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Objects of Desire: The Montblanc StarWalker Pens

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

This year marks the 50th anniversary of man’s first landing on the moon. To celebrate this milestone, Montblanc has launched its newly designed StarWalker collection. In collaboration with Chinese-American astronaut Leroy Chiao for inspiration and Korean illustrator Jaehoon Choi for their visual campaign, Montblanc’s new series is inspired by the wonders of space travel and designed to — literally — reach for the stars or reconnect with our planet.

Hearing from Chiao’s personal experience of viewing the earth from space, the series reinforces the importance of cherishing our fragile planet and to appreciate it from an alternative perspective. The most significant feature of the new pen design is a patented translucent blue dome on the tip of the pen’s cap, with the Montblanc emblem floating right on top of it, resembling the view of the blue planet from space. The polished platinum coated cap and barrel are also meant to represent the astronaut’s uniform, with the angled clip cover and dome resembling the shape of a space rocket. Taking one of humankind’s most mysterious yet powerful adventures of space travel, Montblanc grounds the riveting experience as your own personal expedition through the simple act of writing.

The Montblanc StarWalker collection is available in stores, S$800–S$1145.