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T | How To20 April 2018
How To | DJ with Yuka Mizuhara

Japanese model and DJ, Yuka Mizuhara on her choice of music and how she hypes the crowd.

T | How To21 March 2018
How To | Prepare for a Skype Interview with Fendi

The surge in remote and coworking culture had Silvia Venturini Fendi coin a new term — the Skype suit.

T | How To16 March 2018
How To | Break Out Of A Creative Rut

Be interested in everything other than design, says British-born designer Tom Dixon.

T | How To15 February 2018
How To | Appreciate Koi as Art

These Japanese carps are often valued like fine art.

T | How To2 February 2018
How To | Make a Good Tempura

Good tempura is notoriously difficult to pull off. Masaru Seki, a fifth-generation tempura chef takes us through his family's 160-year-old recipe and method.

T | How To2 January 2018
How To | Design Stilettos with Giuseppe Zanotti

The Italian shoe designer on how stiletto design is synonymous with engineering.

T | How To25 November 2017
How To | Embrace the Chinese Language

In Singapore where children are increasingly uninterested in Chinese, a family offers a fresh take on learning the language – immersion.

T | How To20 November 2017
How To | Be Fashionably Late

Fashion personality Sitala Wonkrachang and Chanel team up to bring to life the daily struggle of fashionable women everywhere.

T | How To15 November 2017
How To | Make Everything Limited Edition

Virgil Abloh, founder of Off-White, made some quintessentially Singaporean objects limited edition – including a Tingkat, or tiffin carrier and red wooden clogs.

T | How To13 November 2017
How To | Make Japanese Sweets

46-year-old Chef Hiromori Uchida, the fifth generation heir of Japanese Yokan company, Ganyuudo, shows how sweets can be a work of art.

T | How To3 November 2017
How To | Make the Perfect Martini

Local fashion entrepreneur Rachel Lim tries her hand at making martinis with Grand Hyatt Singapore's head bartender, Diaz Lim.

T | How To26 October 2017
How To | Describe What You Smell

British perfumer Roja Dove on inventing a universal language for describing scents.

T | How To18 October 2017
How To | Be A Parisian Woman

Frenchman Bruno Frisoni, creative director of the quintessential French shoemakers, Roger Vivier on how to flaneur like a Parisian.

T | How To9 October 2017
How To | Activate an Artwork

Per the artist's instructions, a french horn by the sculptor Darren Bader is used as a serving vessel for sauces – in this case, guacamole.

T | How To25 September 2017
How To | Archive a Dior Dress

A team of conservators in cotton gloves pack up a '50s couture gown with silk paper.

T | How To22 August 2017
How To | Make a Gunpowder Painting

From sketch to explosion, a close look at the artist Cai Guo-Qiang's process.

T | How To21 July 2017
How To | Dress To Impress Your Date & Her Parents

Chinese-American brothers and comedians Andrew and David Fung debate if streetwear is appropriate for a meet-the-Asian-parent session.

T | How To6 July 2017
How To | Blend Into The Crowd with Hu Bing

The 46-year-old Chinese actor and model on keeping a low profile.

T | How To2 June 2017
How To | Work Out In A Hotel Room

When fitness trainer Tanya Poppett visited Singapore, she worked out – in a hotel room.

T | How To3 April 2017
How To | Build A Terrarium

Graphic designer by day and botanical stylist by night, Charles Loh of Mossingarden injects works of nature into sterile urban environments.

T | How To22 March 2016
How To | Fake Being a Drummer With Fred Armisen

The co-creator of “Portlandia,” whose season finale airs Thursday night, shares tips for how to look good while “playing” percussion.

T | How To9 February 2016
How To | Throw a Punch With Michele Lamy

The gold-toothed fashion muse, Rick Owens collaborator and longtime boxer invites T into the ring.

T | How To11 October 2015
How To | Interview Rihanna

The writer and filmmaker Miranda July explains how she kept her cool while interviewing the pop star for T.

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