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Entertainment & Culture, Watches25 September 2020
The Striking Parallels Between James Marsden and His New On-Screen Role

Portraying a historic watchmaker in IWC’s new short film, “Born of a Dream,” the actor lends a window into the concealed life of Florentine Ariosto Jones.

Art & Design, Person to Know24 September 2020
The Architect Who Designs Some of Singapore’s Most Intriguing Homes

Aamer Taher, the founder of Aamer Architects, opens up on his journey into architecture design and other art forms of painting and pottery.

Art & Design24 September 2020
Art About Waiting — and What It Takes to Endure

In a time of crisis with no end in sight, durational performance, or endurance art, surfaces in our consciousness. Is this the art of our age?

Entertainment & Culture23 September 2020
The Actors With Disabilities Redefining Representation

These performers are creating a new template for the artist-as-activist, challenging their industry — and their audiences — to reconsider what inclusion really means.

Art & Design22 September 2020
The Photographer Capturing Unvarnished Truths

Heji Shin’s striking, discomfiting work poses an important question for the contemporary age: What do we expect art to do, and does the artist have a responsibility to do it?

Art & Design21 September 2020
The Mid-Century Lamps of a Singaporean Jewellery Designer

A look into the jeweller Emily Tan’s unique collection of vintage lamps.

Gourmet, Art & Design, Trending19 September 2020
T Suggests: A Fashion Designer’s Rattan Furniture, A Fermentation-Forward Feast, and Lobster Rolls

The Singaporean fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam’s first foray into furniture designing — and more.

Jewellery, Entertainment & Culture18 September 2020
Pearls Are a Boy’s Best Friend

For men, the pearl necklace represents both the unravelling and buttressing of gender norms.

Gourmet, Made in Singapore / 12 September 2020

A Day Inside a Handmade Mooncake Factory in Singapore

Right before a pandemic-ridden Mid-Autumn Festival, T spends a day at the factory of Singaporean bakery Tai Chong Kok, whose mooncakes are still made by hand.

T | On Set, Gourmet17 September 2020
Cooking Class | Beth Bugdaycay’s Prized Family Vegetable Recipe

When the jewellery designer Beth Bugdaycay serves her favourite green beans, she is not only feeding her own family but paying tribute to her husband’s Turkish heritage.

Art & Design15 September 2020
A Loft That Is Part Gallery and Part Roller Rink

In Berlin, Sascha Dornhöfer and Alexandra Rothert — who are also known as the Infamous Skater Couple — live with and by their art.

Art & Design, Trending14 September 2020
A Sculptural Sofa, Rereleased for the First Time

Designed by the Italian architect Mario Bellini, the Camaleonda sofa was a hit when MoMA included it in a landmark 1972 show.

Art & Design11 September 2020
A Garden Designed to Run Wild

In East Sussex, England, Caroline Kent derives inspiration for her hand-drawn stationery from the exuberant meadow just outside her window.

Gourmet, Art & Design10 September 2020
Deconstructing Indonesian Cuisine, Through Photographs

Documenting quotidian ingredients that go into the making of staple Indonesian dishes, a photographer and a home cook capture the cuisine in a poignant light.

The Pioneers, Art & Design, Trending / 15 August 2020

In Singapore, the Pioneers of Art

In this age of instantaneousness, new artists come as quickly as they go. But it’s perhaps the ones who have chosen to stay their course for decades, even when the spotlight is no longer on them, who have truly finished their work.

Entertainment & Culture, Watches8 September 2020
Maisie Williams on TikTok, Saving Dolphins and Coming Into Her Own

As a child, Maisie Williams grew up on television sets and in the public eye. Now we witness the actor transition into the next chapter of her life story — both onscreen and off.

Art & Design8 September 2020
Inside the Futuristic Apple Store at Marina Bay Sands

In Singapore, Apple’s first ever “floating” store at Marina Bay Sands is an architectural marvel that offers unobstructed views of the surrounding bay area.

Gourmet, Trending5 September 2020
Treasured Recipes From Some of Italy’s Fashion Families

As we continue to eat mostly at home, these storied designers — from Angela Missoni to Brunello Cucinelli — offer some late-summer culinary inspiration.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture4 September 2020
On Set | Lili Reinhart on Life After “Riverdale”

On the set of T Singapore’s September issue cover shoot in Malibu, the “Riverdale” actress Lili Reinhart talks about trying to live life unfiltered, not taking herself too seriously and her budding relationship with fashion.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture3 September 2020
Lili Reinhart Is Going Beyond the Screen

After “Riverdale”, Lili Reinhart has emerged not just as an actor of formidable talent — but also as an outspoken voice of her generation. For the cover story of T’s September issue, she talks of what’s to come.

Gourmet, T at Home / 18 April 2020

What to do With Instant Noodles — 4 Singaporean Chefs Share Their Recipes

In their home kitchens, Singaporean restaurateur Bjorn Shen and his team of chefs at Artichoke experiment with the quotidian ingredient of quarantine cuisine: instant noodles.

Trending, Gourmet2 September 2020
For Simone and Max Rocha, Family Has Always Been a Source of Inspiration

Though they work in different fields — she in fashion, he in food — the siblings share a passion for craft and collaboration.

Trending, Art & Design2 September 2020
A Closer Look at Riccardo Tisci’s Costumes for Marina Abramovic

“Riccardo had to make all the costumes because we are love, he is fashion and I am art,” says the artist Marina Abramovic of her collaboration with Burberry for, ‘7 Deaths of Maria Callas,’ her latest performance.

Art & Design, Trending1 September 2020
In Singapore, the Makers of Alternative Face Masks

These Singaporean designers are crafting face masks that break away from the norm.

Watches, Art & Design1 September 2020
An Artist Who Builds Mechanical Lamps in a Cavernous Workshop

From within a workshop that was once ravaged during World War II, the designer Frank Buchwald builds mechanical creatures that light up and tell the time.

Gourmet31 August 2020
The Acclaimed Soba Maker Who Champions Home Cooking

Working out of her 1920s Spanish-style kitchen, Sonoko Sakai pays homage to Japanese culinary traditions through recipes, food activism and intimate classes.

Entertainment & Culture28 August 2020
How to Put On a Hungry Ghost Festival Getai Show During a Pandemic

No live audience? No problem. The show must go on.

T at Home, T | How To, Entertainment & Culture27 August 2020
How To | Start a Compost Bin at Home

The nutritionist and sustainability advocate Charlotte Mei shows how she composts food waste from the kitchen using the bokashi method.

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