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The Singaporean Beauty Brands Formulating Skincare With Locals in Mind

By Renée Batchelor

Photograph by Katherine Ang, styled by Michelle KokClockwise from top left: Skin Inc Serum Glow Filter, S$72; IDS Skincare S3 Tinted Sunscreen SPF50/PA+++, S$73.83; Re:erth Illuminating Concentrate, S$128; Sigi Skin Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen, S$58.

When it comes to local skincare brands, the tide is slowly turning. In the past, most Singaporeans would turn to either American, French, Japanese or Korean brands for their skincare needs, believing that the ingredients, technology and formulas from these countries were superior to the ones created here. Today, there is a growing understanding that not only are Singapore-based brands capable of creating good products, they are also created with the local customers in mind — paying careful attention to our tropical climate, complexion needs and the appropriate textures for maximum comfort.

Skin Inc

Skin Inc was founded by the Singapore-based entrepreneur Sabrina Tan, but considers itself a global brand — its products are formulated in Japan, and its first brand ambassador was from Korea. It is also one of the most innovative brands on the market with its customised serums and nifty skincare gadgets. Its new Serum Glow Filter is a clever combination of skincare and makeup. It uses light reflective technology so that light bounces off the skin for a soft-focus effect. This non-sticky serum contains Korean gold hibiscus extract to brighten the skin and give it a dewy finish, as well as two of the brand’s best-selling serum ingredients: niacinamide and hyaluronic acid — to help improve skin texture and hydration levels. Worn alone, it is designed to make the skin look selfie-ready while providing users with a good alternative to foundation or powders.


For local brand Re:erth, skincare is all about effective formulations in easy-to-use packaging. Its Illuminating Concentrate is a spot-lightening serum that targets several types of pigmentation, including sun spots and acne scars. This has a nifty syringe-like dispenser that releases just the right amount of the serum, whether you are going for spot application or smoothing it over your entire face. Ingredients include monkey jack heartwood extract and Japanese spring turmeric leaf extract to fade dark spots and even out the skin tone, and cherry blossom flower extract to promote collagen formation. This fast-acting product has been clinically proven to fade spots in as little as four weeks and is a viable alternative to more aggressive treatments like lasers and peels.

Sigi Skin

To Sigi Skin, skincare should be uncomplicated and have only clean ingredients — the brand eschews parabens, mineral oils and other harmful additions in its formulations. The Morning Glow Physical Sunscreen is a vegan product that has a light, whipped texture, disappearing completely when worn and leaving neither a white residue nor a greasy film on the skin. Despite it being a sunscreen, it contains superfood ingredients like avocado and acai extracts to help counteract the sun’s infrared rays and a four per cent dose of niacinamide to brighten and moisturise the skin, making it an ideal anti-ageing product. It is also hydrating enough to be worn alone, sans moisturiser in hotter climates.

IDS Skincare

IDS Skincare was created by the renowned Singapore dermatologist Dr SK Tan, and its new S3 Tinted Sunscreen is a product that is perfect for the climate here. It has a light texture that is water- and sweat-resistant, making it ideal for sports and any outdoor activities. The tinted version also has a pink tinge that is flattering on the skin, so that it can act either as a good makeup base or be worn alone as the last skincare step. The formula contains iron oxide to help fight against the effects of visible blue light, while a proprietary formulation of zinc oxide not only blocks UV rays but significantly reduces the effects of pollutants on the skin.

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