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At Parfums Henry Jacques, Fragrances That Bend the Rules of Haute Perfumery

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore

Parfums Henry Jacques

A spinning top: a symbol of youth, the infinite cycle of life and even the final shot in the cult movie “Inception”. However, when Parfums Henry Jacques chose the top as the starting point for Les Toupies, it had a vision to create a fragrance collection and an accompanying flacon that was far more complex and intriguing; one that pushed the boundaries of the imagination and skills in perfumery. 

While Les Toupies I featured Mr H and Mrs Y, a couple fragrance that represent the modern facets of masculinity and femininity, Les Toupies II, takes a different approach. The two new fragrances in this series, No. 16 de Henry Jacques and No. 81 de Henry Jacques, represent the juxtaposition of two schools of perfumery — the values of classical haute perfumery and the freedom of being unconstrained by rules. These new scents aim to take you on an olfactory journey through less-travelled scentscapes by using balanced layers and showcasing lesser-known ingredients. 

No. 81 opens with invigorating Sicilian bergamot and citrusy grapefruit, which deepens to smoky, woody and spicy touches of oud, ginger, musk, and Haitian vetiver as it dries. It is classified as a floral- woody scent and is the more masculine of the two fragrances, but it’s open to interpretation of the wearer. 

Meanwhile, No. 16, is categorised as a floral-aldehydic scent. Its heart of rose de mai centifolia — a pillar of classic perfumery — is rounded off by other notes that include gardenia, ylang-ylang, violet, ambrette seeds and musk, which leaves a honeyed trail of addictive scent that’s subtly warm and rich. 

The crystal flacons for this entire collection were designed by the brand’s artistic director Christophe Tollemer. These tops are a technical marvel in itself that proved a daunting task for the artisans who created the bottles, which are subtly different — these have confident, architectural angles and clean lines — from the more curved bottles in Les Toupies I. The Les Toupies II collection, while respecting the past as it nods to the future, will appeal to the discerning lover of all things exquisite, with an eye for craftsmanship and a nose for the sublime. 

Available at Parfums Henry Jacques, Marina Bay Sands Hotel Tower, #01-08A.