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Gourmet, Wellness25 March 2020
The Yam Soup That Keeps a Fashion Designer Energised

A proponent of intermittent fasting, Norma Kamali relies on a simple herbal drink and bright yam soup to stay balanced.

Entertainment & Culture, Wellness, Gourmet21 March 2020
T’s Guide to Staying at Home, and Making the Best of It

Hunkering down in isolation? Keep the stress at bay with a delicious meal, some self-care and a riveting read.

Gourmet18 March 2020
A Chicken Biryani Recipe That Brings People Together

For the writer Aatish Taseer, a childhood staple has taken on new resonance in light of Delhi’s citizenship protests.

Gourmet, Trending11 March 2020
Banquets Are Back in Fashion. But Where Does All the Food Go?

Extravagant tableaus of fruits and flowers have become popular centrepieces for runway shows and photo shoots — and call for a new kind of responsible clean up.

Gourmet4 March 2020
How to Build a Pretty Macrobiotic Meal Like a Jewellery Designer

Anna Sheffield has been eating dragon bowls since she was a teenager, but her latest version relies on an array of bright, fresh vegetables.

Beauty, Gourmet, Trending2 March 2020
T Suggests: A Sustainable Cantonese Restaurant, a Photographer’s Tribute to Yohji Yamamoto and Hermès Lipsticks

In Singapore, a decadent yet sustainable Chinese-Cantonese restaurant — and more.

T | On Set, Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet1 March 2020
On Set | The Making of a Lobster Tower

The food stylist Young Gun Lee creates a three-foot-tall edible sculpture from Norwegian langoustines.

Gourmet, Trending27 February 2020
When Did Gluttony Become So Glamorous?

Over-the-top banquets have long been viewed as harbingers of impending doom. Their recent resurgence on the fashion circuit feels like a cheeky comment on the times.

Gourmet20 February 2020
The Rise of Palestinian Food

Cookbook authors and chefs are arguing for their place at the table — to chronicle recipes, safeguard ingredients and assert a sense of humanity.

Gourmet, Art & Design, Trending10 February 2020
T Suggests: A Singaporean Chef’s Pizza Omakase, an Immersive Art Show and a Film Director’s Menswear

In Singapore, a four-seat pizza omakase that is also a chef’s creative playground — and more.

T | Cooking Class, Trending, Gourmet5 February 2020
Cooking Class | Phillip Lim’s Garlic Fried Shrimp

When fashion designer Phillip Lim finally decided to put his kitchen to use, he followed his nose back to the fragrant dishes of his childhood.

Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet4 February 2020
How to Throw a Dinner Party Like a Gallerist

To celebrate the latest opening at her namesake gallery, Jessica Silverman hosted an unfussy, flower-filled meal at her San Francisco home.

Gourmet, T | How To3 February 2020
How To | Make a Pizza-Banh Mi

Bjorn Shen — chef and owner of Small’s, a new four-seat pizza omakase in Rochor — shows how he makes his signature pizza-banh mi hybrid.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture, T | On Set28 January 2020
Taste Test | Kids Try Nonalcoholic Cocktails

“There’s nothing stranger than having to cut off a child before they rack up a huge tab.” Here, watch the children of T contributors review the mocktails at Reception Bar on New York City’s Lower East Side.

Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet23 January 2020
T’s Most Interesting Takes on Singapore’s Chinese Culture

Learn how to ferment your leftover mandarin oranges. Step into the pre-Chinese New Year bustle of Singapore’s largest fish market. Watch how a family offers their fresh take on learning the Chinese language.

Gourmet21 January 2020
The Best of Japanese Dining and Design, Under One Parisian Roof

Encompassing a teahouse, a confectionery stand and more, Ogata Paris pays homage to its setting while offering a true taste of Japan.

Gourmet15 January 2020
The Dim Sum Chef Who Plays With His Dough

Upholding an ancient Chinese craft, the New York City chef Joe Ng shapes miniature scenes of human life out of little more than flour and water.

Gourmet6 January 2020
A Plant-Based Chef’s Climate Change-Inspired Dish

Peggy Chan, Hong Kong-based chef and owner of sustainability-driven restaurant Nectar, shares the recipe for her vegan rendition of dal makhani, a black lentils-based Indian dish.

Gourmet3 January 2020
I’ll Have What She’s Having

A new crop of restaurants is embracing family-style, communal eating, creating a necessary spirit of communication and collaboration for our fractious times.

Gourmet2 January 2020
How Spices Have Made, and Unmade, Empires

Since the dawn of civilisation, the longing for ingredients such as cinnamon and cloves has inspired conquests and created (and destroyed) empires. But as nonindigenous turmeric becomes a nascent Nicaraguan crop, the spice route enters a new era.

Gourmet25 December 2019
The Enduring Appeal of Hawaii’s Preserved Fruits

Passed down through generations, “crack seed” is at once sweet, sour and savoury.

Gourmet, Art & Design16 December 2019
When the Whole-Animal Ethos Includes the Dinner Plates

The ceramist Gregg Moore is helping to ensure that absolutely nothing goes to waste at the New York farm-to-table restaurant Blue Hill: He made china from the bones of the farm’s own cows.

Travel, Gourmet13 December 2019
A Foraging Journey Through the Lands and Waters of New Zealand

Beyond the overwhelming picture-postcard wonders of New Zealand, the country’s vastness is best sampled through the bountiful edible harvest of its land and sea.

Gourmet12 December 2019
What to do With Mushrooms — a Bhutanese Chef Makes Meatless Dumplings

Tshering Lhaden, the chef of COMO Cuisine, shares her recipe for Bhutanese dumplings, made out of shiitake and portobello mushrooms.

Trending, Art & Design, Gourmet4 December 2019
T Suggests: A Korean Artist’s Perfume Trio, a Dempsey Hill Bar to Indulge in Small Bites at and a New Clothing Line Upcycling Deadstock

A cultural compendium of things T editors are excited about in a given month.

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