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On Set | The Yoga Studio Romance with Kenzoki Episode 4

By T: The New York Times Style Magazine

The consumer today has decreasing patience for lengthy, time-consuming beauty routines. The shift in consumer habits spawned a generation of all-encompassing, almost intelligent skincare products.

Take, for instance, Kenzoki's latest Belle de Jour Dream Night Mask. It is more than a mask. It moisturises, detoxes, reverses the effects of UV rays, environmental pollution and time itself – all in one application and a night's rest.

The night mask came to be after some extensive research was conducted on an unexpected ingredient, the white lotus, in Kenzo's cosmetic laboratories. In Chinese art, the flower represents purity. In traditional Chinese medicine, the lotus seeds are used to restore health. Yet, it was the self-preservation and longevity of the lotus that called the laboratory team to attention. 

The team found that the white lotus extract jolted awake the skin's cell metabolism, the body's natural growth and repair system. Between 11 PM and 6 AM, the human growth hormone comes into play and regenerates the skin's cells. 

Aside from skincare properties, the Belle de Jour was designed to set the skin at rest. When tested, it reduced the stress hormone, cortisol, and triggered the onset of the feel-good hormone, beta-endorphins in the users. 

The rise of night masks comes with the realisation that sleep is the optimal time to lather on skincare products. The idea behind is to coincide beauty benefits with the body's natural restoration process. And if the night mask lulls you into a good night's rest, why not?