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Entertainment & Culture26 January 2021
The Writer Who Challenges the Notion that ‘Asian Novels’ Are a Monolith

Indonesian writer Erni Aladjai explains why Southeast Asian literature shouldn’t be reduced to common tropes and themes.

Art & Design26 January 2021
The Mystery of the Painting Thieves Love

What is it about a Frans Hals painting housed at a tiny Dutch museum that has made it so popular with thieves, who have stolen it three times since 1988?

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design25 January 2021
T Suggests: An Islandwide Celebration of the Arts, a Café that Combines Magic and Brunch, and a Fashion Collection that Features Doraemon

Returning for its 9th edition, the Singapore Art Week features a slew of exhibitions both virtual and physical.

Entertainment & Culture25 January 2021
At the Inauguration, Amanda Gorman Wove History and the Future Into a Stirring Melody

How the poet Amanda Gorman's words touched listeners at the inauguration.

How to Live Better, Art & Design21 January 2021
Inside the Country Home of Venetian Shoe Designer, Rene Caovilla

On 1,200 acres in Chianti, Italy, a 15th- century monastery is now home to the Venetian shoe designer René Caovilla and his family, who have made the history and traditions of an ancient region their own.

Entertainment & Culture21 January 2021
The Inauguration Kept Crowds Out and Tried to Bring America In

At President Biden’s made-for-TV swearing-in, rituals of normalcy ran into reminders that these are anything but normal times.

Entertainment & Culture20 January 2021
In ‘Lupin,’ Omar Sy Puts a New Twist on a Classic French Tale

In the international hit from Netflix, the actor plays a modern gentleman thief, inspired by the charming rapscallion Arsène Lupin.

Gourmet20 January 2021
The Restaurant That Wants to Make Plant-based Food More Accessible

With its extensive menu of vegan-friendly delights and grocery section stocked with plant-based alternatives, the newly opened Green Common restaurant at VivoCity hopes to make going green easier for people in Singapore.

Wellness, How to Live Better / 27 November 2020

Revisiting an Ancient Theory of Herbalism

In our own era of mysterious diseases, the supposition that some plants might cure the human organs they most resemble is surfacing once more.

Art & Design19 January 2021
A Home That Makes Time Travellers of Its Inhabitants

In New York’s Catskills region, an old stone house has received a modern upgrade, but retains the thick stone walls that have stood for over two centuries.

Art & Design18 January 2021
The Indian Potters Changing How People Perceive Ceramics

“For decades, handmade products were looked at as ‘bargain buys’ in India,” says Curators of Clay co-founder Bhairavi Naik. “But we’re now starting to realise and respect our own craftsmanship.”

Entertainment & Culture18 January 2021
Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Has a Black Hero. In Denmark, a White Actor Dubs the Voice.

The casting has fuelled a debate about structural racism and fanned anger about stereotyping and prejudice in European-language voice-overs, even when films have main characters of colour.

Entertainment & Culture16 January 2021
The Grit and Glory of Dolly Parton

More than 50 years into her legendary career, she’s still capturing America’s particular mythology — its dreams and its disappointments — like no other.

Entertainment & Culture12 January 2021
‘Bridgerton’ Takes On Race. But Its Core Is Escapism.

The Netflix hit departs from the homogeneous casting of most period drama, imagining a 19th-century Britain with Black royalty and aristocrats.

Entertainment & Culture / 16 November 2020

How Do You Know When Society Is About to Fall Apart?

Meet the scholars who study civilisational collapse.

Art & Design11 January 2021
The Munich Atelier Where Stained Glass Comes to Life

In a six-story building in the city’s center, Michael and Petra Mayer run — and reside in — one of the world’s oldest and most celebrated architectural glass and mosaic studios.

Object of Desire, Art & Design9 January 2021
A Futurist-Inspired Screen for the Home

A silk-screened screen that features the artwork of Giacomo Balla.

Beauty, Trending, Gourmet8 January 2021
T Suggests: A Collection of Stylish Ski Gear, a Skincare Brand That Uses Rare Metals, and a Restaurant Inspired by Nature

Dior's Ski Capsule line-up features a selection of apparel, accessories and ski gear with designs inspired by vintage images of Japanese winter sports.

Person to Know, Entertainment & Culture7 January 2021
Barbra Streisand Is, as Ever, Firmly in Control

Since her breakout in the 1960s as a girl from Brooklyn, Barbra Streisand has remained singularly influential not by chasing trends but by knowing from the beginning that the only way to change the world around her was by convincing people to listen.

Art & Design, Made in Singapore7 January 2021
A Collection of Porcelain Inspired by Singapore's Heritage

Homegrown brand Supermama wants to capture the traditions and heritage of Singapore through the ancient art of porcelain.

Art & Design, Gourmet, Made in Singapore / 26 November 2020

A Singaporean Photographer Who Reimagines Singaporean Cuisine

In “For Here or Takeaway,” the Singaporean photographer Brian Bong presents hawker favourites as you’ve never seen it before.

Person to Know5 January 2021
The Pianist That Wants To Bring Classical Music to a New Generation

The French-Georgian pianist Khatia Buniatishvili is a larger-than-life figure brimming with talent, ideas and a sense of urgency to introduce the next generation to classical music today.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending4 January 2021
Liu Shishi Makes Hard Work Look Easy

For the Chinese actress Liu Shishi, acting is a career that requires a lot of discipline, even though she makes it look easy.

Person to Know, Made in Singapore4 January 2021
The Writer Who Helps People With Mental Health Issues While Coping With Her Own

With The Tapestry Project, writer Nicole K creates a space for people with mental health issues to work through their conditions — even if it means aggravating her own.

Entertainment & Culture2 January 2021
How Pop Music Fandom Hit an Illogical Extreme

On social media this year, the stan was ascendant, fuelling commercial competition, trolling and other arcane battles. How did we get here?

Travel1 January 2021
When the Pandemic Ends, Don’t Put Off Any More Adventures

"When I talk to people now about their fantasy travel plans, they rarely mention famous sights," says travel writer Tariro Mzezewa. "They’re more focused on meaningful experiences and seeing friends and loved ones."

T's Best of 202031 December 2020
T's Best Stories on Singapore in 2020

The stunning spareness of empty spaces in a pandemic, the career of a master potter and a Singapore shophouse collective. Here, some of our greatest, long-form hits of the year.

Entertainment & Culture31 December 2020
The Man Shaking Up The Business Behind Hit Songs

The longtime record executive Merck Mercuriadis is changing the game of the music publishing business.

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