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Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet23 January 2020
T’s Most Interesting Takes on Singapore’s Chinese Culture

Learn how to ferment your leftover mandarin oranges. Step into the pre-Chinese New Year bustle of Singapore’s largest fish market. Watch how a family offers their fresh take on learning the Chinese language.

Entertainment & Culture20 January 2020
A Tarot Card and Crystal Stone Reading for 2020

At the turn of the new decade, cartomancy, by means of a tarot card selection, and tumbled crystal stones coalesce to project the future for the year ahead.

Entertainment & Culture14 January 2020
How Can I Silence My Fear of Failure When Starting to Write?

“You are likely your own cruellest reader,” says one of our advice columnists.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture6 January 2020
On Set | Fan Bingbing Talks of Acting, Fashion and Life Beyond the Screen

In between T’s cover shoot, the Chinese actress talks of being a performer, gives fashion advice and shares her plans for the future.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture2 January 2020
Fan Bingbing Is the Star of Our Fashion Fantasy

In T’s January 2020 cover feature, Chinese actress Fan Bingbing’s glamorous aura and compelling presence come to life in a fashion fantasy. 

Entertainment & Culture1 January 2020
How Do I Find Meaning and Beauty in My Life?

“Your way of seeing things, including yourself, seems not wholly true or right or your own, and is in dire need of a refresh,” writes one of our advice columnists.

Entertainment & Culture30 December 2019
In Conversation: David Byrne and David Binder

We interview two creative people in different fields in one wide-ranging conversation. This time: the producer and the musician.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture26 December 2019
On Set | Ronny Chieng

Born in Malaysia, and raised between Singapore and New Hampshire, the comedian — whose Netflix special “Asian Comedian Destroys America!” debuted earlier this month — shares a joke exclusively with T.

Entertainment & Culture21 December 2019
T Picks: Holiday Gifts for Those Who Are Hard to Please

What should you get for all the beloved but quirky, picky, fancy, practical or eccentric people in your life?

Entertainment & Culture10 December 2019
How Can I Sound Smart at a Cocktail Party?

“The feeling of being an outsider, excluded because you don’t have access to certain signifiers, is a powerful one,” says one of our advice columnists.

Entertainment & Culture9 December 2019
The Insurgence of Evil Clowns Is a Reflection of Our Troubled Times

As if their non-normative facade lends them pardon, clowns behave in freewheeling disregard of rationality: they prance, they mime, they hysterically laugh. But today, are we laughing at them or laughing along in solemn empathy?

Entertainment & Culture5 December 2019
Why Does Rage Define ‘Parasite’ and Other Popular East Asian Movies?

Many thriller and horror films from Japan, China and South Korea reveal a complicated relationship between those societies and the ancient tenets of Confucianism.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending1 December 2019
The Best Moments of T Dialogues 2019

Here, a visual recap of the highlights from our annual T Dialogues panel discussions this week.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, Trending29 November 2019
Watch: T Dialogues 2019

This week, we hosted the second edition of T Dialogues, a series of panel discussions with industry thought leaders to highlight the role of luxury, social media and mental health in the new digital age.

Entertainment & Culture15 November 2019
One Photographer’s Exploration of the Paranormal

Shannon Taggart spent nearly two decades capturing the rituals of Spiritualism, a movement founded on attempts to communicate with the dead, for her new book, “Séance.”

Travel, Entertainment & Culture13 November 2019
Why the Queer Traveller Is a Lucrative Force to Be Reckoned With

Estimated to be worth over a trillion dollars globally, the strengthening pink dollar has become a point of interest for the hospitality industry that is finding new ways to pursue this particular group of customers. 

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set31 October 2019
On Set | Adrian Cheng

The jewellery and real estate scion discusses the paradigm shift that underpins K11 Musea, the colossal mega-mall that’s dubbed the “Silicon Valley of Culture”.

Art & Design, Entertainment & Culture, Trending30 October 2019
The Greats

In T Singapore’s 2019 Greats issue, we celebrate six talents who have worked their way up to the upper echelons of their respective fields — and have simply inspired or incited change in the world at large.

Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set30 October 2019
On Set | JJ Lin

JJ Lin, who many consider as Singapore’s most successful male music export, sits back and reflects on his rocky climb up to prominence.

Entertainment & Culture, Art & Design29 October 2019
Adrian Cheng Is Breaking the Mould of Retail as You Know It

This next generation business leader wants to reshape the cultural landscape of cities on the Eastern end of the world through a network of art and retail mega complexes.

Entertainment & Culture29 October 2019
The World Record Egg Is Turning Its Spotlight on Mental Health

The story of how an unassuming egg named Eugene created a world record on Instagram, became one of the biggest social media stars of 2019 and taught us all a lesson in making the most of a viral moment.

Entertainment & Culture1 October 2019
Given the State of the World, Is It Irresponsible to Have Kids?

“Walking through life with curiosity and a sense of investment and joy in no way requires having a child,” writes one of our new advice columnists.

Entertainment & Culture18 September 2019
The After Party of Epic Proportions at The Podium Lounge

Party it up with the best of the best in racing and entertainment this Formula 1 weekend.

Entertainment & Culture13 September 2019
The Road Ahead for Women in the Film Industry

Female starlets may full well be coined Hollywood’s leading ladies but the reality of the film industry has left women lagging behind. Change, however, has been a long time coming.

Entertainment & Culture6 September 2019
The New Guard of Nigerian Musicians

Five performers to know — including Odunsi (The Engine) and Teni the Entertainer — who are making their mark in a crowded field.

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