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Art & Design9 April 2021
The Jewellery Designer Who Knows What Women Want

How British jewellery designer Monica Vinader makes her accessories both luxurious and accessible for women — while abiding by the principle of sustainability.

Art & Design8 April 2021
The Artist With An Ongoing Fascination With Light

The Bali-based, Italian-born artist Filippo Sciascia explores the different forms of light in a new solo show at Yeo Workshop called “All We Have.”

Art & Design, Made in Singapore8 April 2021
The Artist Who Uses Yarn as a Subversive Force

Usually associated with grannies and stay-home moms, yarn is the material of choice for artist Kelly Lim, and appears in much of her work — work which subverts all expectations of culture and femininity.

Art & Design2 April 2021
It’s Time to Put Alice Neel in Her Rightful Place in the Pantheon

A large retrospective feels at home in the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s grandest galleries and should silence any doubt about the artist’s originality or her importance.

Art & Design30 March 2021
An Anthropomorphic Bag Charm From Hermès

Hermès’ whimsical Kellydole bag charm reminds us all that the worth of some things need not be measured in its usefulness, but in the joy that they bring.

Art & Design27 March 2021
A Swedish Design Duo’s Eclectic 18th-Century Apartment

In a country house on the Baltic coast, Nina Norgren and Bengt Thornefors, the founders of the textile and furniture brand Magniberg, have made a home entirely their own.

Art & Design, Fashion & Beauty, Jewellery, Trending, Off The Runway20 March 2021
The New Collaboration Between Bulgari and Mary Katrantzou Presents The Metamorphosis of the Serpenti

When the “queen of prints” Mary Katrantzou collaborated with Bulgari on its Serpenti collection for a series of bags and accessories and even a fragrance, the end result was nothing short of transformative.

Art & Design16 March 2021
The Met Opera’s Musicians, Unpaid Since April, Are Struggling

About 40 per cent of the Metropolitan Opera’s players have left the New York area, and a tenth have retired — now the Met is seeking long-term pay cuts, and offering them partial pay if they come to the bargaining table.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore, Watches & Jewellery15 March 2021
State Property’s Exquisite, All-Occasion Jewellery

“Fine jewellery plays a very vital part in many intimate moments in our lives — marriage, births, the passing down of a legacy,” says co-founder Imram Afzal. “We started State Property knowing that we wanted to create pieces with longevity, but also pieces that would not add to the growing throw-away culture.”

Art & Design1 March 2021
The Art of Doing (Almost) Nothing

An itinerant hotel developer makes a home for himself in New Orleans by purchasing a crumbling, nearly 200-year-old Italianate house — and having the good sense to leave it mostly alone.

Art & Design17 February 2021
An View Into the Apartment of Jewellery Designer Marco Panconesi

Marco Panconesi has filled his Paris apartment with precious stones and trinkets he’s collected on his travels, and that inspire his own otherworldly creations.

Art & Design, Person to Know15 February 2021
The Artist Who Imagined a New Californian Republic

The California-based artist Cole Sternberg talks about his practice, his current projects and exhibiting in a new show in Singapore.

Art & Design4 February 2021
Ulay, On His Own Terms

The performance artist, who died in March, was eclipsed by his former collaborator and lover, Marina Abramovic. But he also produced powerful work without her, as an exhibition in Amsterdam shows.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore2 February 2021
An Exhibition That Brings Art Out of the Museum and Into a Mall

Curated by art collective Neighborhood for the Singapore Art Week, “Creative Unions” brings a range of art installations to Funan, blurring the lines between commercialism and art.

Art & Design2 February 2021
Rare Violin Tests Germany’s Commitment to Atone for Its Nazi Past

The instrument’s holders refuse to compensate the heirs of a Jewish music dealer, jeopardising a system for restitution that has been in place for nearly two decades.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore1 February 2021
A Collection of Designer Knives

“It’s one of the first tools that humans made, and it’s still the most useful thing to carry with you today,” says Jho Knives founder Jefferson Ho. “The knife might be villainised now, but I still respect [it] a lot.”

Art & Design29 January 2021
The Artist Inspired By Loneliness and Private Spaces

Singaporean artist Sarah Choo Jing tells us why she is fascinated by hotel rooms and the bonds — or lack thereof — between people.

Art & Design28 January 2021
An Artist for the Dystopian Age

For decades, Tishan Hsu has explored the ever more salient relationship between technology and the human body.

Art & Design26 January 2021
The Mystery of the Painting Thieves Love

What is it about a Frans Hals painting housed at a tiny Dutch museum that has made it so popular with thieves, who have stolen it three times since 1988?

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design25 January 2021
T Suggests: An Islandwide Celebration of the Arts, a Café that Combines Magic and Brunch, and a Fashion Collection that Features Doraemon

Returning for its 9th edition, the Singapore Art Week features a slew of exhibitions both virtual and physical.

How to Live Better, Art & Design21 January 2021
Inside the Country Home of Venetian Shoe Designer, Rene Caovilla

On 1,200 acres in Chianti, Italy, a 15th- century monastery is now home to the Venetian shoe designer René Caovilla and his family, who have made the history and traditions of an ancient region their own.

Art & Design19 January 2021
A Home That Makes Time Travellers of Its Inhabitants

In New York’s Catskills region, an old stone house has received a modern upgrade, but retains the thick stone walls that have stood for over two centuries.

Art & Design18 January 2021
The Indian Potters Changing How People Perceive Ceramics

“For decades, handmade products were looked at as ‘bargain buys’ in India,” says Curators of Clay co-founder Bhairavi Naik. “But we’re now starting to realise and respect our own craftsmanship.”

Art & Design11 January 2021
The Munich Atelier Where Stained Glass Comes to Life

In a six-story building in the city’s center, Michael and Petra Mayer run — and reside in — one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated architectural glass and mosaic studios.

Object of Desire, Art & Design9 January 2021
A Futurist-Inspired Screen for the Home

A silk-screened screen that features the artwork of Giacomo Balla.

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