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Gourmet10 July 2018
What To Do With Tofu — A Dessert, Apparently

Here, the Intercontinental Singapore's resident pastry chef Ben Goh's low fat, healthy tofu panna cotta to soothe the nagging sweet tooth.

Gourmet26 June 2018
In Seoul, The Revival of A Joseon Dynasty Sesame Oil Recipe

Emperor Yeongjo ruled Korea from 1724 to 1776 and his diet was royal — so was the sesame oil which he consumed.

Gourmet13 June 2018
What To Do With Lobsters — A Bartender Explains

Cook it, eat the meat, but keep the shells and make a cocktail out of it.

Gourmet11 June 2018
At the Pimalai Resort in Koh Lanta, Bruno Menard Designs A New Menu

Bruno Menard's new menu for The Seven Seas restaurant pays homage to the locals of Koh Lanta.

Gourmet29 May 2018
Bringing Tea Culture Into The 21st Century

It’s at the TWG Tea Institute, a trim and cosy space within the brand’s global headquarters, that the TWG Tea ceremony was conceived and developed to its current iteration over past 10 years.

Gourmet29 May 2018
Reinventing The Croissant

For years, no chef dared the improve the croissant. Now, though, a new generation of bakers is reinventing the most iconic of French patisserie.

Gourmet25 May 2018
In Conversation: A Spanish and Japanese Chef on Tuna

A Spanish and Japanese chef on their culinary cultures' tuna cutting techniques.

Gourmet10 May 2018
The Spirit of Korean Food — A Korean Chef Explains

It is about time that we understand the cuisine that has come to be an indelible part of our diet.

Gourmet21 March 2018
What To Do With Red Chillies — A Vietnamese-American Chef Tells

Prepare it the true-blue Vietnamese way: stuff it with prawn mousse.

Gourmet6 March 2018
A Nutritionist's Restorative Coffee Brews

Anti-oxidants, anti-inflammation, brain health and more.

Gourmet22 February 2018
What To Do With Beetroot

The superfood, paired with an age-old cooking method–salt baking.

Gourmet14 February 2018
What To Do With Mandarin Oranges

A simple water kefir fermentation recipe that boasts natural gut detox and healing benefits.

Gourmet23 January 2018
What to do with Apples – Chef Petrina Loh Tells

Fermented apples offers incredible depth of flavour to savoury dishes.

Gourmet19 January 2018
Three Asian-American Chefs Share Recipes for Meaningful Dishes

T asked three chefs to reflect on meals that speak to their experience growing up with two cultures.

Gourmet27 December 2017
A New Act for Singapore's Dining & Nightlife Culture

It's about time for a new formula with the launch of Lavo at Marina Bay Sands.

Gourmet5 December 2017
The Rise and Triumph of Asian-American Cuisine

The American-Chinese restaurant is, like the diner and the mom-and-pop restaurant, a cornerstone of the American dining vernacular.

Gourmet22 November 2017
What to Do With Pineapples – With a Peranakan-Eurasian Chef

Over a century ago, pineapples used to be a mainstay in Singapore's food culture.

Gourmet13 November 2017
In Japan's Sweets Industry, a 400-Year-Old Jelly

Few know that confectionery is one of the oldest traditional delicacies in Japan – older than sushi. And the industry is strictly helmed by men.

Gourmet24 October 2017
Lost in Appreciation – the Japanese Sake

Many Asians grasp European wines and spirits much better than one far closer to home — Japanese sake. A sake sommelier sets the record straight.

Gourmet5 October 2017
What Does a Sommelier Drink – At Home

To maintain a clean palate or not, that is the question.

Gourmet21 September 2017
What To Do With Pork Belly – A Chef Explains

Not the usual Chinese crispy pork belly but a hearty family casserole, chef Desmond Goh of The Disgruntled Brasserie says.

Gourmet, Art & Design28 August 2017
Meet the Cats who Modelled Japanese Sweets for T

The sweet story of Cherie, Crystal, Sabrina, Tyrone, and one foster kitten.

Gourmet, Travel22 August 2017
The Culinary Art of Fine Dining

Nestled just steps from Central Park in New York's Midtown, the fine dining restaurant Bevy strives to set itself apart from the city's competitive culinary scene.

Gourmet11 August 2017
Chefs Open Up Their Recipe Books

Four celebrated chefs share their recipes for comfort food. Yes, please.

Gourmet13 July 2017
The Most Popular Buddhist Nun Cook — in Manhattan

On a recent trip to New York City, the Buddhist nun Jeong Kwan let her curiosity — and her friend, the French chef Eric Ripert — guide her. T spent 48 hours with her leading up to the meal — a hot couple of days that included no shortage of naps, and at least one iced coffee from a street vendor.

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