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Gourmet15 February 2019
Made in Singapore: Honey by Bees Kept in a Halfway House’s Garden

A Singaporean beekeeper conserves bees in a self-sustaining garden of a halfway house in Sembawang — and harvests small batches of raw, ripe honey.

Gourmet15 February 2019
At Grand Hyatt, a Restaurant’s Case for Conscious Eating

Placing sustainability at the fore, Grand Hyatt’s Mezza9 makes conscious eating second nature.

Gourmet1 February 2019
Chocolate-Making, According to a Godiva Pastry Chef

T talks to Godiva head pastry chef Christophe Garaud on all things chocolate.

Gourmet25 January 2019
A Chef’s Mini Playground In The Amoy Precinct

Fernando Arévalo's new, austere restaurant is a leveller. There are no geographical boundaries when it comes to food or people.

Gourmet24 January 2019
A Different Kind of Comfort Food for an Italian Chef

The traditional Indian dish is Italian chef, Nina Clemente's favourite comfort food.

Art & Design, Gourmet20 January 2019
One Photographer’s Delicious (and Technicolor) Homage to Apples

In “Odd Apples,” William Mullan chronicles — and idealises — rare varieties of the fruit.

Gourmet4 January 2019
Made in Singapore: Strawberries, and the Future of Sustainable Farming

In an indoor farm, the incubation of a forward-thinking formula for local agriculture — and the first Singaporean strawberries.

Gourmet3 January 2019
Looking Ahead at 2019’s Dietary Shifts

Moving forward from the plethora of diet plans that took over social media in 2018, what will this year bring?

Gourmet23 December 2018
A Surprisingly Sweet Noodle Dish for the Holidays

Sierra Tishgart, the co-founder of the colourful new cookware brand Great Jones, shares her family’s recipe for crunchy-but-creamy kugel.

Gourmet20 December 2018
What To Do With Cucumbers — A Palate-Cleansing Sorbet

The humble produce takes centre stage as a cooling reboot for the tastebuds.

Gourmet, Travel10 December 2018
Uncovering Wagyu: From a Live Tajima Cow Auction to Deep Frying A5-Graded Kobe Beef

From farm to table, we go behind the scenes to discover the meticulous practices behind Kobe’s wagyu industry.

Gourmet29 November 2018
The Beginning of Singapore's Gin Industry

Gin distilleries in Singapore were unheard of until just 12 months ago. Today, the once unchartered territory offers the promise of a diversified alcohol industry stamped with the imprint of locally produced gin.

Gourmet27 November 2018
Where to Dine This New Year’s Eve

The Grand Hyatt Singapore serves a bricolage of holistic feasts festively tailored for the last evening of the year.

Gourmet26 November 2018
On Set | Inside A Three-Michelin Omakase

With six Michelin stars under his belt, the acclaimed Japanese chef Masaki Miyakawa dishes his Omakase secrets.

Gourmet31 October 2018
The Husband & Wife Duo That Built TWG Tea

Over 10 years ago, Taha Bouqdib and Maranda Barnes left Paris for Singapore to build a global brand out of a humble tea leaf.

Gourmet15 October 2018
What To Do With Cheese — Stellar at 1-Altitude’s Chef Christopher Millar Tells

A light and fluffy gruyere cheese soufflé for the weekend home party.

Gourmet2 October 2018
Celebrating the Legacy of Dom Pérignon’s Chef de Cave Richard Geoffroy

After 28 years at Dom Pérignon, chef de cave Richard Geoffroy is handing over the cellar keys to his protégé Vincent Chaperon.

Gourmet18 September 2018
High-Protein, Ecologically Sustainable Superfood? Edible Insects

Some 2,100 insect species worldwide have been identified as edible, from leafhoppers and water boatmen to stink bugs and agave worms. And their nutritional benefits are substantial.

Gourmet, T | How To13 September 2018
How To | Create A Crazy Milkshake

Peter Caporal, General Manager at Black Tap Soho, walks us through the Sour Power milkshake at the newly opened Black Tap in Marina Bay Sands.

Gourmet4 September 2018
A Room that Prepares and Serves 500 Bowls of Pasta a Day

In chef Missy Robbins's new restaurant, a room just for pasta.

Gourmet28 August 2018
How To Reinvent Chinese Food

A new crop of local chefs offer their diners a novel approach to Chinese food.

Gourmet, Art & Design24 August 2018
Reviving a Centuries-Old Japanese Confectionery Art

Amezaiku, a candy-making technique that calls for sculpting molten sugar syrup, nearly went extinct. Now, it’s seeing new life among a dedicated group of Tokyo craftsmen.

Gourmet21 August 2018
To Massimo Bottura, Food Is An Instrument For Social Change

"Chefs can help to make visible the invisible through their knowledge."

Gourmet10 August 2018
A Cookbook of Artists’ Creative Summer Desserts

Seven baking-inclined contemporary artists share their go-to recipes for when they want to get their hands dirty in their kitchens.

Gourmet9 August 2018
At Ma Cuisine Singapore, The World Is In A Wine Glass

The technicalities of discerning the origins of a wine simply through taste and smell.

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