In Photos: Paris Fashion Week Through iPhone XS Max

  • By Gregory Woo

  • Runway /25 October 2018

  • By Gregory Woo

Come every fashion week, show-goers find themselves darting around Paris with a bag full of cameras, battery parts, flashes, and laptops armed with image-editing softwares. The cameras of choice have to satisfy numerous pre-requisites including exposure negotiation capabilities, an impressive shutter speed capable of freezing models as they zoom down the runway, and in-built WiFi for immediate file transfers — some features I accidentally found in the nifty new iPhone XS Max


The above is the Eiffel Tower at dusk, pictured right before the Saint Laurent Spring/ Summer 2019 runway came to live. The play of lines draw viewers' eyes to the subject in the background.

Below is the same venue, photographed an hour later when the sun set on Paris. Compared to the previous iPhone X, the XS Max's camera functions better at night or in low-light conditions. 


Above, the Louis Vuitton Spring/ Summer 2019 runway. It was an indoor affair with some dramatic and challenging lighting set up — strongly lit along the runway paths where the models strutted, but completely dark beyond the glass walls, where the pond of water was. it came as a surprise that the XS Max's camera was capable of negotiating this harsh lighting discrepancy and even captured all of the architectural details on the dark side. 


Here, architectural curves dominate the Paris-based Koché Spring/ Summer 2019 runway. Although the lights in the venue were lacking, the iPhone XS Max's camera compensated well. 


Pictured above is the Off-White Spring/ Summer 2019 show. There were numerous lamps lined along the runway and the iPhone 7 or X's camera would have generated some light flares, but not with the XS Max. 


Another showcase of the XS Max's ability to control light flares. Here, the LED light sources embedded in the architecture of Bon Marche were reduced to specks of white. 

Below, 31-year-old American actress Blake Lively photographed walking into the Dior Spring/ Summer 2019 show. The strobe lights behind her would have cast a black shadow of backlight on her if photographed with an iPhone X. Instead, the XS Max gave a soft halo to the subject. 


Blake Lively wasn't posing for the cameras. She was walking fast towards her seat. Even in the flurry of photographers flocking up to her, the iPhone XS Max's shutter speed was capable of freezing a sharp image in a split second. 

Below, Lindsay Lohan stopped briefly for a picture outside the Saint Laurent Spring/ Summer 2019 show. "I finally got my ass to Paris," she declared.


Photographed below is a mother and child outside the Dries Van Noten Spring/ Summer 2019 show. Traffic was streaming pass by the iPhone XS Max captured it well. Whipping the iPhone XS Max is like drawing a gun out of your holster in an old-school Western cowboy movie. 

Photographs by Gregory Woo
Shot and edited on iPhone XS Max