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Entertainment & Culture15 November 2019
One Photographer’s Exploration of the Paranormal

Shannon Taggart spent nearly two decades capturing the rituals of Spiritualism, a movement founded on attempts to communicate with the dead, for her new book, “Séance.”

Art & Design, Trending15 November 2019
At an Hermès Workshop, Waste Gets a New Lease of Life

A crop of artisans and artists breathe a renewed lease of life into discarded materials at Hermès’s petit h workshop.

Travel14 November 2019
Where to Stay, and Where to Eat Noodle Soup, in Ho Chi Minh City

A guide to the shopping malls and street food of Vietnam’s largest, most exhilarating, metropolis.

Gourmet13 November 2019
People to Know: The Chefs Growing Vegetables for Paris’s Best Restaurants

As they prepare to open their own ambitious farm-to-table project, James Henry and Shaun Kelly have discovered a sideline as sought-after producers.

Travel, Entertainment & Culture13 November 2019
Why the Queer Traveller Is a Lucrative Force to Be Reckoned With

Estimated to be worth over a trillion dollars globally, the strengthening pink dollar has become a point of interest for the hospitality industry that is finding new ways to pursue this particular group of customers. 

Art & Design11 November 2019
The Honest Beauty of Wild Grasses

They once covered plains in great swathes. Now, humble grasses are returning as focal points in free-spirited bouquets.

Art & Design8 November 2019
A Cave for Living, Built From a Traditional Spanish Toolshed

A pair of architects transforms the traditional toolsheds of Mallorca’s olive farms into radically minimalist residential caves.

Gourmet7 November 2019
How to Decorate a Dinner Table Like a Professional

Six ideas for creating imaginative tablescapes from interior designers, florists, artists and more.

Entertainment & Culture / 28 October 2019

JJ Lin Is Saying More With Less

No more experimenting with sound, keeping emotional secrets, or living life around other people’s expectations. JJ Lin isn’t hiding from himself anymore.

Art & Design, Travel4 November 2019
In Hong Kong, a Private Social Club That’s a Home Away From Home

Located in the heart of Hong Kong’s central business district, the new private club SOHO House Hong Kong — the first in East Asia — takes its members into a space influenced by the city’s rich film and art history.

Art & Design31 October 2019
T Suggests: Small-Batch Rugs, Personalised Faucets and Virgil Abloh’s Disruptive Furniture

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set31 October 2019
On Set | Adrian Cheng

The jewellery and real estate scion discusses the paradigm shift that underpins K11 Musea, the colossal mega-mall that’s dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Culture”.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture, Trending30 October 2019
The Greats

In T Singapore’s 2019 Greats issue, we celebrate six talents who have worked their way up to the upper echelons of their respective fields — and have simply inspired or incited change in the world at large.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set30 October 2019
On Set | JJ Lin

JJ Lin, who many consider as Singapore’s most successful male music export, sits back and reflects on his rocky climb up to prominence.

Gourmet, Art & Design / 2 October 2019

T Suggests: An Evolving Black-and-White Dinner, Beer Made of Leftovers and Watches as Art Pieces

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design29 October 2019
Adrian Cheng Is Breaking the Mould of Retail as You Know It

This next generation business leader wants to reshape the cultural landscape of cities on the Eastern end of the world through a network of art and retail mega complexes.

Entertainment & Culture29 October 2019
The World Record Egg Is Turning Its Spotlight on Mental Health

The story of how an unassuming egg named Eugene created a world record on Instagram, became one of the biggest social media stars of 2019 and taught us all a lesson in making the most of a viral moment.

Beauty, Travel, Wellness24 October 2019
How to Cure Post-Travel Woes

The therapeutical ways of battling jet lag, tired skin and even insomnia.

Art & Design23 October 2019
A Look Inside the Homes of Dries Van Noten, Rick Owens and More

The photographer François Halard’s new book documents the private spaces of some of the world’s most influential creative forces.

Beauty, Art & Design21 October 2019
A Father-and-Daughter Photography Duo Captures the Essence of Summer in Black and White

Celebrated photographer Mario Sorrenti and his daughter, up-and-coming photographer Gray Sorrenti, on their “Edge of the Sea” collaboration with La Mer.

Entertainment & Culture / 22 July 2019

In the Post-#MeToo Era, Can Porn Lead the Charge for Feminism?

Pornography has a new look: It’s cinematic, diverse and directed by visionary women.

T Home18 October 2019
The Nature-Infused Study Room of an Interior Design Team

Through an imagined bohemian-styled study room, Singapore-based designers Authors Interior & Styling brought nature indoors and alleviated the sterile ocular implications of modernistic architecture.

Art & Design, Travel16 October 2019
In Berlin, a Creative Paradise That’s Easiest to Reach by Boat

Along the Spree River, artists are reviving sprawling industrial buildings in which to let their imaginations run wild.

Art & Design16 October 2019
Person to Know: An Artist Who Pushes the Borders of His Studio Into the Streets

Robin Rhode uses city walls as his canvas, challenging the idea of creation as a solitary, private act.

Gourmet14 October 2019
Person to Know: The Female Chef Behind the Secret Weekly Omakase Dinner at Sushi Kimura

Every Monday at Ichigo Ichie, Japanese chef Akane Eno takes over the Michelin-starred Sushi Kimura and creates a unique kaiseki experience with soulful, traditional Japanese dishes.

Art & Design10 October 2019
Is Singapore’s Corporate Culture Heading Towards the Blurring of Lines Between Work and Life?

Amid the burnout of Singaporean workers, the fast-expanding co-working movement is transforming the workplace. 

Travel8 October 2019
Wanderlust: A House in the Woods of a Japanese Mountain Town

Nestled amidst the lush greenery of the mountain town Karuizawa, the Shishi-iwa House redefines hospitality with novel architecture matched with an equally revolutionary ethos.

Art & Design7 October 2019
Jell-O as the Resistance Art of Queer and Female Creatives

After decades of being associated with retrograde ideas of American femininity, Jell-O becomes its own artistic medium.

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