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Object of Desire, Art & Design9 January 2021
A Futurist-Inspired Screen for the Home

A silk-screened screen that features the artwork of Giacomo Balla.

Jewellery, Object of Desire, Trending18 December 2020
A Necklace That Bears An Ancient Symbol Of Luck

Van Cleef & Arpels’ classic Alhambra motif — first unveiled in the 60s — continues to be reinvented today.

Jewellery, Object of Desire19 November 2020
An Hermès Necklace in Harmony With the Human Form

From the storied French house, a gem-studded creation that gently embraces its wearer.

Object of Desire14 October 2020
A Timepiece That Unifies Classic and Modern Sensibilities

Tudor rolls out its latest variant — Black Bay Fifty-Eight “Navy Blue” — a classic design with a modern update.

Object of Desire7 September 2020
A Cartier Necklace With Opals That Shine Like River Stones

The statement-making collar also features diamonds and a standout purplish-pink kunzite.

Object of Desire31 August 2020
A Timepiece That Subverts the History of Forms in Watchmaking

Audemars Piguet’s Royal Oak timepieces might have paved its way to success in the ’00s, but the brand is now overturning its codes with a watch that is decidedly ahead of time.

Object of Desire1 August 2020
A Steel Watch Designed by the Godfather of Streetwear

The second watch collaboration between Hiroshi Fujiwara of Fragment Design and TAG Heuer subtly disrupts a classic design.

Object of Desire8 June 2020
The Watches Conjuring the Decade of Decadence

The new Maillon de Cartier watches are an ode to the extravagance of the 1920s.

Object of Desire14 April 2020
An Exquisite Necklace That Recalls an Art-Deco Pioneer

Cartier’s new Mauna necklace channels the combination of restraint and radiant excess brought to the house by the jewellery designer Jeanne Toussaint.

Object of Desire9 April 2020
A Jewellery Collection That Blooms Like a Fresh Bouquet of Spring

Whether viewed under sunshine or moonlight, the delicate pieces of Van Cleef & Arpels’ Frivole line display the beauty of nature in all its glory.

Object of Desire16 March 2020
Earrings That Flicker With Balletic Grace

From Van Cleef & Arpels, jewel-and-pearl pieces that all but dance on the ear.

Object of Desire28 February 2020
A Cocktail Necklace That Demands Attention

With the early 20th-century emergence of the cocktail party came cocktail jewellery: bright, brazen, sparkling. Now, Tiffany & Co. offers a new take.

Object of Desire12 February 2020
Sculptural, Gem-Encrusted Jewellery

Jewellery designer Ana Khouri and the Olsen sisters came together for one of the season’s most unexpected collaborations.

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