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Travel12 December 2018
Why Vacations Leave Us Unhappy

It may sound ridiculous to be upset while on vacations, but it's definitely a trap that some of us stumble into.

Gourmet, Travel10 December 2018
Uncovering Wagyu: From a Live Tajima Cow Auction to Deep Frying A5-Graded Kobe Beef

From farm to table, we go behind the scenes to discover the meticulous practices behind Kobe’s wagyu industry.

Gourmet29 November 2018
The Beginning of Singapore's Gin Industry

Gin distilleries in Singapore were unheard of until just 12 months ago. Today, the once unchartered territory offers the promise of a diversified alcohol industry stamped with the imprint of locally produced gin.

Travel27 November 2018
Breaking Down the Rising Travel Trend: Wellness Tourism

More tourists are now injecting wellness activities and diets into their travel itineraries. But what exactly does wellness tourism entail?

Gourmet27 November 2018
Where to Dine This New Year’s Eve

The Grand Hyatt Singapore serves a bricolage of holistic feasts festively tailored for the last evening of the year.

Gourmet26 November 2018
On Set | Inside A Three-Michelin Omakase

With six Michelin stars under his belt, the acclaimed Japanese chef Masaki Miyakawa dishes his Omakase secrets.

Entertainment & Culture25 November 2018
Editor's Picks: Gifts For The One Who Has It All

Find a quotidian item and update it.

Entertainment & Culture22 November 2018
Viggo Mortensen Captures Fall Flowers and a Film Festival, in Polaroids

T sent Viggo Mortensen a Polaroid camera and asked him to document his travels ahead of the release of his new film, “Green Book.”

Art & Design / 11 November 2018

A Wall Of Flowers For An Art Exhibition

Alongside Singaporean artist Yanyun Chen's exhibition of charcoal drawings, an uncanny wall of fresh flowers stands — and is left to wither and die.

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design15 November 2018
In Telok Ayer, An Arts Club Reignites The Spirit Of Community Centres

At Telok Ayer Arts Club, the fluid art-music-food-drink space explores the cultural nexus of Singapore through a refashioning of the city-state’s familiar communal model.

Art & Design12 November 2018
How an Abandoned Hotel Became a Witches’ Lair for ‘Suspiria’

Luca Guadagnino’s latest film takes place in a fictional dance academy in 1970s Berlin, constructed within the dilapidated interiors of a 1912 Italian retreat.

Travel11 November 2018
Object of Desire: The Samsonite Polygon Luggage

A roomy luggage designed for heavy packers. 

Art & Design7 November 2018
Person to Know: The Artist Who Is Selling Out Shows Just Two Years After He Started Painting

Farshad Farzankia left his day job in 2016. Now, he’s just opened his first major U.S. solo show.

Entertainment & Culture6 November 2018
Solange, The Pop Artist Of Many Identities

On the eve of her next album, the singer has hybridised her many talents — music, dance, activism, aesthetics — to inspire a new model: the polymathic pop artist.

Entertainment & Culture, Beauty / 4 November 2018

Lady Gaga & Cardi B: Are They The Beauty Icons Of Our Time?

Is the pop star finally ready to reclaim her rightful position as beauty muse? Lady Gaga and Cardi B lead a new generation of icons who are waiting in the wings.

Art & Design5 November 2018
Carrie Mae Weems Captures Her Life in 10 Unconventional ‘Polaroids’

When T sent the artist a Polaroid camera and asked her to send back photos, she took a characteristically unexpected approach.

Entertainment & Culture1 November 2018
Joan Chen, The Novelists' Film Director

At the peak of her acting career, Chinese-American actress Joan Chen was the highest-grossing Asian in Hollywood. Her life has since transitioned from one phase to another, and along the way, assigned Chen diverse roles beyond the silver screen.

Gourmet31 October 2018
The Husband & Wife Duo That Built TWG Tea

Over 10 years ago, Taha Bouqdib and Maranda Barnes left Paris for Singapore to build a global brand out of a humble tea leaf.

Travel, Entertainment & Culture, Trending30 October 2018
The Best Moments from T Dialogues 2018

Here, the best highlights from our recent T Dialogues.

Entertainment & Culture, Travel, Trending, T | On Set30 October 2018
Watch: T Dialogues 2018

This October, we celebrate the first year of T: The New York Times Style Magazine Singapore with T Dialogues, a series of panel discussions with industry thought leaders to highlight the luxury market's key themes, trends and current practices.

Art & Design / 22 October 2018

From Bahrain to Singapore: Taking Art Across Borders

An unexpected burgeoning force in the international art scene, Bahraini artists take to Singapore for the first time.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture28 October 2018
In London, a Temple Where You Can Worship at the Altar of Oscar Wilde

The artists Peter McGough and David McDermott have built a shrine to the playwright and poet that will also host events held by the L.G.B.T. community.

Entertainment & Culture25 October 2018
“Shirkers” — A Stolen Movie Filmed 26 Years Ago Finally Screens On Netflix

As the Sundance-winning “Shirkers” makes its debut on Netflix, we speak to its director Sandi Tan and one of its stars Jasmine Ng, on the making of this film and its eventual screening, almost three decades later.

Entertainment & Culture21 October 2018
Frogs Are Disappearing. What Does That Mean?

For ages, they have been symbols in human culture — of fertility, gastronomy and now the alt-right movement. But these noble amphibians are declining in numbers.

Art & Design18 October 2018
Rethinking and Remaking Pottery

Pottery — the act of turning earth into clay and transforming its properties with fire — is one of humankind’s earliest inventions. We look into the craft and how it’s being adapted for the 21st century.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set17 October 2018
On Set | George R. R. Martin on Trump, Climate Change and More

The writer of “A Game of Thrones” fields questions from New York Times staffer superfine.

Art & Design15 October 2018
Can Poland’s Faded Brutalist Architecture Be Redeemed?

Brutalism took root the world over following World War II, but few countries have as complicated a relationship with the aesthetic as Poland. Now, though, the country’s structures — long derided as relics of an oppressive regime — are being given a second look, and a new life.

Gourmet15 October 2018
What To Do With Cheese — Stellar at 1-Altitude’s Chef Christopher Millar Tells

A light and fluffy gruyere cheese soufflé for the weekend home party.

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