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Entertainment & Culture, Trending10 August 2020
Editor’s Letter: In Celebration of Singapore

Throughout the month of August, T is running a special digital series that pays tribute to the artists and creatives who have contributed to the development and evolution of Singapore’s arts and culture scene.

Entertainment & Culture9 August 2020
Megan Fox and the Power of Subversive Girls

The horror comedy “Jennifer’s Body,” starring Fox as a demon who eats boys, showed me the value of teen scream queens when I needed it most.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture4 August 2020
The New Class of Models Redefining Singaporean Standards of Beauty

The spotlight on Singapore’s models has, although dimmed, never gone out — especially for these new faces who continue to put the nation on fashion’s map.

Entertainment & Culture1 August 2020
The Strange Lives of Objects in the Coronavirus Era

The pandemic has inspired a flurry of new and novel items — and given ordinary ones new meanings.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture25 July 2020
What We Eat During a Plague

Over the past months, we’ve embraced comfort food with a renewed fervour. But this isn’t the first time culinary habits have shifted during a pandemic.

Entertainment & Culture20 July 2020
The New Rules of Dating

Some people are single and ready to mingle (or … more than that), even amid a global pandemic. Here are some tips for doing so safely.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture15 July 2020
This Pickle Is a Cake

Welcome to the viral world of hyper-realistic cake slicing videos.

Entertainment & Culture13 July 2020
How to Tackle Reopening Choices as a Couple

The world is reopening, and differing levels of anxiety can strain already tense relationships. Here are some strategies for getting through it together.

Entertainment & Culture8 July 2020
How to Keep Good Habits Post-Lockdown

You’ll technically have to ‘relearn’ to cook each meal, or to exercise regularly or to read a book a week. But there are some shortcuts.

Entertainment & Culture, Trending2 July 2020
Editor’s Letter: Read T’s “Art, Design & Technology” Issue Online

This month, we celebrate the brands, designers and artists who are changing the conversation by looking ahead.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture2 July 2020
T Suggests: A New York-Style Pizza Joint, a Perfumer’s Candles and Porcelain Faces

In Singapore, a legendary pizza joint hailed from Brooklyn finds its second home — and more.

Entertainment & Culture30 June 2020
Five Essential Documentaries, Recommended by David France

With his new movie, “Welcome to Chechnya,” premiering on HBO, the filmmaker shares some of his favourites.

Entertainment & Culture29 June 2020
Nine Black Artists and Cultural Leaders on Seeing and Being Seen

Amy Sherald, Michael R. Jackson and others discuss the challenges and opportunities of cultivating black audiences and dismantling historically white institutions.

Entertainment & Culture29 June 2020
What to Do When You Need to Use a Public Bathroom During a Pandemic

We’ve heard about toilet plume. And now we’re venturing out a little more. So what’s a person with a full bladder to do?

Entertainment & Culture, Trending26 June 2020
To Ni Ni, the World Is a Stage

For the actress Ni Ni, one’s true self and role in society are constructed — and reconstructed — in a perpetual process of performance and presentation.

Entertainment & Culture26 June 2020
What Will Happen With Weddings?

Less is more for 2021 weddings. Extravagant nuptials are taking a back seat to intimate, personalised celebrations.

Entertainment & Culture24 June 2020
It’s a Wonderful Time to Be Leslie Jordan

The sitcom actor, known for roles in “Will & Grace” and “Murphy Brown,” wanted attention his whole life. Naturally, he discovered Instagram.

Trending, Entertainment & Culture23 June 2020
Trump, (Tie) Undone

After the ill-fated campaign rally in Tulsa, an accessory becomes a symbol.

Entertainment & Culture20 June 2020
What Makes Some People More Resilient Than Others

The very earliest days of our lives, and our closest relationships, can offer clues about how we cope with adversity.

Entertainment & Culture16 June 2020
Meet the Three Mothers Making a Stand for Climate Action

Three women from across the globe — all of whom happen to be mothers — are leading their communities towards a more promising future planet as they set their transformative ideas into motion.

Entertainment & Culture13 June 2020
Couples Who Eat Together May Not Stay Together

From what they eat to how they actually eat it, being together all the time is only intensifying food issues.

Entertainment & Culture11 June 2020
Silver Lining to the Mask? Not Having to Smile

If there were one tiny silver lining to the reality that masks are a necessary component of our daily lives now, it is this: smiling on our own terms.

Entertainment & Culture9 June 2020
Reading Recommendations From Black Cultural Figures

The musician Dev Hynes a.k.a. Blood Orange, the producer Janet Mock, the comedian Trevor Noah and others featured in T share their favourite books.

Entertainment & Culture4 June 2020
How to Use Zoom Like a Theatre or Film Professional

Tips for putting your best face forward, if only for an office staff meeting.

Entertainment & Culture30 May 2020
Editor’s Letter: Read T Singapore’s June Issue Online

Fronted by the unmistakable Korean actor Park Seo Jun, flip through our sustainability-themed issue which is now available as a full e-magazine.

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