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Art & Design26 January 2021
The Mystery of the Painting Thieves Love

What is it about a Frans Hals painting housed at a tiny Dutch museum that has made it so popular with thieves, who have stolen it three times since 1988?

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design25 January 2021
T Suggests: An Islandwide Celebration of the Arts, a Café that Combines Magic and Brunch, and a Fashion Collection that Features Doraemon

Returning for its 9th edition, the Singapore Art Week features a slew of exhibitions both virtual and physical.

How to Live Better, Art & Design21 January 2021
Inside the Country Home of Venetian Shoe Designer, Rene Caovilla

On 1,200 acres in Chianti, Italy, a 15th- century monastery is now home to the Venetian shoe designer René Caovilla and his family, who have made the history and traditions of an ancient region their own.

Art & Design19 January 2021
A Home That Makes Time Travellers of Its Inhabitants

In New York’s Catskills region, an old stone house has received a modern upgrade, but retains the thick stone walls that have stood for over two centuries.

Art & Design18 January 2021
The Indian Potters Changing How People Perceive Ceramics

“For decades, handmade products were looked at as ‘bargain buys’ in India,” says Curators of Clay co-founder Bhairavi Naik. “But we’re now starting to realise and respect our own craftsmanship.”

Art & Design11 January 2021
The Munich Atelier Where Stained Glass Comes to Life

In a six-story building in the city’s center, Michael and Petra Mayer run — and reside in — one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated architectural glass and mosaic studios.

Object of Desire, Art & Design9 January 2021
A Futurist-Inspired Screen for the Home

A silk-screened screen that features the artwork of Giacomo Balla.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore7 January 2021
A Collection of Porcelain Inspired by Singapore's Heritage

Homegrown brand Supermama wants to capture the traditions and heritage of Singapore through the ancient art of porcelain.

Art & Design, Gourmet, Trending29 December 2020
T Suggests: An Exhibition Curated by the Community, an Unlikely Fashion Collaboration, and New Menus to Celebrate ‘Veganuary’

The special showcase at the Asian Civilisations Museum features over 60 artefacts from its archives, some of which have never been displayed to the public before.

Gourmet, Object of Desire, Art & Design21 December 2020
T Suggests: An Exclusive Collector’s Box for Whisky Aficionados, an Intimate Exhibition of Singapore’s History, and a Fashionable Line of Camera Accessories

With only 15 sets available across Singapore and Malaysia, The Balvenie’s exquisite collector’s box is made for the most discerning of whisky connoisseurs.

Watches, Art & Design18 December 2020
From Chanel, a Diamond-Studded Timepiece that Blurs Gender Lines

Chanel shines a light on the allure of androgyny with its iconic Boy.Friend watch.

Art & Design, How to Live Better15 December 2020
A Furniture Collection That Perfectly Balances Utilitarian Ergonomics and The Luxurious

In its newest Équilibre d’Hermès collection, Hermès collaborates with designer Jasper Morrison to revisit an old design of his, and give it a fresh twist.

Jewellery, Art & Design14 December 2020
An Iconic Jewelled Cuff Bracelet Inspired by The Macabre

Tiffany & Co. launches a limited-edition collection of Elsa Peretti’s unmistakable bone cuff in celebration of its 50th anniversary.

Trending, Art & Design1 December 2020
A Fashion Presentation That Doubles As a Video Game

Balenciaga is launching a playable video game to remotely showcase its latest ’21 fashion collection? Groundbreaking.

Art & Design, Gourmet, Made in Singapore26 November 2020
A Singaporean Photographer Who Reimagines Singaporean Cuisine

In “For Here or Takeaway,” the Singaporean photographer Brian Bong presents hawker favourites as you’ve never seen it before.

Art & Design16 November 2020
A Skincare Brand’s First Line of Candles Inspired by the Stars

The ancient inspiration behind Aesop’s first ever candle collection.

Art & Design12 November 2020
The Artist and Musician Conjuring a World of Queer Fantasy

A lifelong fan of zines and riot grrrl music, Seth Bogart makes work that pays tribute to the secret histories that formed him.

Art & Design11 November 2020
NASA’s Rare Glimpses of Space Now Up for Auction

From the first selfie taken in outer space to the photographic documentation of space travel as it happened, mankind’s historical moments can now breathe new life in living spaces.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture10 November 2020
A Colourful Homecoming for a Milanese Designer

After living around the world, Nicolò Castellini Baldissera has returned to the city in which his family — and his heart — has always resided.

Gourmet, Beauty, Art & Design7 November 2020
T Suggests: An Industrial Shophouse, a Taste of New York in Singapore, and a Chic Youthful Fragrance

In Singapore, Figment adds the Alexandra House to its assemblage of boutique co-living shophouses with a modern redesign — and more.

The Greats 2020, Art & Design31 October 2020
The Japanese Architect Who Designs With Light and Shadow

In his zen-like, awe-inspiring structures, Tadao Ando reimagines the use of space through an interplay of light and dark that invites observers to draw their own conclusions.

Art & Design30 October 2020
A Singaporean Photographer’s Glass House in the Mexican Desert

Perched above the greater Los Picachos mountain range in Central Mexico is Casa Etérea — an architectural showpiece designed by Prashant Ashoka.

Art & Design23 October 2020
The Artist Whose Medium Is Science

Tavares Strachan is known for his ambitious projects and intensive research, which have included expeditions to the North Pole and training as a cosmonaut in Russia.

Art & Design20 October 2020
Murano Glass, an Ancient Art Revived

A new generation of artisans is adding to the long history of the Italian craft, known for its strange shapes, odd colours and secretive techniques.

Art & Design, Object of Desire19 October 2020
A Louis Vuitton Foosball Table That Elevates the Level of Play

The S$99,000 foosball table includes a monogrammed exterior in textured leather and hand-painted, aluminium-cast players.

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