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9 Spherical Jewellery Pieces, With a Sculptural Touch

By Guan Tan

Chanel Fine Jewellery, Plume Ring in 18k white gold, diamonds, and cultured pearl, S$8,950.
Dior Fall 2017 Tribales Star Earrings, price on request.
Mikimoto Pendant, 14.5mm White South Sea Pearl, 0.17 carat diamonds, S$17,100.
Mikimoto Earrings, 12.75mm White South Sea Pearl, 0.24 carat diamonds, S$12,300.
Tiffany & Co, Hardwear Sterling Silver Hook Earrings, 14mm ball, S$515.
Tiffany & Co, Hardwear Sterling Silver Ring, 8mm ball, S$255.
Chanel Fine Jewellery, Plume Necklace in 18k white gold, diamonds, and cultured pearl, S$8,200.
Tiffany & Co, Hardwear Sterling Silver Cuff, S$675.
Tiffany & Co, Hardwear Sterling Silver Ring, 12mm ball, S$300.
Tok Wei Lun/Felicia Yap

A new jewellery launch in town had our eyes refreshed. The 179-year-old American jeweller Tiffany & Co, long famed for its tender jewellery pieces and girlish Tiffany blue motif saw a dramatic paradigm shift. Away from their usual offering, the house dropped a Hardwear collection of tough, heavy-duty looking chains and spheres – much like metal parts you'll find in an automobile dealer's garage. The pieces opened our eyes to an abstract trend in the fine jewellery department. Here, nine spherical and beautifully sculpted jewellery pieces.

Tiffany & Co.

The collection departs from a kittenish Audrey Hepburn and is faced by Lady Gaga instead. It signals a maturation for the brand, likewise women's roles in the 21st Century society. Its simple spherical earrings, cuffs, and rings come in 18k gold or sterling silver. 


The double-sphered earrings debuted in Pre-Fall 2013, the very year Raf Simons joined said fashion house. It's since been spun in different iterations. And in the upcoming Fall Winter 2017 collection, a small palladium-coated star studded with clear crystals substitutes what would have been a smaller sphere. A bigger grey resin pearl peeks from the back of one's earlobe. 


Back in the 1920s, it was Coco Chanel who introduced pearls to fashion, albeit she unapologetically piled chains of fake pearls aside real ones, "because it's provocative," she asserted. Her propensity for pearls hasn't left the brand. It's been rendered into smaller, subtle pearl fine jewellery pieces peppered with diamonds. 


The luxury pearl brand was founded in Tokyo, and has been producing flawlessly round cultured pearls for the last 118 years. The white pearls pictured above are derived from 12-inches large oysters native to the South Sea, flanked between Indonesia and Australia. These pearls are said to be the largest and rarest in the world.