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Entertainment & Culture, Gourmet13 August 2020
T Suggests: A Wine Bar That Serves Pig’s Head Pasta, Well-Designed Puzzles and an Urban Escape

In Singapore, a new rebellious wine bar with a barbecue-forward menu — and more.

Gourmet6 August 2020
A Food Writer’s Sicilian Pasta Dish — and Tips for Sharing It

Skye McAlpine has made a name for herself serving bountiful meals to large groups of friends. During lockdown, she’s discovered the joy of cooking for just one or two.

Gourmet28 July 2020
A Portuguese Artist’s Chilled Tomato Soup

For a simple lunch or dinner, Vanessa Barragão often makes arjamolho, which is healthy, flavourful and perfect for summer.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture25 July 2020
What We Eat During a Plague

Over the past months, we’ve embraced comfort food with a renewed fervour. But this isn’t the first time culinary habits have shifted during a pandemic.

Gourmet21 July 2020
What’s It Like to Open a Restaurant During a Pandemic?

As restaurants across Singapore try their best to stay afloat, brave new ones emerge — despite the risks. Lucali BYGB, an offshoot of the famed pizza joint in Brooklyn, is one of them.

Gourmet17 July 2020
The Comforting Appeal of Herbs

In bouquets and on the plate, the workhorses of the kitchen reclaim their mystical powers.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture15 July 2020
This Pickle Is a Cake

Welcome to the viral world of hyper-realistic cake slicing videos.

Gourmet14 July 2020
How the Co-Founder of the Malala Fund Pivoted to Cookware

Shiza Shahid has brought her thoughtfulness and entrepreneurial spirit to a line of items for the modern, multiethnic kitchen.

Gourmet9 July 2020
A Fashion Designer’s Reimagining of a Quinoa Bowl

Jesse Kamm makes this medley of vegetables and quinoa as often as twice a week.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture2 July 2020
T Suggests: A New York-Style Pizza Joint, a Perfumer’s Candles and Porcelain Faces

In Singapore, a legendary pizza joint hailed from Brooklyn finds its second home — and more.

Gourmet, Wellness, T at Home19 June 2020
How to Create Your Own Herbal Tinctures

A herbalist shares three simple recipes for calming, restorative drinks.

Gourmet15 June 2020
A Food Artist’s Surprisingly Low-Key Recipe (That She Eats With Her Hands)

Laila Gohar makes elaborate culinary installations for work, but when she’s home alone, she prefers “Mediterranean grandmother” cooking.

Gourmet5 June 2020
Three Singapore Start-Ups Tackling the Ugly Side of Food Waste

Like many other countries, Singapore’s food industry generates an enormous amount of waste — even before meals reach the dinner table. Three initiatives weigh in on how the average Singaporean can help make a change.

Gourmet, Wellness3 June 2020
The Healthy Recipes a Nutritionist Ends Her Day With

Easy recipes for the latter half of the day: a refreshing low-carb dinner, a dairy-free banana ice cream, and a cacao nightcap that helps the body unwind.

Gourmet28 May 2020
A Hotelier’s Spicy Fish Stew

As she prepares to embark on a new chapter, Liz Lambert has rediscovered the joy of sharing food with her family.

Gourmet, Entertainment & Culture27 May 2020
After the Pandemic, What Happens to Chopsticks and Sharing Food?

Faced with the spread of the coronavirus, China’s government is promoting using serving utensils, but resistance is strong. Sharing food with personal chopsticks is one way Chinese people express intimacy.

Gourmet, T at Home24 May 2020
What to do With Crabs — a Housebound Chef Makes Tortellini

At home, Kirk Westway, the executive chef of Jaan, shows T how he makes his easy crab-stuffed pasta dish.

Wellness, Gourmet23 May 2020
The Nourishing Recipes a Nutritionist Starts Her Day With

For those at home and in a rut: an evergreen immunity-boosting breakfast, a caffeine-free latte and more.

Gourmet, Travel20 May 2020
Eating in Xi’an, Where Wheat and Lamb Speak to China’s Varied Palate

In the city’s Muslim Quarter, meals are a celebration of globalisation and ethnic diversity — and a lasting defence against erasure.

Gourmet8 May 2020
Enrique Olvera’s Satisfying, Adaptable Vegetable Soup

The chef shares his recipe for a hearty broth-based dish, inspired by the version his grandmother used to make.

Gourmet1 May 2020
Enrique Olvera and His Culinary Heirs Have Changed How and What We Eat

In the age of the visionary cook-as-auteur, those who have trained under the chef Enrique Olvera have reconceived Mexican cuisine, both in their country and beyond.

Gourmet28 April 2020
The Galette Recipe One French Creative Director Grew Up On

At his grandmother’s cottage in Brittany, Pierre-Alexis Delaplace of Kerzon would wait, somewhat impatiently, for this savoury treat.

Gourmet, T at Home22 April 2020
T Picks: The Best Food & Beverage Delivery Services in Singapore

A directory of restaurants, bakeries and bars in Singapore that now deliver to your doorstep.

Gourmet, T at Home18 April 2020
What to do With Instant Noodles — 4 Singaporean Chefs Share Their Recipes

In their home kitchens, Singaporean restaurateur Bjorn Shen and his team of chefs at Artichoke experiment with the quotidian ingredient of quarantine cuisine: instant noodles.

Gourmet, Trending12 April 2020
A Pyjama Designer’s Easy but Unexpected Egg Dish

Sunday breakfasts are a shared ritual for Molly Goddard and her husband, Joel Jeffery, who together run the brand Desmond & Dempsey.

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