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On Set | Presley Gerber On Modelling & Family

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

"I believe in doing anything that makes you happy. You know, obviously with some exceptions but to the extent, do what makes you happy. 

Hi, my name is Presley Gerber and right now, I'm a model and I'm trying to figure out what else inspires me in life. I'm from like a small town, it's called Malibu in California. Luckily — I was lucky enough to grow up there. I went to a normal high school until senior year and then kind of did a homeschool situation. I thought I was going to go to college until about senior year, I started modelling and I think that introduced me to a whole new world of things and I'm kind of taking it from there. 

The thing I enjoy the most about being a model, I'd say, is the travel probably. Or at least I did — I still like it a lot, but I've been to a lot of places by now. I still want to go to Australia. But travelling is something I'm really grateful for. 

Obviously, my relationship with HUGO is, on my end, I believe it's going well because I got to walk the show, I got to do the campaign, and I love the clothes which are really cool. Not every single brand out there has clothes that I'm stoked to wear and I'm like, "Hell yeah, I get to wear something that I would actually wear." 

I think I definitely had no idea I was going to model. I really wanted to — I knew I wanted to start a business. My dad really inspires me, just the way that he handles his business ventures. I'm planning on — I'm definitely working towards some other things. So, we'll see. 

You know, before I was 10, I obviously had celebrity crushes and stuff but I didn't even realise that my mom could have been one — which is kind of weird now to think about. I don't think it was any different for me. I mean, she was a great mom. She didn't travel too much, she took care of me and Kaia. She's a great mom. 

My favourite memory with my family might just be being with my family. I love being with my family. Of course, I miss them along the way. Or at least, I can't speak for everyone but I definitely miss my family when I'm gone." — Presley Gerber

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