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Art & Design27 March 2020
A New Reimagining of Singapore Shophouses

In Singapore, three design collectives redesigned the interiors of three conserved shophouses — and in that process, stretched the boundaries of what these time-hallowed buildings could be.

Art & Design26 March 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Whose Buddhist and Painting Practices Converge

Leidy Churchman’s latest show encourages a focused, joyful kind of looking that feels deliberately at odds with our increasingly distracted world.

T | House Tour, Art & Design26 March 2020
House Tour | Adam Wallacavage

The artist, best known for his handmade octopus chandeliers, shows off his Victorian Gothic brownstone in South Philadelphia.

Art & Design24 March 2020
10 Binge-Worthy Art Podcasts in the Age of Coronavirus

Plugging into the art-world conversation while museums and galleries are closed.

Art & Design24 March 2020
The Designer Making Surprisingly Humanoid Sculptural Ceramics

Jeremy Anderson, the co-founder of the modernist lighting studio Apparatus, is moulding a space for himself with a collection of porcelain and stoneware vessels.

Art & Design19 March 2020
An Architect’s Holiday House That’s Part Refuge, Part Shrine

For his vacation home in Portugal, the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen has conceived of a sand-coloured, bunkerlike home that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

Art & Design16 March 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Whose Muse Is Loneliness

Haegue Yang seeks isolation and then mines the accompanying confusion to reflect on the nature of belonging.

Travel, Art & Design14 March 2020
In Bali, a Series of Modernist Vacation Homes

Scattered across the Indonesian island, four villas that started off as an entrepreneur’s own dream house project. Now they’ve become bookable holiday homes.

Art & Design10 March 2020
What Would a World Without Prisons Look Like?

The architect Deanna Van Buren designs civic spaces that are healing alternatives to correctional facilities.

Art & Design9 March 2020
How Floral Arrangements Began to Take Over the Table — and the Entire Room

In recent years, once-tidy bouquets have become boundless, their diverse tangles of blooms, branches and weeds looking ever more like art installations.

Trending, Art & Design3 March 2020
A Revival in the Tradition of Mask-Making

The ancient accessories are being embraced by a new creative generation.

Art & Design, T | House Tour21 February 2020
House Tour | Jonathan Saunders

The Scottish designer and his rescue dog, Basil, take T on tour of his Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment.

Art & Design17 February 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Who Collaborates With Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Susan Cianciolo’s intuitive, craft-oriented practice has encompassed everything from handmade clothing to an alternative currency.

Art & Design12 February 2020
Person to Know: A Sculptor of the Female Gaze

Katharina Fritsch shows familiar objects as they might appear in a dream, bringing the subliminal to light.

Gourmet, Art & Design, Trending10 February 2020
T Suggests: A Singaporean Chef’s Pizza Omakase, an Immersive Art Show and a Film Director’s Menswear

In Singapore, a four-seat pizza omakase that is also a chef’s creative playground — and more.

Art & Design7 February 2020
Three Singaporean Men Who Defy Outdated Ideas of Masculinity Through Art

A ballet master, musician, and a poet. Using their craft as the medium, these three male artists confront the archaic notion of the stoic strongman — and refute it.

Trending, Art & Design23 January 2020
Person to Know: A Digital Artist Creating Face Filters Inspired by Sci-Fi and Drag Queens

Using face-tracking technology, Ines Alpha dreams up surreal digital face masks that can extend, bloom and sprout on the screen.

Art & Design, Runway22 January 2020
Inside the Monumental Goddess Sculpture That Was Dior’s Fashion Show Venue

The pioneering artist Judy Chicago discusses “The Female Divine,” the vast immersive work she created for the French house’s latest couture show.

Art & Design21 January 2020
Outside, It’s Just Another House. Inside, It’s Something Else

What first appears as a nondescript ’60s-era family home slowly reveals itself to be a paragon of surrealist design.

Art & Design18 January 2020
‘I’m Finished When I Start Looking at the World in a Different Way’

The photographer Pieter Hugo, who has captured scenes from Nigeria to Mexico, takes T inside his studio.

T | On Set, Art & Design16 January 2020
On Set | Takashi Murakami, as a Tour Guide of His Own Exhibition

In Tokyo, the quirky Japanese artist invites T into his Doraemon-dedicated art exhibition.

Art & Design10 January 2020
Their Friends Come for Dinner — and Remake Their Home

In their New York apartment, artist Laila Gohar and graphic designer Omar Sosa have created an urban oasis filled with art and design pieces created by their cherished guests.

Art & Design31 December 2019
Cash, Credit or Painting? How, and Why, Artists Exchange Work

The shadow economy of trades is both a holdover from the past and a vital practice that keeps artists honest — or at least competitive with their peers.

Art & Design30 December 2019
An Interiors Photographer Shares His Favourite Images of the Decade

Simon Watson has spent the past 10 years capturing exquisite homes, from Indian palaces to Irish townhouses, including his own.

Art & Design20 December 2019
The Curious Case of the U.S. Government’s Influence on 20th-Century Design

Known for its intelligence-gathering operations during World War II, the O.S.S. also helped shape the look of modern life.

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