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Objects of Desire: Boys' Toys

By Kames Narayanan & Guan Tan


Philips Star Wars Shaver


Leading up to the release of Star Wars, a cult fan favourite, film-related merchandise litter the stores. On the seemingly never-ending list sits the Philips special edition Star Wars shavers inspired by well-loved characters Poe Dameron, BB-8 and Stormtrooper. Ranking high in desirability and functionality, the Stormtrooper-inspired shaver, fitted with four-direction Flex Heads is built to be as precise as, we imagine a lightsaber would cut. Its lightweight ensures a comfortable and safe shave. You might have a shaver inspired by the dark side at hand, but with its impeccable functions, fret not, the force is with you. Philips Star Wars shavers are available at S$109.

Polaroid Original Camera


This is a new old. The I-1 Analogue Instant Camera was issued a year ago in 2016, by Polaroid Originals – also the descendant of the American company, Polaroid. It's built to resemble Polaroid's older models – although with a ring of LED flash that surrounds the lens. This is perhaps, not a toy for the avid fans of the commonplace Fujifilm Instax series. The I-1 camera boasts punctilious functions like double-exposures and light leaks – more appropriate for a seasoned SLR user. Yet, the only catch is that it feeds on the Impossible I-Type coloured and black and white films that cost approximately S$26 for a box of eight films. Polaroid Originals I-1 Analogue Instant Camera is available at approximately S$374.

Master & Dynamic Headphones


To the musically trained ear, the difference between sound quality is jarring. But to the pedestrian, the disparities, less apparent. However, this changes when one is introduced to a pair of premium headphones that immerses its users into an entirely new listening experience. The Master & Dynamic MH40 leather headphones, crafted from aluminium and steel, and fitted with covered cables, cancel the surrounding noise for a crisper, uninterrupted sound transmission. Doubling up as an accessory, the MH40 triumphs in design and functionality – it has two input jacks that allow music-sharing. In more ways that one, the MH40, seeks to improve its user's experience when listening to music. Master & Dynamic MH40 Leather Over-Ear Headphones are available at approximately S$592.

Japan Best Sewing Kit


There's an air of quiet reverence when it comes to Japanese objects. A pair of fabric shears may look the most ordinary. Yet, the craft is often anchored to history. This pair of fabric shears, for instance, draws from the late 1500s' siege of Miki, a prefecture in southern Japan. The feudal lord then engaged blacksmiths to produce iron weaponry. The craft eventually trickled down to scissor craftsmen – like the ones behind this sewing kit. It's a three-piece set of fabric shears, thread scissors and an aluminium measuring tape. It'll come in handy when you need to hem your trousers or denim jeans. If not, it's a beautiful, quiet showpiece for the home. Japan-Best sewing kit is available at approximately S$881.

Bamford Watch Department Domino Set


No matter the age, board games never lose their appeal. Bamford Watch Department appropriate the childhood favourite, Dominos, designing it for adults. Handpainted blocks, neatly stacked on atop another are convenient, portable toys. Housed in an acrylic case, the magnetic blocks, when not in play, sit decorum as a display case. Gift it as a present or pack it along when you head out on your travels, the set of blocks serves an array of purposes. Bamford Watch Department's Domino Set is available at approximately S$480.