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This Foundation Will Give You A Dewy Complexion That Still Looks Believable

By Renée Batchelor

Courtesy of HERA

Skincare trends, especially when it comes to the complexion, can sometimes become almost ridiculous. One need only think of glass skin, a popular Korean trend that advocated a shiny, glowing mien that when done wrongly could sometimes veer into oiliness. More recently everything from glazed doughnuts to dolphins has served as skin inspiration — because they capture that fresh, luminous look that many women are seeking. But the reality is that in the humid weather in Singapore, these trends may not always work, and also they can be difficult to perfect, requiring an arsenal of tools including highlighters, glow sticks and even liquid eyeshadows, as well as a well-practiced hand.

HERA, Korea’s leading luxury beauty brand, is constantly innovating and experimenting with everything from formulas all the way down to technical details like the applicator puff to deliver the best performing makeup products for its users. Its latest innovation, the Glow Lasting Cushion, combines the factors that most women are constantly seeking in a complexion product — a long-wearing formula that is blendable, doesn’t feel heavy on the skin and allows its natural beauty to shine through. The look that the Glow Lasting Cushion is best seen on brand ambassador Blackpink's Jennie Kim. The fact that all this is packed into an easy-to-use cushion product is probably the best part.

Courtesy of HERA

To understand the heart of the product, one needs to know the technology and ingredients that goes into its formula. The Glow Lasting Cushion contains Multi Dimensions Radiant technology that increases the moisture level on the skin’s barrier, ensuring a smooth and even layer that helps to reflect the skin’s inner light. In combination with HERA’s Hyaluronic Acid Active Powder Dispersion technology — which is usually used in skincare ampoules — this helps to retain moisture in the skin for up to three hours, so skin has that lit-from-within glow. The texture glow powder in the formula also contains Translucent Pigment Technology to increase the formula’s adherence to the skin, ensuring that what is applied on the skin comes out as a thin, even base. The key is that there are no thick, goopy layers of face paint that sit unflatteringly atop the skin. The cushion also contains a sun protection factor of SPF 50+, making it sufficient for incidental sun exposure.

The formula also works in tandem with an improved sponge dispenser and puff for seamless coverage that doesn’t require frequent touch-ups. The cushion where the foundation is held has varying densities. The bottom layers contain the formula and stops it from drying out — a frequent complaint among many cushion users — while the denser top layers allow for a controlled release of the formula, for more precise application and less wastage.

Courtesy of HERABlackpink's Jennie Kim is the face of HERA's Glow Lasting Cushion and her enviable complexion demonstrates the luminising effects of the cushion.
Blackpink's Jennie Kim is the face of HERA's Glow Lasting Cushion and her enviable complexion demonstrates the luminising effects of the cushion.

And because the puff applicator is as vital to the finished result as the liquid formula, HERA has included cool technology in this as well. It is made from the brand’s first-ever eco-friendly polyurethane that gives it a soft, bouncy feel akin to a meringue. The puff also has a clever technology that creates pores that appear smaller by 30 per cent, while offering excellent control when picking up the product. Best of all the results on the skin are perfected naturality — your skin’s flaws are significantly diminished, the light reflects off it for optimal radiance and the makeup enhances the skin without heavily masking your complexion.


The HERA Glow Lasting Cushion, $75, comes in 5 shades and is now available at the HERA ION Orchard boutique and online.