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T Suggests: A Collection of Stylish Ski Gear, a Skincare Brand That Uses Rare Metals, and a Restaurant Inspired by Nature

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore


Ski Elevated

Creative director Kim Jones’ ongoing pursuit to develop the house codes for luxury brand Dior has brought forth a Ski Capsule collection of high-performance menswear crafted exclusively to withstand the rigours of the winter sport. This latest collection highlights Jones’ ambitious expansion for Dior, to push beyond luxury’s rarefied boundaries to include functional silhouettes made with the best of technology, by collaborating with some of the most revered ski establishments. This Ski Capsule line-up spans the gamut of exceptionally durable apparel, accessories and ski gear. Descente, a historic Japanese skiwear specialist best known for dressing Olympic athletes, lends its cutting-edge expertise to puffer jackets and tailored trousers, with designs that take inspiration from vintage images of Japanese winter sports. This collection also features official racing snowboards and skis rendered in Dior’s iconic Oblique monogram, crafted by Swiss artisans AK SKI, to marry hard-hitting construction with couture savoir-faire. And rounding up the Ski Capsule is a selection of protective gear jointly manufactured with Swedish skiwear institution POC, for the discerning gentleman to look every inch the accomplished athlete, whilst sharply-dressed for a competitive race on the wintry slopes. — Joe Tan

La Prairie

Rare Beauty

It may seem counterintuitive for a noble metal to be part of a skincare product, but not so for Swiss luxury skincare brand La Prairie, which has long used platinum as a stellar ingredient in its arsenal. The Platinum Rare collection was built on this ingredient and was inspired by the work of Dr Paul Niehans, often dubbed the father of cellular therapy. This year, the brand has developed a new platinum multi-peptide for the Platinum Rare collection, a product that strengthens the skin’s barrier function and improves its moisture balance. Coupled with La Prairie’s Exclusive Cellular Complex, the new formulas also help renew epidermal cells, protect against external stress factors and improve the cell’s environment and communications signals, resulting in healthier and more rejuvenated complexions. This updated formula infuses several products including the Haute-Rejuvenation Elixir, Eye Elixir, Eye Cream and Cream. You can also try the products in the Platinum Rare Haute Rejuvenation Facial, available in La Prairie’s newly-launched Art of Beauty Lounge in Tangs Orchard. Expect a pampering treat with a heavenly face massage in a private cabin setting, and emerge with skin that is instantly revitalised, brightened and hydrated. — Renée Batchelor

Restaurant Euphoria

Going Green

Restaurant Euphoria, a culinary powerhouse spearheading an innovative cuisine called “Gastro-Botanica” that focuses on bringing prominence to edible greens through the infusion of high gastronomy concepts, has opened in the vibrant Tras Street neighbourhood, housed within the intimate spaces of a conserved shophouse. The restaurant’s main dining hall is a vision of an idyllic avant-garde garden, with lush foliage, warm tones, natural furnishings and an amorphous organically-shaped ceiling sculpture. The interiors were conceptualised in close collaboration with designer Arissa Wang, who is also responsible for the exquisite collection of tableware used in the restaurant. The crockery is handmade, boasts the use of an ancient 1,000-year-old craft and has been customised specifically for the restaurant, giving a hint of the sheer passion and attention to detail that a diner can expect from the meal to follow.

Restaurant Euphoria is helmed by esteemed chef Jason Tan, who is known for being the first and only Singaporean chef to win one Michelin star for his work at Corner House from 2016 to 2019, which firmly established the Botanic Gardens fine-dining restaurant within the prestigious Asia’s 50 Best Restaurants list from 2016 to 2020.

With this latest venture, chef Tan is set to push the boundaries of his plant-centred cuisine even further, by reimagining the foundational mother sauces in French haute cuisine using meatless base ingredients, for starters. His latest menu brings on the excitement right at the start of the meal with the Amuse Bouche, featuring a wave-shaped feuille de brick filled with a purée of the season’s best produce, Baerii caviar, seasonal flowers, and the Dancing Orchid; one of the first Oncidium floral hybrids developed by the Singapore Botanic Gardens in 1939. Similarly, vegetables continue to play a starring role in the meat course of lamb, which comes accompanied with chef Tan’s légumes demi glacé — a symphony of individually roasted vegetables marinated with the earthy flavours of herbs and spices that require a two-day preparation. — Joe Tan