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T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture12 April 2019
On Set | Terrence McNally

The playwright and his collaborators, including Nathan Lane and Vanessa Williams, reflect on his early works and artistic legacy.

Entertainment & Culture28 March 2019
It’s Delightful, It’s Delicious, It’s DeVito

Could playing the ringmaster in the new “Dumbo” be an allegory for our political circus?

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture24 March 2019
Person to Know: An Actor Who Makes Chairs

An exploration into the projects creative people pursue in their off hours. Presenting: Gbenga Akinnagbe.

Entertainment & Culture20 March 2019
The New 30-Something Is Financially Unindependent

Have you or haven’t you cut the financial cord with your family?

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture19 March 2019
In Conversation: Ai Weiwei & Frank Gehry

The Chinese artist and Canadian-born American architect talk about the economy of galleries, redesigning a new kind of Lego, and spending a night in jail, for marijuana.

Entertainment & Culture18 March 2019
Getting Your Aura Photographed Is the New Age Selfie

Is there more to aura reading beyond being another pretty photograph to post on Instagram?

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design18 March 2019
How to Raise a Child Without Imposing Gender

More parents are stripping nurseries of all gender cues, to create spaces where children can develop their own identities.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending12 March 2019
T Suggests: A Karl Lagerfeld Podcast, a Nostalgia-Infused Bar and an Anti-Fashion Workwear Label

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Entertainment & Culture5 March 2019
Why Gossip Can be Good for You

Often vilified an idle activity at best, or a dangerous pastime at worst, here’s why we should be re-examining the benefits of gossip in the age of new media.

Entertainment & Culture28 February 2019
Meet Timmy Xu, China’s Breakout Multi-Hyphenate

Within a mere three years of breaking into the Chinese entertainment industry, multi-hyphenate singer, actor and model Timmy Xu’s career rings poignant to an entire nation in bridging the unsaid divide between the East and the West.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending27 February 2019
Kiko Mizuhara — The Japanese Model On Being True To Herself

No one can really catch up with Tokyo’s model and Instagram icon Kiko Mizuhara’s whirlwind of activities. And there’s no stopping her right now.

Entertainment & Culture26 February 2019
Inside the Governors Ball, the Official Oscars After-Party

Rami Malek, Lady Gaga, Regina King, Alfonso Cuarón and other winners get their trophies engraved.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture25 February 2019
On Set | The Queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race

We go behind the curtains at the Werq the World tour in Singapore and speak to Violet Chachki, Detox, Asia O’Hara and Kameron Michaels before they hit the stage.

Entertainment & Culture21 February 2019
Life Without Plastic Is Possible — It’s Just Very Hard

Going plastic free starts with cloth bags and straws. Suddenly, you’re … making your own toothpaste?

Entertainment & Culture20 February 2019
In Conversation: Seth Meyers

On the fifth anniversary of his show, the era’s defining late-night television host on political comedy, liars and the enduring appeal of authors.

Entertainment & Culture7 February 2019
Is The ‘Gentleman’ Due For An Overhaul?

As society has progressed far beyond the traditional values pegged to chivalry, the gentleman is long due for an overhaul.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture1 February 2019
A Group of Gay Male Ballet Dancers Redefining Masculinity

A new generation of dancers are collapsing the boundaries between queerness and maleness in ballet.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture29 January 2019
T Suggests: Menswear for the Great Outdoors, All-Black Watches and a Fluid Record Store

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

Entertainment & Culture29 January 2019
Presley Gerber On Following In His Mother, Cindy Crawford's Modelling Footsteps

Stepping away from the coat tails of his supermodel mother, Presley Gerber is poised to carve a name for himself.

Entertainment & Culture16 January 2019
George R. R. Martin, Fantasy’s Reigning King

The author of “A Game of Thrones” has expanded the realms of genre fiction and prestige television — and forever changed how we engage with an imagined universe.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set15 January 2019
On Set | Lucy Liu

The seasoned Hollywood actress — and artist — on her debuting museum exhibition in Singapore, ‘Unhomed Belongings’.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set13 January 2019
On Set | Charlie Carver

The actor reads "Boy in Stolen Evening Gown" by Saeed Jones.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness9 January 2019
It’s Time To Look At Your New Year’s Resolutions Differently

Are we blindly writing New Year’s resolutions and haphazardly trying to fulfil them? Andrew Stead, a life coach weighs in.

Entertainment & Culture1 January 2019
Visiting Singapore's First Witchcraft Store, Spellbound

The centuries-old practice of witchcrafting is often dismissed as existing only within the fictitious realm of pop culture and folklore. Yet, it may be closer to reality than one may expect.

Entertainment & Culture24 December 2018
Hailee Steinfeld — The 22-Year-Old With an Oscar & Golden Globe Nomination

At just 22 years of age, actress and singer Hailee Steinfeld counts more than a decade of experience in show business, coupled with laurels that far surpass her age.

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