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Art & Design13 January 2019
How a Japanese Craftsman Lives by the Consuming Art of Indigo Dyeing

There are some traditions that are universal. Here, we highlight a single craft — and how it’s being adapted, rethought and remade for the 21st century.

Art & Design, Travel, Trending10 January 2019
At Giorgio Armani’s Weekend Retreat, Live Swans and Gilded Arches

For decades, the fashion designer has been escaping to an estate outside Milan that proves even minimalists (sometimes) like a little coziness.

Art & Design3 January 2019
Why Is Japan Still So Attached to Paper?

Washi is to the Japanese something like what wine is to the French — a national obsession and point of pride.

Art & Design2 January 2019
People to Know: The South Asian Artists Making Their Mark on the Western Scene

Women from India, Pakistan and beyond are finally gaining recognition thanks to a spate of recent and coming museum shows.

Art & Design27 December 2018
T Suggests: A Glimpse Inside Chanel, the Art of Instant Gratification and Nipple Brooches

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Art & Design18 December 2018
Black and White Street Photography, in the Digital Age

Seeing in black and white, British street photographer Alan Schaller perceives the state of the modern world as it is.

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design15 November 2018
In Telok Ayer, An Arts Club Reignites The Spirit Of Community Centres

At Telok Ayer Arts Club, the fluid art-music-food-drink space explores the cultural nexus of Singapore through a refashioning of the city-state’s familiar communal model.

Art & Design12 November 2018
How an Abandoned Hotel Became a Witches’ Lair for ‘Suspiria’

Luca Guadagnino’s latest film takes place in a fictional dance academy in 1970s Berlin, constructed within the dilapidated interiors of a 1912 Italian retreat.

Art & Design11 November 2018
A Wall Of Flowers For An Art Exhibition

Alongside Singaporean artist Yanyun Chen's exhibition of charcoal drawings, an uncanny wall of fresh flowers stands — and is left to wither and die.

Art & Design7 November 2018
Person to Know: The Artist Who Is Selling Out Shows Just Two Years After He Started Painting

Farshad Farzankia left his day job in 2016. Now, he’s just opened his first major U.S. solo show.

Art & Design5 November 2018
Carrie Mae Weems Captures Her Life in 10 Unconventional ‘Polaroids’

When T sent the artist a Polaroid camera and asked her to send back photos, she took a characteristically unexpected approach.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture28 October 2018
In London, a Temple Where You Can Worship at the Altar of Oscar Wilde

The artists Peter McGough and David McDermott have built a shrine to the playwright and poet that will also host events held by the L.G.B.T. community.

Art & Design22 October 2018
From Bahrain to Singapore: Taking Art Across Borders

An unexpected burgeoning force in the international art scene, Bahraini artists take to Singapore for the first time.

Art & Design18 October 2018
Rethinking and Remaking Pottery

Pottery — the act of turning earth into clay and transforming its properties with fire — is one of humankind’s earliest inventions. We look into the craft and how it’s being adapted for the 21st century.

Art & Design15 October 2018
Can Poland’s Faded Brutalist Architecture Be Redeemed?

Brutalism took root the world over following World War II, but few countries have as complicated a relationship with the aesthetic as Poland. Now, though, the country’s structures — long derided as relics of an oppressive regime — are being given a second look, and a new life.

Art & Design10 October 2018
Dismantling Copycat Culture With Maurizio Cattelan’s Gucci-Backed Art Exhibition

Gucci presents The Artist is Present, a Maurizio Cattelan-curated exhibition in Shanghai where replication takes precedence over originality.

Art & Design27 September 2018
In Marrakesh, One Designer’s Adobe House Is as Colourful as Her Ceramics

The Belgian transplant Laurence Leenaert makes her home just like she makes her crafts: by instinct.

Art & Design26 September 2018
Person to Know: The Craftsman Still Making Windsor Chairs by Hand

At his father’s workshop in remote Vermont, a solitary woodworker preserves the craft of building an American symbol.

T | House Tour, Art & Design23 September 2018
House Tour | Camp Kent

T visits the summer camp turned retreat designed by Alexandra Champalimaud for her family.

Art & Design19 September 2018
A Lost Photo Shoot of One of the Masters of Black-and-White Portraiture — Lynn Davis

Until she abandoned the style more than 30 years ago, Lynn Davis was one of the great portrait photographers of her generation. Here, she discusses how she came to shoot some of the masters of 20th- century photography in these never-before- published images.

Art & Design, T | House Tour17 September 2018
House Tour | Flamingo Estate

Richard Christiansen, the founder of Chandelier Creative, shows off his newly renovated Los Angeles home that once headquartered an erotic film studio.

Art & Design13 September 2018
Is the Art World Too Big for Its Own Good?

Four gallery owners — Paula Cooper, Elyse Derosia, Bridget Donahue and Sean Kelly — discuss art fairs, auctions and staying in business.

Art & Design2 September 2018
Has This Neighbourhood in Seoul Figured Out the Secret to Slow Living?

In Korea, one housing development offers new versions of tiled-roof residences, and with them, a less frenetic lifestyle.

Art & Design27 August 2018
A Look at Ethical Taxidermy

A pair of ethical taxidermists make magic in their mad-scientist lab outside of Amsterdam.

Art & Design26 August 2018
12 Artists On: Climate Change

A dozen artistic responses to one of the greatest threats of our time.

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