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One Morning, Two Ways with Su-Lyn Tan

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine

"I've always enjoyed coffee," Su-Lyn Tan, co-founder and CEO of The Ate Group says. "My parents drank coffee. It was always something my father would wake up to. So coffee is something I've always associated with waking up."

But Tan admits that right up till she became pregnant with her first child, breakfast for her was "what you'd imagine a person living in the city with a busy schedule would have — an espresso on the go." 

Today, things are a little bit more regulated in her kitchen. "We actually have a breakfast schedule," the mother of two laughs. "Bit like a timetable of what to make each morning. It's mainly for the kids. I want them to have variety. My husband and I don't want them to have the same thing over and over again to the point they grow weary and never want to eat it again."

Her pristine, all-white kitchen, outifitted with pots, pans, trays in all sizes, a barbecue grill on the counter sitting alongside induction and gas stoves, three ovens, a sous vide machine, a dehydrater, and a Nespresso machine that churns out elaborate but quick cups of coffee from capsules of freshly ground beans to accompany breakfast dishes such as homemade granola topped with yoghurt and berries, ham and cheese toasties, souffle omelettes — the list is endless. 

"Breakfast in my house is quite a full-on affair. My husband and kids will usually start first. That's because I like to take my time in the morning. My daughter will eat off my husband's plate. My son will get through his breakfast quickly and start putting together his second breakfast which usually consists of some berries and a cookie, something he calls his happy meal. My husband and I will be sipping our Nespressos, fighting over the newspaper while the kids fight for our attention. It's the one meal a day the family gets together."

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