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Trending, Art & Design1 December 2020
A Fashion Presentation That Doubles As a Video Game

Balenciaga is launching a playable video game to remotely showcase its latest ’21 fashion collection? Groundbreaking.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness1 December 2020
Halima Aden Chooses Faith Over Fashion

The well-known model shared via Instagram that she’s taking a break to set some boundaries in the industry.

Entertainment & Culture30 November 2020
The Rich Kids Who Want to Tear Down Capitalism

Socialist-minded millennial heirs are trying to live their values by getting rid of their money.

Wellness, How to Live Better27 November 2020
Revisiting an Ancient Theory of Herbalism

In our own era of mysterious diseases, the supposition that some plants might cure the human organs they most resemble is surfacing once more.

Art & Design, Gourmet, Made in Singapore26 November 2020
A Singaporean Photographer Who Reimagines Singaporean Cuisine

In “For Here or Takeaway,” the Singaporean photographer Brian Bong presents hawker favourites as you’ve never seen it before.

How to Live Better, Wellness24 November 2020
Once the Disease of Gluttonous Aristocrats, Gout Is Now Tormenting the Masses

It can be tempting to ascribe the affliction’s prevalence to our current climate of indulgence, but that’s not the full story.

Entertainment & Culture23 November 2020
Oxford’s 2020 Word of the Year? Well, It’s Unprecedented

Instead of crowning a single word as the winner, Oxford Languages looks at the pandemic’s swift and widespread impact on the English language.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending20 November 2020
Why Do We Care So Much About Diana’s Dresses?

“The Crown,” Season 4, has raised the question again. The answer may not be what you expect.

Gourmet, Art & Design, Trending / 19 September 2020

T Suggests: A Fashion Designer’s Rattan Furniture, A Fermentation-Forward Feast, and Lobster Rolls

The Singaporean fashion designer Priscilla Shunmugam’s first foray into furniture designing — and more.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending19 November 2020
A Film Anthology Filled with The Peculiar and The Heartening

Gucci launches its own film series answering precious and crucial questions whilst unveiling the looks from the label’s latest “Ouverture of Something that Never Ended” collection.

Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet18 November 2020
The Fashion Photographer Who Traded Film for Flour

Six years ago, Norman Jean Roy walked away from his career behind the camera. These days, he’s baking bread.

Entertainment & Culture16 November 2020
How Do You Know When Society Is About to Fall Apart?

Meet the scholars who study civilisational collapse.

Art & Design16 November 2020
A Skincare Brand’s First Line of Candles Inspired by the Stars

The ancient inspiration behind Aesop’s first ever candle collection.

Trending, Wellness, Entertainment & Culture13 November 2020
The Year of Blur

How isolation, monotony and chronic stress are destroying our sense of time.

Gourmet, Trending / 5 September 2020

Treasured Recipes From Some of Italy’s Fashion Families

As we continue to eat mostly at home, these storied designers — from Angela Missoni to Brunello Cucinelli — offer some late-summer culinary inspiration.

Art & Design12 November 2020
The Artist and Musician Conjuring a World of Queer Fantasy

A lifelong fan of zines and riot grrrl music, Seth Bogart makes work that pays tribute to the secret histories that formed him.

Art & Design11 November 2020
NASA’s Rare Glimpses of Space Now Up for Auction

From the first selfie taken in outer space to the photographic documentation of space travel as it happened, mankind’s historical moments can now breathe new life in living spaces.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture10 November 2020
A Colourful Homecoming for a Milanese Designer

After living around the world, Nicolò Castellini Baldissera has returned to the city in which his family — and his heart — has always resided.

Gourmet, Beauty, Art & Design7 November 2020
T Suggests: An Industrial Shophouse, a Taste of New York in Singapore, and a Chic Youthful Fragrance

In Singapore, Figment adds the Alexandra House to its assemblage of boutique co-living shophouses with a modern redesign — and more.

The Greats 2020, Entertainment & Culture, Trending4 November 2020
The Greats 2020

In T Singapore’s The Greats 2020 issue, we commemorate five impactful individuals that have left their indelible footprint in their respective fields on our shores and beyond.

The Pioneers, Art & Design, Trending / 15 August 2020

In Singapore, the Pioneers of Art

In this age of instantaneousness, new artists come as quickly as they go. But it’s perhaps the ones who have chosen to stay their course for decades, even when the spotlight is no longer on them, who have truly finished their work.

T | On Set, The Greats 2020, Entertainment & Culture4 November 2020
On Set | Kumar on Growing Up, Performing and Avoiding Social Media

Beyond the bright lights of the stage, the comedian Kumar is introspective when it comes to discussing a childhood made difficult by his feeling different, bullying, as well as a tense home situation.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, The Greats 20203 November 2020
Tell T a Joke | Kumar

The multifaceted stand-up comedian, drag queen and all-round performer Kumar tells a timely joke featuring his signature provocative jab at world events.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, The Greats 20203 November 2020
Behind the Scenes | Tanya Chua

On set at T Singapore’s “The Greats” November cover shoot, the Singaporean singer-songwriter Tanya Chua takes on power dressing in the season’s most elegant tailoring.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, The Greats 20203 November 2020
On Set | Tanya Chua on Her Evolution, Music and Success

The iconic Singaporean singer Tanya Chua reflects on her changing journey as a musician.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, The Greats 20202 November 2020
On Set | Neelofa on Fame, Identity and Modest Fashion

The Malaysian television personality and entrepreneur opens up about her evolving relationship with the hijab.

T | On Set, The Greats 20202 November 2020
Behind the Scenes | Neelofa

On set at T Singapore’s “The Greats” November cover shoot, the polymathic cultural icon Neelofa's innate grandeur, in full bloom.

Trending, The Greats 202031 October 2020
Tanya Chua Is Reclaiming Her Personal Identity

It has taken rejection and a leap of faith into a new city for the Singaporean singer Tanya Chua to be comfortable with her own success. Today, she is taking her unadulterated identity to new heights.

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