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Art & Design19 September 2018
A Lost Photo Shoot of One of the Masters of Black-and-White Portraiture — Lynn Davis

Until she abandoned the style more than 30 years ago, Lynn Davis was one of the great portrait photographers of her generation. Here, she discusses how she came to shoot some of the masters of 20th- century photography in these never-before- published images.

Gourmet18 September 2018
High-Protein, Ecologically Sustainable Superfood? Edible Insects

Some 2,100 insect species worldwide have been identified as edible, from leafhoppers and water boatmen to stink bugs and agave worms. And their nutritional benefits are substantial.

Art & Design, T | House Tour17 September 2018
House Tour | Flamingo Estate

Richard Christiansen, the founder of Chandelier Creative, shows off his newly renovated Los Angeles home that once headquartered an erotic film studio.

Trending, Travel14 September 2018
Orchard Road: How A Quiet, Hilly Valley Became An Epicenter of Luxury Retail

Back in the 1800s, Orchard Road used to be a place for plantations and cemeteries.

Art & Design13 September 2018
Is the Art World Too Big for Its Own Good?

Four gallery owners — Paula Cooper, Elyse Derosia, Bridget Donahue and Sean Kelly — discuss art fairs, auctions and staying in business.

Gourmet, T | How To13 September 2018
How To | Create A Crazy Milkshake

Peter Caporal, General Manager at Black Tap Soho, walks us through the Sour Power milkshake at the newly opened Black Tap in Marina Bay Sands.

Travel12 September 2018
The Rise and Hard-Won Joys of Freshwater Surfing

Adventure athletes looking to escape over-saturated beach towns have over the past decades made surf spots out of less hospitable coasts. Perhaps more surprising is that, as a burgeoning cadre of enthusiasts who happen to live in landlocked areas are proving, you don’t even need sea.

Entertainment & Culture4 September 2018
Singapore Grand Prix Returns — Along With The Podium Lounge's Parties

The weekend surrounding the Grand Prix may seem hectic, especially with numerous happenings around town. The Podium Lounge has their gears set in motion for three days of unceasing celebrations.

Gourmet, Art & Design / 24 August 2018

Reviving a Centuries-Old Japanese Confectionery Art

Amezaiku, a candy-making technique that calls for sculpting molten sugar syrup, nearly went extinct. Now, it’s seeing new life among a dedicated group of Tokyo craftsmen.

Art & Design2 September 2018
Has This Neighbourhood in Seoul Figured Out the Secret to Slow Living?

In Korea, one housing development offers new versions of tiled-roof residences, and with them, a less frenetic lifestyle.

Gourmet28 August 2018
How To Reinvent Chinese Food

A new crop of local chefs offer their diners a novel approach to Chinese food.

Art & Design27 August 2018
A Look at Ethical Taxidermy

A pair of ethical taxidermists make magic in their mad-scientist lab outside of Amsterdam.

Art & Design26 August 2018
12 Artists On: Climate Change

A dozen artistic responses to one of the greatest threats of our time.

Art & Design24 August 2018
In Zurich, a Building That Dances

An architect takes the concept of a mechanised, movable structure in a colourful new direction.

Entertainment & Culture / 20 August 2018

From Phua Chu Beng To Hollywood — Pierre Png On Filming 'Crazy Rich Asians'

The Singaporean actor recounts his career trajectory, and his first foray and experience in a Hollywood production.

Entertainment & Culture22 August 2018
A Designer’s Favourite Possession: A Guitar That Reminds Him of Home

Scott Sternberg, formerly of Band of Outsiders and designer of clothing line Entireworld, describes the music shop that was a sanctuary for him as an adolescent, and the guitar he purchased there.

Art & Design22 August 2018
Are Fabricators the Most Important People in the Art World?

As contemporary artists become increasingly less present in their own work, the people who make their pieces remain unsung heroes.

Gourmet21 August 2018
To Massimo Bottura, Food Is An Instrument For Social Change

"Chefs can help to make visible the invisible through their knowledge."

Art & Design19 August 2018
Person to Know: An Artist Finds Inspiration in Women of Colour Throughout History

Firelei Báez’s latest body of work is motivated by the Schomburg Centre’s archives of such famous figures as Zora Neale Hurston and Maya Angelou.

Entertainment & Culture14 August 2018
The Musician Making Love Songs for London Club Kids

Tirzah Mastin talks about her open-ended process, motherhood and studying the harp.

Entertainment & Culture / 1 August 2018

Four Young, Rising Alternative Rock Bands To Watch — In Singapore

With the advent of social media and digital music streaming platforms, the nascent local alt-rock scene has experienced an uptick of talent and audiences. Here, four young bands to look out for.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture13 August 2018
13 Artists On: Immigration

We asked 13 contemporary artists — Alfredo Jaar, Raúl de Nieves and Hayv Kahraman among them — to submit works, many of them new and being published for the first time, in response to the subject of immigration.

Gourmet10 August 2018
A Cookbook of Artists’ Creative Summer Desserts

Seven baking-inclined contemporary artists share their go-to recipes for when they want to get their hands dirty in their kitchens.

Gourmet9 August 2018
At Ma Cuisine Singapore, The World Is In A Wine Glass

The technicalities of discerning the origins of a wine simply through taste and smell.

Travel7 August 2018
An Ode To Japan's Undiscovered, Aromatic Hiba Wood

Unlike the widely popularised Hinoki wood, the Japanese Hiba trees are fiercely protected by the local authorities — and has remained under the radar for years.

Entertainment & Culture30 July 2018
The Resurrection of Three Singaporean Family Businesses

From fathers to sons, these three businesses thrive under the helm of second-generation bosses.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture26 July 2018
Eleven Summer Book Covers, Reimagined by Artists

We asked artists, including Tony Cokes and Katherine Bernhardt, to create new jacket designs for their favourite vacation reads, exclusively for T.

Entertainment & Culture25 July 2018
Constance Wu Discusses “Crazy Rich Asians” and Asian Representation in Hollywood

Constance Wu insists that the way forward is to have more narratives that celebrate ethnicity — not render it irrelevant.

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