Watch: T Dialogues 2019

Part of the prestigious New York Times network of websites around the globe, and curated in tandem with a respected print platform, real-time social updates, on-ground events and strategic partnerships with high-powered influencers and brands, T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore was launched two years ago in 2017 and positions itself at the forefront of what is current. It is a guide to the cultural conversation through stories that are smart, sharp, exclusive and entertaining, with a distinct point of view.

This November, we hosted the second edition of T Dialogues, an annual series of panel discussions with industry thought leaders to highlight the role of luxury, social media and mental health in the new digital age. The list of topics and speakers were carefully curated to create a forum of discussion, where priorities and developments are considered through a lens that’s both local and global.

First, we examined the pressing dichotomy of the glossed-up online persona and offline self with the year’s breakout mental health advocate and co-founder of The World Record Egg, Alissa Khan-Whelan, as well as the fitness guru of Ultimate Performance Fitness, Chris Richards and the clinical psychologist Dr. Sng Kai Ying. Our second panel talked about what it takes for a brand to find an equilibrium between exclusivity and inclusivity with the fashion influencer and founder of Exhibit, Yoyo Cao; Hong Kong-based multi-hyphenate Oscar Wang; and the founder and CEO of Skin Inc, Sabrina Tan. And our final panel underscored the intricacy of defining digital success in the rise of digital media’s metrics-skewed sensibility with the managing director of digital advertising specialist Integral Ad Science, Laura Quigley; the vice president of the independent advertising platform AMOBEE, James Parker; as well as the Manila-based fashion stylist, influencer and entrepreneur Liz Uy.

Below, watch the full three panel discussions of T Dialogues 2019.

Your Online Self Versus Your Real Self

Moderated by Renée Batchelor, Editor

In today’s world, the online profile is an anomaly where people create a virtual representation of who they want to be and how they want to be seen. Social media has placed even more pressure on this generation to create mirages of happiness based on how we look and what we own. How has this affected the collective mindset and our behaviour? How will social media positively or negatively impact us in the future?


Alissa Khan-Whelan
Co-Founder and Director of The Egg Gang

Chris Richards
Head of Asia Operations of Ultimate Performance Fitness

Dr. Sun Kai Ying
Clinical Psychologist of Hope for Tomorrow Psychology Centre

How Do You Make Your Exclusive Brand More Inclusive?

Moderated by Yvette King

The luxury landscape has rapidly changed with the rise of social media. Brands have found themselves in a unique position, needing to maintain the balance between being luxurious and attainable, without alienating a new generation of customers. The need to be inclusive and to inspire this new customer base has led to brands starting entry-level ranges to attract purchases and a heavier investment into e-commerce. But how will this affect their luxurious image?


Yoyo Cao
Founder of Exhibit

Oscar Wang
Artist, designer and Chief Creative Officer at BRDN

Sabrina Tan
Founder and CEO of Skin Inc

Making Sense of the Numbers

Moderated by Anita Kapoor

Return On Investment (ROI) is a key phrase we hear a lot today. But what does it really stand for? Has traditional media like print and outdoor advertising really lost out to digital because of how ROI is so easily calculated, and does quantity outweigh quality? How do you define quality reach and what are the best marketing strategies to garner an audience that matters?


Liz Uy
Stylist, entrepreneur and Creative Director of StyLIZed Studio

Laura Quigley
Managing Director of Integral Ad Science

James Parker
Vice President of Platform of AMOBEE

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