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Own Your Journey With BOSS

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine

As part of BOSS' Own Your Journey campaign T Singapore turns inward, looking at Creative Director Jack Wang and his career. Clad in the brand's Fall/Winter 17 collection inspired by travel, the video is set against an urban landscape and redefines the idea of discovery in a cosmopolitan city. 

"Now, more than ever fashion is about individuality. Where it used to be about a particular trend for a particular period of time. It's not like that anymore." Fashion's ever changing landscape is one that Jack Wang, Creative Director of T Singapore knows too well. The 28 year-old's who started his journey in fashion as a stylist has since charted a path all his own, "I don't think there are any shortcuts to success or a fruitful career for that matter, hard work is what got me to where I am today". But of his successes, Wang remains grounded "it's important to remember where you've come from to more clearly know where you're going."

Constantly seeking to go challenge the norms and push the boundaries, he continues to seek out talents from around the world.

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