms, from canvases of abstract paintings, which you hang on walls, to the precious objects you fill your home with. It can even come in the form of your makeup — like this exquisite compact from Korean luxury brand Sulwhasoo. Part of the brand’s annual Master Artisan Art Collection, this limited edition piece is created using traditional Korean metal craft techniques, where its design is chiselled onto a metal surface and gold wire is then placed in the carved-out channels to fashion the final masterpiece. Master artisan Hong Jung Sil opted for pastoral themes of pine trees, deer and elixir plants, which represent longevity and good luck. In this case the small size of the compacts make the chosen designs all the more precious. This collectible compact of delicate gold metal art set against a sleek, black background, holds even more precious beauty ingredients — a refined pressed powder that combines ginseng flower and plum blossom extract to create the effect of unparalleled luminosity when dusted on the skin.

Sulwhasoo Shine Classic Multi Powder Compact, S$228.