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Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet23 January 2020
T’s Most Interesting Takes on Singapore’s Chinese Culture

Learn how to ferment your leftover mandarin oranges. Step into the pre-Chinese New Year bustle of Singapore’s largest fish market. Watch how a family offers their fresh take on learning the Chinese language.

Trending, Art & Design23 January 2020
Person to Know: A Digital Artist Creating Face Filters Inspired by Sci-Fi and Drag Queens

Using face-tracking technology, Ines Alpha dreams up surreal digital face masks that can extend, bloom and sprout on the screen.

Art & Design, Runway22 January 2020
Inside the Monumental Goddess Sculpture That Was Dior’s Fashion Show Venue

The pioneering artist Judy Chicago discusses “The Female Divine,” the vast immersive work she created for the French house’s latest couture show.

Gourmet21 January 2020
The Best of Japanese Dining and Design, Under One Parisian Roof

Encompassing a teahouse, a confectionery stand and more, Ogata Paris pays homage to its setting while offering a true taste of Japan.

Art & Design21 January 2020
Outside, It’s Just Another House. Inside, It’s Something Else

What first appears as a nondescript ’60s-era family home slowly reveals itself to be a paragon of surrealist design.

Entertainment & Culture20 January 2020
A Tarot Card and Crystal Stone Reading for 2020

At the turn of the new decade, cartomancy, by means of a tarot card selection, and tumbled crystal stones coalesce to project the future for the year ahead.

Art & Design18 January 2020
‘I’m Finished When I Start Looking at the World in a Different Way’

The photographer Pieter Hugo, who has captured scenes from Nigeria to Mexico, takes T inside his studio.

T | On Set, Art & Design16 January 2020
On Set | Takashi Murakami, as a Tour Guide of His Own Exhibition

In Tokyo, the quirky Japanese artist invites T into his Doraemon-dedicated art exhibition.

Art & Design / 31 December 2019

Cash, Credit or Painting? How, and Why, Artists Exchange Work

The shadow economy of trades is both a holdover from the past and a vital practice that keeps artists honest — or at least competitive with their peers.

Gourmet15 January 2020
The Dim Sum Chef Who Plays With His Dough

Upholding an ancient Chinese craft, the New York City chef Joe Ng shapes miniature scenes of human life out of little more than flour and water.

Entertainment & Culture14 January 2020
How Can I Silence My Fear of Failure When Starting to Write?

“You are likely your own cruellest reader,” says one of our advice columnists.

Art & Design10 January 2020
Their Friends Come for Dinner — and Remake Their Home

In their New York apartment, artist Laila Gohar and graphic designer Omar Sosa have created an urban oasis filled with art and design pieces created by their cherished guests.

Gourmet6 January 2020
A Plant-Based Chef’s Climate Change-Inspired Dish

Peggy Chan, Hong Kong-based chef and owner of sustainability-driven restaurant Nectar, shares the recipe for her vegan rendition of dal makhani, a black lentils-based Indian dish.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture6 January 2020
On Set | Fan Bingbing Talks of Acting, Fashion and Life Beyond the Screen

In between T’s cover shoot, the Chinese actress talks of being a performer, gives fashion advice and shares her plans for the future.

Travel, Gourmet / 13 December 2019

A Foraging Journey Through the Lands and Waters of New Zealand

Beyond the overwhelming picture-postcard wonders of New Zealand, the country’s vastness is best sampled through the bountiful edible harvest of its land and sea.

Gourmet3 January 2020
I’ll Have What She’s Having

A new crop of restaurants is embracing family-style, communal eating, creating a necessary spirit of communication and collaboration for our fractious times.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture2 January 2020
Fan Bingbing Is the Star of Our Fashion Fantasy

In T’s January 2020 cover feature, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s glamorous aura and compelling presence come to life in a fashion fantasy. 

Gourmet2 January 2020
How Spices Have Made, and Unmade, Empires

Since the dawn of civilisation, the longing for ingredients such as cinnamon and cloves has inspired conquests and created (and destroyed) empires. But as nonindigenous turmeric becomes a nascent Nicaraguan crop, the spice route enters a new era.

Entertainment & Culture1 January 2020
How Do I Find Meaning and Beauty in My Life?

“Your way of seeing things, including yourself, seems not wholly true or right or your own, and is in dire need of a refresh,” writes one of our advice columnists.

Art & Design30 December 2019
An Interiors Photographer Shares His Favourite Images of the Decade

Simon Watson has spent the past 10 years capturing exquisite homes, from Indian palaces to Irish townhouses, including his own.

Travel / 12 December 2019

Japan in Bloom

For more than a thousand years, the country’s cherry blossom season has been a source of fascination and wonderment. How did such an infatuation begin?

Entertainment & Culture30 December 2019
In Conversation: David Byrne and David Binder

We interview two creative people in different fields in one wide-ranging conversation. This time: the producer and the musician.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture26 December 2019
On Set | Ronny Chieng

Born in Malaysia, and raised between Singapore and New Hampshire, the comedian — whose Netflix special “Asian Comedian Destroys America!” debuted earlier this month — shares a joke exclusively with T.

Gourmet25 December 2019
The Enduring Appeal of Hawaii’s Preserved Fruits

Passed down through generations, “crack seed” is at once sweet, sour and savoury.

Travel23 December 2019
Where to Stay, and Where to Eat Wild-Caught Oysters, in New South Wales

South of Sydney, the coastal Australian state offers sandy beaches, excellent seafood and a growing arts and craft scene.

Entertainment & Culture21 December 2019
T Picks: Holiday Gifts for Those Who Are Hard to Please

What should you get for all the beloved but quirky, picky, fancy, practical or eccentric people in your life?

Art & Design20 December 2019
The Curious Case of the U.S. Government’s Influence on 20th-Century Design

Known for its intelligence-gathering operations during World War II, the O.S.S. also helped shape the look of modern life.

T’s Best of 201919 December 2019
T’s 10 Best Stories on Singapore From 2019

A profile of Singaporean singer-songwriter JJ Lin, a chronicle of three women who reconstruct beauty for others, a look at Singapore’s space-savvy urban architectures — and more. Here, some of our greatest, long-format hits of the year.

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