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Entertainment & Culture25 June 2019
Andrea Bocelli’s Most Prized Possession

The singer reflects on a gift he received from Muhammad Ali, a symbol of their long friendship.

Entertainment & Culture25 June 2019
Elizabeth Banks: It’s Getting Harder to Make Money in Hollywood

The director and actress notes there are more opportunities but smaller paychecks.

Entertainment & Culture24 June 2019
8 Podcasts for the Spiritual Searcher

Even as organised religion loses adherents, many continue to seek higher meaning in their lives.

Entertainment & Culture23 June 2019
In Singapore, a Sanctuary for Exotic Wildlife Animals

The wildlife sanctuary here in Singapore may not be a paradise for flora and fauna, but it is driven by a compelling story not one would expect.

Entertainment & Culture21 June 2019
How Will the Movies (As We Know Them) Survive the Next 10 Years?

We are in midst of the biggest shift in the content business in the history of Hollywood. What will it all look like when the dust settles?

Entertainment & Culture20 June 2019
Person to Know: The Ocean Explorer and Environmentalist Who Is Continuing His Family’s Legacy

Philippe Cousteau, the grandson of Jacques Cousteau, talks about ocean conservation and his work with La Mer’s Blue Heart campaign.

Entertainment & Culture18 June 2019
A Brooklyn Drag Show Celebrates Arab Queens

At a new cabaret, queens and L.G.B.T.Q. Arabs can party freely.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture16 June 2019
On Set | ‘Waiting Room’ by Jocelyn Bioh

A play created exclusively for T Magazine, read by McKenzie Frye, Michael Oloyede, Angelina Impellizzeri and Juan Castano.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture14 June 2019
The Queen of Eating Shellfish Online

Bethany Gaskin is an American mukbang star. Eating giant crab legs for YouTube has made her a millionaire, she says.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness12 June 2019
Yoga’s Instagram Provocateur

Raised in bohemia at the Chelsea Hotel, Alex Auder now punctures the wellness world on Instagram. Can you blame her?

Entertainment & Culture6 June 2019
The Age of the Internet ‘Wife Guy’

He’s not just a husband. The wife guy married a woman, and now that is his personality — perhaps even his job.

Entertainment & Culture5 June 2019
What if Instagram Got Rid of Likes?

Social networks built on public status markers are now starting to hide them.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture28 May 2019
On Set | G.E.M.

The 27-year-old singer-songwriter, Gloria Tang, opens up on music, success, life — and sings us an a capella tune.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set28 May 2019
On Set | Behind the Scenes with G.E.M.

A behind-the-scenes glimpse into T’s cover shoot in Hong Kong with the Chinese singer-songwriter.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending27 May 2019
Meet the Real G.E.M. — “I Share the Same Frustrations as Anyone Else.”

Gloria Tang, better known as G.E.M., more than lives up to her moniker with her amazing voice and self-penned songs.

Entertainment & Culture24 May 2019
How the Deprivation of Ramadan Helps Care for the Spirit

Detox has become a broken word. Cleansing starts with confronting mortality.

Entertainment & Culture23 May 2019
A Bookstore Dedicated to Reviving a Reading Culture for Singapore Literature

The new independent Huggs-Epigram Coffee Bookshop, which proffers only local books, is fast becoming a platform for burgeoning Singaporean writers.

Entertainment & Culture17 May 2019
Olivia Wilde: Learning to Be Herself

First-time feature director Olivia Wilde is enjoying her own newfound freedom, and she is realising that her film “Booksmart” might finally be the movie that provides the filmmaking experience she’s always wanted.

Entertainment & Culture16 May 2019
Reimagining the ’70s Tehran Music Scene, One Party at a Time

Arya Ghavamian and Mani Nilchiani are reimagining the cultural moment that they never experienced firsthand — the Tehran music scene of the 1970s, which came to an abrupt end after the Iranian Revolution of 1979 replaced a Western-allied government with today’s Islamic Republic.

Entertainment & Culture14 May 2019
Person to Know: The Japanese Theatre Director Calling for a Return to Live Art Form

Tadashi Suzuki, renowned 79-year-old Japanese theatre director, argues that the interplay between the actor and the spectator can be a remedy to digitised dehumanisation.

Entertainment & Culture9 May 2019
28 Portraits of This Year’s Tony Nominees

Why they act. What they’ve learned. And what they’ll remember.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture6 May 2019
Ryan Reynolds Keeps a Bare Closet

“I tend to find something and stick with it,” the Hollywood actor said about his approach to fashion.

Entertainment & Culture6 May 2019
Tinder Just Launched Festival Mode — Here’s What It Means

The dating app has a new feature to help you find a mate in a sea of flower crowns.

Entertainment & Culture, Travel3 May 2019
How to Nail Last-Minute Packing — Chris Pratt Advises

In Hong Kong for Tumi Loft’s pop-up launch, the Hollywood actor — and self-professed last-minute packer — shared nifty tips on travelling and beating jet lag.

Entertainment & Culture, Beauty1 May 2019
Cardi B’s Tips for Making ‘Money Moves’

The rapper talked to Moj Mahdara, the CEO of Beautycon, about financial literacy and how more women in beauty can “chase the bag.”

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