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The Pioneers, Art & Design12 August 2020
The Singaporean Designer Who Revolutionised Printed Matter

Theseus Chan, also known as Singapore’s godfather of graphic design, is the print world’s pioneering anarchist. Through his self-published magazine, WERK, he eschews all the rules that publishing has, upends them and invents his own.

The Pioneers, Art & Design11 August 2020
The Singaporean Sculptor Dreaming Up Giant Chillis and Spices

Meet Kumari Nahappan, the artist behind the colossal grains, seeds and spices that pepper Singapore’s public spaces.

Art & Design, Wellness11 August 2020
Inspired by Memories and Remedies, Earthy Home Scents From Loewe

An amateur plantsman, Jonathan Anderson shares his bounty with the rest of us.

The Pioneers, Art & Design10 August 2020
The 80-Year-Old Singaporean Potter Who Sculpts Imperfect Vessels

At 80, the legendary master potter Iskandar Jalil isn’t done just yet. He continues to create pieces that reflect his Singapore-Malay identity while mentoring the nation’s next generation of creatives.

The Vanguard, Art & Design7 August 2020
The Creative Vanguard Reshaping Singapore’s Arts Scene

As technology and social media drive a new generation’s incubator model, young artists reinvent the rules of their professions to inspire the world anew.

Art & Design, The Vanguard7 August 2020
In Singapore, a Female Woodworker Who Breathes New Life Into Trees

Against all odds, Liew Yu Hua breaks conventional stereotypes to become a full-fledged woodworker, giving new life to trees and spaces.

Art & Design, The Vanguard6 August 2020
A Singaporean Artist Reimagines Daily Objects as Treasures of Art

Using an assemblage of everyday things, Khairullah Rahim creates art that speaks in a common language to his community of people.

The Vanguard, Art & Design5 August 2020
A Singaporean Painter Who Creates Violent, Multi-Dimensional Worlds

Ruben Pang’s painting is a projection of his psyche and discipline as an artist and music lover.

The Vanguard, Art & Design4 August 2020
An Artist Who Designs Tattoos That Hug the Feminine Curves

Young Maxine Ng started training to become a tattoo artist straight out of secondary school — and now she’s giving thousands of people a sense of identity through permanency.

The Vanguard, Art & Design3 August 2020
A Singaporean Artist Who Paints Everything in Gold

Using the colour gold in protest, Priyageetha Dia found her voice through subversive expressions of art that has come to define her discipline.

Art & Design2 August 2020
An Artist Who Reanimates Extinct Species

In an age of uncertainty, the mysterious, highly imaginative work of the sculptor Marguerite Humeau embodies the precariousness of contemporary life, with an eye to the distant past.

Art & Design30 July 2020
The Japanese-American Sculptor Who, Despite Persecution, Made Her Mark

Seven years after her death, Ruth Asawa is finally being recognised as an American master. What can we learn from this overdue reappraisal?

Art & Design27 July 2020
Yoshitomo Nara Paints What He Hears

Ahead of a major retrospective in Los Angeles, the Japanese artist discusses his musical education.

Art & Design23 July 2020
The Sculptor Who Reconceives Classical Myths

Yoko Kubrick’s marble works reference familiar tales while subverting the traditions that have defined her discipline.

Art & Design22 July 2020
The Antique Clocks of an Australian Castle

In a castle-like manor in South Australia, its co-owning couple, Nydia and Kenneth Lehmann, display their collection of old-world timepieces in its many rooms.

Art & Design, T | House Tour22 July 2020
House Tour | An Eclectic Retreat on Shelter Island

Jonathan Adler and Simon Doonan’s art- and design-filled summer home is a place for both creativity and downtime.

T | On Set, Art & Design21 July 2020
On Set | Pat Steir on Her Favourite Artwork

The artist speaks of living in 1970s Amsterdam, where she visited a Rembrandt painting at the city’s Rijksmuseum at least weekly.

Art & Design19 July 2020
A Colourful Townhouse With Nods to James Turrell

The architect Michael K. Chen brought a crumbling brownstone back to life by reanimating its once vibrantly painted walls.

Jewellery, Art & Design14 July 2020
In a Sleepy Town, the Dead Become Diamonds

A Swiss company is changing the way people grieve by transforming the cremated remains of their loved ones into gems.

Art & Design9 July 2020
A Singaporean Gallerist’s Collection of Ink Paintings

Seah Yu Ying bought his first Chinese ink painting from his father through installment payments. 22 years later, his collection has extensively grown.

Art & Design6 July 2020
An Artist Who Works Alongside Giants

Huma Bhabha reflects on her towering mixed-media figures, and the strangest object in her studio.

Art & Design3 July 2020
The Ceramics Designer Inspired by 20th-Century Drawings of Brain Cells

After finding a book of vintage medical illustrations, Eny Lee Parker decided to translate those shapes to clay.

Art & Design30 June 2020
Person to Know: The Singaporean Artist of Everyday Things

The artist Leow Wei Li paints pictures using ordinary household materials and ingredients, navigating the intersections of art and the Singaporean identity in the process.

Art & Design, T at Home24 June 2020
Person to Know: A Japanese Artist Who Makes Art on Toast

An artist leverages on the additional time spent in isolation to create art with an unorthodox, but edible medium: her breakfast toasts.

T at Home, Art & Design22 June 2020
How to Turn Your Trash Into Art

“Junk vessels” can be made from a variety of discarded trash. All you need are newspaper, glue, paints and creativity.

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