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Art & Design27 March 2020
A New Reimagining of Singapore Shophouses

In Singapore, three design collectives redesigned the interiors of three conserved shophouses — and in that process, stretched the boundaries of what these time-hallowed buildings could be.

Art & Design26 March 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Whose Buddhist and Painting Practices Converge

Leidy Churchman’s latest show encourages a focused, joyful kind of looking that feels deliberately at odds with our increasingly distracted world.

T | House Tour, Art & Design26 March 2020
House Tour | Adam Wallacavage

The artist, best known for his handmade octopus chandeliers, shows off his Victorian Gothic brownstone in South Philadelphia.

Gourmet, Wellness25 March 2020
The Yam Soup That Keeps a Fashion Designer Energised

A proponent of intermittent fasting, Norma Kamali relies on a simple herbal drink and bright yam soup to stay balanced.

Art & Design24 March 2020
10 Binge-Worthy Art Podcasts in the Age of Coronavirus

Plugging into the art-world conversation while museums and galleries are closed.

Art & Design24 March 2020
The Designer Making Surprisingly Humanoid Sculptural Ceramics

Jeremy Anderson, the co-founder of the modernist lighting studio Apparatus, is moulding a space for himself with a collection of porcelain and stoneware vessels.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness, Gourmet21 March 2020
T’s Guide to Staying at Home, and Making the Best of It

Hunkering down in isolation? Keep the stress at bay with a delicious meal, some self-care and a riveting read.

Art & Design19 March 2020
An Architect’s Holiday House That’s Part Refuge, Part Shrine

For his vacation home in Portugal, the Belgian architect Vincent Van Duysen has conceived of a sand-coloured, bunkerlike home that blends seamlessly into its surroundings.

Wellness, Travel / 12 March 2020

How to Disinfect Your Space on an Airplane

Here are some tips for cleaning your area of a plane and keeping healthy on a flight.

Gourmet18 March 2020
A Chicken Biryani Recipe That Brings People Together

For the writer Aatish Taseer, a childhood staple has taken on new resonance in light of Delhi’s citizenship protests.

Art & Design16 March 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Whose Muse Is Loneliness

Haegue Yang seeks isolation and then mines the accompanying confusion to reflect on the nature of belonging.

Travel13 March 2020
In the English Countryside, a Master Gardener’s Meadow Blooms

For a decade, Dan Pearson has been creating a landscape that’s a testament to both his singular eye and Britain’s natural beauty.

Gourmet, Trending11 March 2020
Banquets Are Back in Fashion. But Where Does All the Food Go?

Extravagant tableaus of fruits and flowers have become popular centrepieces for runway shows and photo shoots — and call for a new kind of responsible clean up.

Art & Design10 March 2020
What Would a World Without Prisons Look Like?

The architect Deanna Van Buren designs civic spaces that are healing alternatives to correctional facilities.

Entertainment & Culture / 25 February 2020

Why Tales of Female Trios Are Newly Relevant

In literature and pop culture, women often come in threes, deriving power from solidarity even as they work to forge their own paths.

Art & Design9 March 2020
How Floral Arrangements Began to Take Over the Table — and the Entire Room

In recent years, once-tidy bouquets have become boundless, their diverse tangles of blooms, branches and weeds looking ever more like art installations.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set8 March 2020
A Poem for International Women’s Day, Read by Vanessa Williams

As part of our series “Read T a Poem,” the actress performs a work by Maya Angelou.

Gourmet4 March 2020
How to Build a Pretty Macrobiotic Meal Like a Jewellery Designer

Anna Sheffield has been eating dragon bowls since she was a teenager, but her latest version relies on an array of bright, fresh vegetables.

Trending, Art & Design3 March 2020
A Revival in the Tradition of Mask-Making

The ancient accessories are being embraced by a new creative generation.

Beauty, Gourmet, Trending2 March 2020
T Suggests: A Sustainable Cantonese Restaurant, a Photographer’s Tribute to Yohji Yamamoto and Hermès Lipsticks

In Singapore, a decadent yet sustainable Chinese-Cantonese restaurant — and more.

Gourmet, T | How To / 3 February 2020

How To | Make a Pizza-Banh Mi

Bjorn Shen — chef and owner of Small’s, a new four-seat pizza omakase in Rochor — shows how he makes his signature pizza-banh mi hybrid.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet1 March 2020
On Set | The Making of a Lobster Tower

The food stylist Young Gun Lee creates a three-foot-tall edible sculpture from Norwegian langoustines.

Gourmet, Trending27 February 2020
When Did Gluttony Become So Glamorous?

Over-the-top banquets have long been viewed as harbingers of impending doom. Their recent resurgence on the fashion circuit feels like a cheeky comment on the times.

Art & Design, T | House Tour21 February 2020
House Tour | Jonathan Saunders

The Scottish designer and his rescue dog, Basil, take T on tour of his Williamsburg, Brooklyn, apartment.

Gourmet20 February 2020
The Rise of Palestinian Food

Cookbook authors and chefs are arguing for their place at the table — to chronicle recipes, safeguard ingredients and assert a sense of humanity.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, Trending18 February 2020
On Set | Carol Lim & Humberto Leon Draw Their Favourite Childhood Dishes

The founders of Opening Ceremony get nostalgic about their Asian-American upbringing and sketch their favourite childhood food.

Wellness, Entertainment & Culture17 February 2020
In Singapore, Tarot Cards See a Renaissance as Unorthodox “Therapy”

Rife with mystery, the enigmatic tarot deck still sees relevance today albeit commonly used as a divination instrument that promotes self-care and spiritual healing.

Art & Design17 February 2020
Person to Know: An Artist Who Collaborates With Her 11-Year-Old Daughter

Susan Cianciolo’s intuitive, craft-oriented practice has encompassed everything from handmade clothing to an alternative currency.

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