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Why You Have No Reason to Skip Sunscreen

By Joie Goh

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Despite the overwhelming plethora of sunscreens in the market that make sun protection a breeze, from mattifying lotions to cooling gels and downright lazy sprays, there are still many obstinate souls who adamantly refuse to add that all-too-important step to their daily routines. Holly Thaggard, founder and CEO of hit sunscreen brand Supergoop!, debunks the top three excuses.

1. I’m already wearing foundation that has SPF in it.

“The SPF in makeup is just a bonus,” Thaggard says. “When we test SPF products, there’s a level of application, meaning we have to apply them very generously,” she says. “Your makeup, like your foundation and tinted moisturizer, you don’t actually apply it generously enough to get the protection stated on the bottle – if you do, it’s going to look heavy and cakey like a mask.” That’s when the extra sunscreen step is so important, as, according to her, “you can apply it and it disappears no matter how much you put on”.

2. I lead an active lifestyle and sunscreen causes my eyes to sting when I sweat.

“Sunscreen not formulated specifically for the eye area tend to irritate the eyes, especially when it enters the eyes when you sweat or cry,” says Thaggard. However, that’s not an excuse to skip applying sunscreen around the eyes altogether. “The skin there is much thinner and therefore more vulnerable to the sun, so it’s the first place we see signs of ageing!”

Instead, she recommends using a separate SPF-infused eye cream, like the Supergoop! Advanced Anti-aging Eye Cream SPF 37, which has a fully mineral formula and ophthalmologist-tested for contact lens wearers. For the rest of the face and body, a chemical-based sunscreen with skin-safe avobenzone protects the skin without covering the pores like mineral formulas, allowing the skin to sweat naturally without trapping body heat.

3. I’m worried about not getting enough vitamin D, since sunscreen prevents the skin from absorbing the sun’s rays.

“A lot of people use that excuse to avoid putting on sunscreen,” Thaggard says ruefully. “Interestingly, the amount of vitamin D you need in a day can be easily gotten in 5 minutes. Any more sun exposure after that actually breaks down the vitamin D in your body.”

She continues: “Safe to say, most people get that little bit of exposure every day, and you certainly shouldn’t get it on your face. If you’re going to get your vitamin D, let’s just put your foot out there (in the sun). It doesn’t matter where you get the vitamin D from – your face is not a place you want to play games with!”

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