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Entertainment & Culture26 January 2021
The Writer Who Challenges the Notion that ‘Asian Novels’ Are a Monolith

Indonesian writer Erni Aladjai explains why Southeast Asian literature shouldn’t be reduced to common tropes and themes.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design25 January 2021
T Suggests: An Islandwide Celebration of the Arts, a Café that Combines Magic and Brunch, and a Fashion Collection that Features Doraemon

Returning for its 9th edition, the Singapore Art Week features a slew of exhibitions both virtual and physical.

Entertainment & Culture25 January 2021
At the Inauguration, Amanda Gorman Wove History and the Future Into a Stirring Melody

How the poet Amanda Gorman's words touched listeners at the inauguration.

Entertainment & Culture21 January 2021
The Inauguration Kept Crowds Out and Tried to Bring America In

At President Biden’s made-for-TV swearing-in, rituals of normalcy ran into reminders that these are anything but normal times.

Entertainment & Culture20 January 2021
In ‘Lupin,’ Omar Sy Puts a New Twist on a Classic French Tale

In the international hit from Netflix, the actor plays a modern gentleman thief, inspired by the charming rapscallion Arsène Lupin.

Entertainment & Culture18 January 2021
Pixar’s ‘Soul’ Has a Black Hero. In Denmark, a White Actor Dubs the Voice.

The casting has fuelled a debate about structural racism and fanned anger about stereotyping and prejudice in European-language voice-overs, even when films have main characters of colour.

Entertainment & Culture16 January 2021
The Grit and Glory of Dolly Parton

More than 50 years into her legendary career, she’s still capturing America’s particular mythology — its dreams and its disappointments — like no other.

Entertainment & Culture12 January 2021
‘Bridgerton’ Takes On Race. But Its Core Is Escapism.

The Netflix hit departs from the homogeneous casting of most period drama, imagining a 19th-century Britain with Black royalty and aristocrats.

Person to Know, Entertainment & Culture7 January 2021
Barbra Streisand Is, as Ever, Firmly in Control

Since her breakout in the 1960s as a girl from Brooklyn, Barbra Streisand has remained singularly influential not by chasing trends but by knowing from the beginning that the only way to change the world around her was by convincing people to listen.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending4 January 2021
Liu Shishi Makes Hard Work Look Easy

For the Chinese actress Liu Shishi, acting is a career that requires a lot of discipline, even though she makes it look easy.

Entertainment & Culture2 January 2021
How Pop Music Fandom Hit an Illogical Extreme

On social media this year, the stan was ascendant, fuelling commercial competition, trolling and other arcane battles. How did we get here?

Entertainment & Culture31 December 2020
The Man Shaking Up The Business Behind Hit Songs

The longtime record executive Merck Mercuriadis is changing the game of the music publishing business.

Entertainment & Culture23 December 2020
T Picks: Last Minute Holiday Gifts That Feel Thoroughly Thought Through

Forgot to grab a present for someone? Keep the revelry going with this handy list of last minute gifts.

Entertainment & Culture22 December 2020
The 158-Year-Old Orient Express Docks in Singapore For an Exclusive Exhibition

In the exhibition “Once Upon a Time on The Orient Express,” the legendary locomotive lands in Singapore for guests to immerse in its splendour and storied archives.

Watches, Person to Know, Entertainment & Culture22 December 2020
Jon Chua and Amanda Chaang Reflect on the Gift of Time

The celebrity couple talk about how small moments in time played defining roles in the course of their relationship.

Entertainment & Culture11 December 2020
The Long and Tortured History of Cancel Culture

The public shaming of those deemed moral transgressors has been around for ages. As practiced today, though, is the custom a radical form of citizen justice or merely a handmaiden to capitalism?

Entertainment & Culture, Made in Singapore10 December 2020
A Singaporean Band on Achieving Global Fame With Bedroom-Recorded Tracks

With millions of listeners and tens of thousands of international fans, Singapore-based bedroom pop band Sobs explains why being a recognised artist today is no longer an unattainable dream.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture9 December 2020
On Set | Yung Raja on The Positive Impact of Music

Yung Raja has continued to inspire both fans and fellow artists with his irrepressible energy and infectious positivity. Despite the responsibility that artists face, Yung Raja doesn’t regard this as a burden, but rather as a privilege.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture8 December 2020
On Set | Benjamin Kheng on Navigating The Post-Pandemic Music Scene

Benjamin Kheng has chosen to see 2020 as a time for self-reflection and a chance to do music for oneself. He also finds comfort in the tight-knit musical community here, with veterans acting as mentors for the industry’s next generation.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture8 December 2020
On Set | Tabitha Nauser on The Shared Experience of Music

Tabitha Nauser recalls how she grew up enamoured by her mother’s performances on cassette tapes. And while she’s grateful for Singapore’s accessibility to the rest of the world, she believes a strong support system is needed for budding musicians.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture7 December 2020
On Set | Jasmine Sokko on The Future of Music Performances

Jasmine Sokko believes that success is often achieved when one explores beyond their comfort zones. Her carefully curated visuals alongside her addictive electronic tracks, supports her views of what she imagines the future of music performances to be.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture7 December 2020
On Set | Aisyah Aziz on Finding The Perfect Balance in Her Music

Aisyah Aziz has always thought of herself as a singer, rather than as a musician. Performing in both Malay and English, she is determined to stay true to her roots, refusing to sing in an accent just to please producers.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending4 December 2020
Yung Raja on Representing Minority Voices in Performance

The Singaporean rapper and songwriter on protecting his South Indian heritage and empowering minority youths.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending3 December 2020
Benjamin Kheng on Unwavering Principles And Noble Motivations

Eclectic talents and sprawling fanbase notwithstanding, the household name remains grounded on a simple mission to effect change for the better.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending3 December 2020
Tabitha Nauser on Owning Her Vulnerability in Songwriting

The former television host, radio jockey and theatre performer has come full circle to channel emotional honesty into her music.

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