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Travel, Art & Design, T | On Set20 August 2019
On Set | Urban Mobility

Set against the architecture of Shanghai and Singapore, a consideration of the Montblanc x Pirelli #MY4810 cabin trolley’s modern appeal with T’s editor-in-chief Jumius Wong and creative director Jack Wang.

Jewellery, Art & Design20 August 2019
The Designer Bringing Whimsy, and Magic Mushrooms, to Fine Jewellery

Combining psychedelic motifs with precious stones, Brent Neale Winston is redefining the limits of her craft.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture19 August 2019
On Set | Arthur Jafa

The multimedia artist discusses a video that he found on YouTube — a 1992 gospel performance by the Thomas Whitfield Company.

Art & Design, Watches19 August 2019
The Antique Clocks of a Vintage Store in Singapore

“I came across these beautiful clocks and pocket watches while sourcing for jewellery stock for my store. I love them as they remind me of a simpler time,” says Brenda Kang, the owner of Revival Vintage Jewels & Objects.

Art & Design16 August 2019
Person to Know: A Sculptor Who Makes Ceramics Inspired by Volcanoes

The vibrant encrusted surfaces of the artist Brian Rochefort’s ceramic vessels evoke Technicolor eruptions.

T Home16 August 2019
The Monochromatic Living Room of a Digital Illusionist

Step into the imaginary dream house of Ezequiel Pini, the digital artist behind Barcelona-based design studio, Six N. Five.

Art & Design, Trending15 August 2019
Brand to Know: The New York Furniture Studio That’s Become a Fashion World Favourite

Aaron Aujla and Ben Bloomstein of Green River Project draw on their backgrounds as artists to create conceptual handcrafted furniture.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set15 August 2019
Made in Singapore | Things People Send to the Underworld

In Singapore, the 21st-century’s obsession with materialistic wealth and modern-day creations take form in paper effigies that are made to be burned for the deceased.

Entertainment & Culture / 22 July 2019

In the Post-#MeToo Era, Can Porn Lead the Charge for Feminism?

Pornography has a new look: It’s cinematic, diverse and directed by visionary women.

T | On Set, Art & Design12 August 2019
On Set | Theresa Chromati

The artist makes liberal use of glitter while creating a new work in under an hour using a few select items.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set9 August 2019
On Set | Cirque du Soleil: Kurios

What happens just before show time at Cirque du Soleil's touring show Kurios.

Gourmet8 August 2019
How to Pair Your Wine (and Sake) With Food

Matching wine and food that complements each other is simpler than it sounds — a wine connoisseur tells.

Gourmet7 August 2019
An Uprising of Edible Foam

Why foam, derided in the last decade by chefs and diners alike, is ascendant once more.

Travel6 August 2019
Wanderlust: Seeking Out the Midnight Sun in the Arctic Circle

Hermès dreamt up a day with no end, where everything felt like a dream — except that our eyes were wide open, and our minds, alert.

Gourmet / 17 July 2019

What to do With Cashews — a Cooling Noodle Dessert

A Singaporean pastry chef transforms the tree nuts into smooth strands of noodles, soaked in a chilled, fruity broth.

Entertainment & Culture5 August 2019
What Is a Super SUV?

What really puts the “super” in the context is the seamless marriage of functionality typical of an SUV with Lamborghini’s soul of a super sports car.

Art & Design1 August 2019
In Art, Boys and Their Robotic Toys

The intermingling of men and robotic technology in the artistic realm paves the path ahead for the future of art.

Gourmet, Watches, Art & Design31 July 2019
T Suggests: A Restaurant Serving “Ugly” Food, a Historian’s Fashion Collection and an Hermès Fish on a Watch

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Art & Design, Trending30 July 2019
Person to Know: An Artist Who Invented Her Own Twin

Fumiko Imano is the Japanese self-portraitist who duplicates herself for Loewe’s bizarre fashion spreads.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture29 July 2019
Lee Dong Wook Is the Portrait of a Gentleman

Korean actor Lee Dong Wook is every bit the dreamboat you see on the screen.

Gourmet / 10 July 2019

Chef Anne-Sophie Pic Embraces Unabashed Femininity in the Kitchen

“I was ashamed to be a woman. I worked hard to be respected by men,” says Anne-Sophie Pic. The legendary grande dame of French cuisine now argues that the female perspective is needed in the food industry more than ever.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture29 July 2019
On Set | Lee Dong Wook on the Charms of the K-Wave

The Korean actor talks of possibly taking a role in another language and recommends a makeup product for men.

Travel29 July 2019
Wanderlust: East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia — a Case for Conscious Travelling

In Pahang and Terengganu, two secluded resorts show the poignant impact travellers can have on both the destination’s surrounding environment and communities.

Art & Design25 July 2019
Person to Know: A Designer Who Turns Simple Paper Shapes Into Kaleidoscopic Textiles

Working out of her Zurich studio, Sonnhild Kestler makes clothing and objects inspired by travel, folklore and even her own history.

Art & Design24 July 2019
Meet the Three Creatives Shaping Singapore’s Visual Aesthetic

In a rapidly changing visual landscape, three creatives push the frontier in their respective industries.

Art & Design24 July 2019
What Happens When Site-Specific Art Outlasts Its Surroundings?

Architecture can be declared a landmark, but all too often the fate of artwork that has been made for a particular environment remains uncertain.

Art & Design, T | House Tour18 July 2019
House Tour | Cary Leibowitz and Simon Lince

The artist and creative director invite T into their eclectic farmhouse, Linceowitz, in Ghent, New York.

Entertainment & Culture17 July 2019
How a Supercar Takes a Writer on a Journey of Discovery

Cruising the sculptured trails of New Zealand in the Porsche 911 proves the supercar is a work of art in its own right. 

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