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Parisian Pursuit

By Kames Narayanan

BoucheronQuartre Grosgrain collection

The first jeweller to open its doors in Paris’ Place Vendome, Boucheron is lauded as a cornerstone of French luxury jewellery. Over the years, the Parisian jeweller’s Quatre collection — a well-established signature — encapsulates the charm and flair of its birth city in four iconic motifs: the Double Godron, the Ligne Diamants, the Grosgrain and Clou de Paris. The Quatre collection’s latest reiteration deconstructs the Quatre Grosgrain (an ode to the artistry that Frederic Boucheron’s family of drapers pride themselves upon) and the Clou de Paris (a walk through the cobblestones of the Place Vendome), offering wearers a free hand at layering and mixing rings and bracelets in the collection. With a newly introduced tinge of playfulness, the collection quite literally takes one by the arm to the charming city of its birth.

The Quartre Grosgrain collection is available here.

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